Standard Radiation shielding products


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Today there are many applications that require radiation shielding to protect workers and members of the public from electromagnetic radiation in the high frequency range, radiation also known as x-ray radiation or gamma ray radiation.

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Standard Radiation shielding products

  1. 1. Radiation shielding expertise and experience at Nuclead Inc.Part 1 Standard Radiation shielding productsToday there are many applications that require radiation shielding toprotect workers and members of the public from electromagnetic radiationin the high frequency range, radiation also known as x-ray radiation orgamma ray radiation.Among these applications are:• X-ray shielding in the medical and dental field• Lead shielding for personal protection• Nuclear shielding in the power generation industry• Nuclear shielding for research in industry and university• Radiation shielding for the military• X-ray shielding to protect workers at security x-ray machinesThis article is the first of three that describe Nuclead’s capabilities as amanufacturer and distributor of radiation shielding products.While any material can be used in theory for radiation shielding, from apractical perspective in terms of cost, size and manufacturability lead metalcontinues to be the best choice in most cases. The radiation shielding effectis due to the high atomic weight of lead and the corresponding heavy nucleicontained within.Lead can be used as radiation shielding in many forms, ranging from leadsheets of varying thicknesses to lead bricks to lead powder.Nuclead Inc. has extensive experience in all of these lead shieldingapplications and the expertise needed to manufacture all the required leadshield products no matter what the industry.
  2. 2. Nuclead can supply lead shielding from stock in various forms or canmanufacture complex sub assemblies that include lead sheet, machinedlead and lead welding to customer blueprints.Nuclead’s in stock lead shielding products.Lead sheets – the effective radiation shielding produced by lead sheets isdependent on the intensity of the radiation and the thickness of the leadshield. Depending on the application several tenths to a few inches of leadmay be needed. At 125kV of x-ray radiation approximately 1/10 of an inchof lead sheet would be required at 900kv 3 inches of lead shielding wouldbe required.Nuclead carries a large inventory of x-ray grade lead sheets, ranging inthickness from a 1/64” to 3” and ranging in size from up to 96 inches wide.Nuclead is an experienced provider of sheet lead for radiation shieldingapplications such as X-ray room shielding, medical imaging rooms and MRIshielding.Many tons of radiation shielding in the form of lead sheets have beenshipped. Examples include lead shielding supplied to a government cancerresearch facility, custom lead shielding for the US Department of Veteransaffairs and lead shielding from the University of California.Lead foil – a form of sheet lead that can be easily cut and formed into anyshape and can therefore be placed around any area that needs radiationshielding.Thicknesses of lead foil up to 0.3 inches, and as thin as 0.002 inches areavailable. Lead foil is shipped rolled on heavy fiber cores to provideprotection. Also, the lead foil can be laminated using pressure sensitiveadhesive (PSA) to attaché the lead to vinyl or other material as specified bythe customer.Experience includes shipping lead foil to an offshore drilling platform run bya major oil company.
  3. 3. Lead bricks – For higher radiation shielding requirements lead bricks are thepreferred solution. Typically, when used as a radiation shield or for highenergy X-ray shielding, interlocking lead bricks are used. The tongue andgroove design of the interlocking lead bricks provides for maximumradiation shield integrity.The most common size of lead bricks is 2” thick, 4” high and 8” long. Thelead bricks can be also be 12”long and between 1” and 3” thick. Lead brickscan be machined into any configuration specified.An example is high tolerance custom machined lead bricks supplied to theUS department of energy.Lead powder – Lead Powder is used within plastic sheets that are used incertain protective clothing items such as lead aprons.Lead sheetrock – Radiation shielding for X-ray rooms and other radiationscreened rooms are usually in the form of lead sheetrock or lead plywood.Lead sheetrock being used for lower levels of radiation shieldingrequirementsNuclead supplies lead sheetrock, which are drywall panels pressurelaminated to continuous lead sheets, in thicknesses of up to ¾” thick insheets that are 4’ wide and up to 10’ long. Lead plywood sometimes hasthe lead sheet incorporated into the laminated layers.The seams between the sheets are sealed with a 2” wide strip of lead seamfiller to ensure a continuous radiation shield. The lead seam filler is alsoavailable from Nuclead.Lead glass – is used to provide protected viewing windows into areas suchas X-ray rooms and nuclear fuel reprocessing plants, where both radiationshielding and a clear view are necessary for the diagnostic or manufacturingactivities involved. Lead Oxide is added to the lead glass duringmanufacture to create the equivalent of several millimeters of leadshielding.
  4. 4. Nuclead provides LX-57B X-ray shielding lead glass, consisting of leadbarium glass of high optical grade that contains over 60% of heavy metaloxide. The Radiation shielding produced can be the equivalent to over 3mmof lead shielding. The glass is available in sizes up to 48”X96”Nuclead recently shipped a large order for lead glass to a major university.Nuclead also offers lead acrylic made from an acrylic copolymer resin intowhich lead is chemically introduced.Lead protective clothing – In an environment where there is a need forradiation shielding it is necessary to provide workers and visitors withpersonal protective clothing.All Nuclead’s protective clothing conforms to requirements specified by theNational Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP). Lead shielding is providedin many forms including lead aprons, lead thyroid shields, lead lined gloves,eyewear containing leaded glass, lead sleeves and moveable lead shields.Nuclead and its predecessors have radiation shielding experience that datesback over 100 years. Nuclead ships 1000 of lead shielding products everyyear from its large warehouse inventoryConclusionNuclead’s experience and expertise in radiation shielding products isunmatched in the USA. Whatever a customer’s lead shielding need frommedical to nuclear to security, Nuclead can offer the right solution.The next two articles in this series will discuss Nuclead’s extensivewarehouse stock of radiation shielding products and the third article will beabout custom radiation shielding capabilities.About NucleadNuclead Mfg Co Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier of innovativeShielding, and X-ray inspection products. For over 30 years providingadvanced Shielding & X-ray security systems, the Companys product lineutilizes a combination of technologies, and expertise unmatched by any
  5. 5. other company. These technologies offer superior service and products.Nucleads complete range of products includes shielding for cargoinspection, baggage screening and passenger screening systems for facilityand aviation security.Nuclead supplies products for the; Scientific & Technical, Nuclear & energy,Oil well services, Construction (GC, Building & Bridge), Manufacturing, X-ray, Medical equipment & Supplies, Research, Elevator, Marine/boating,and Sporting industries. Nuclead’s sophisticated products are used toprotect high-threat facilities and help combat terrorism and trade fraud;Gamma ray, Neutron, & X-ray shielding; and counterweight – ballast- &weight requirements. Nuclead customers include Major Universities &Research centers, Leading government agencies, Military bases, Generalcontractors, Manufactures, Hospitals and Corporations worldwide;including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and branches of the U.S.Military.For more information on Nuclead’s products, services and technologies,please visit Nuclead Co Incinfo@nuclead.com