Part 3: Custom Radiation Shielding Capabilities


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In this third article regarding Nuclead radiation shielding expertise, we describe the company’s custom fabrication, machining and finishing capabilities.

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Part 3: Custom Radiation Shielding Capabilities

  1. 1. Radiation shielding expertise and experience at Nuclead Inc.Part 3: Custom Radiation Shielding Capabilities.Often a specific radiation shielding application will require thatstandard lead shielding components be further machined orfinished to meet exact specifications. This may involve machiningthe lead products into custom shapes or may involve a custom orfiner finish to a part.In this third article regarding Nuclead radiation shieldingexpertise, we describe the company’s custom fabrication,machining and finishing capabilities.Nuclead’s custom radiation shielding productsAs well as being the largest wholesaler of radiation shieldingproducts in the North Eastern USA, Nuclead has extensivemanufacturing and machining capabilities that allow for thefabrication of any custom lead shielding products.Our custom precision lead services include mold fabrication andpours, 3D and CNC machining, stamping and cutting, welding andlead assembly, lamination and PSA adhesive application. All ourprocesses are governed by ISO 9001:2008 quality controlpractices.Many of the world’s finest companies and universities have usedNuclead lead machining capabilities. Programming capabilitiesinclude the latest in CAD/CAM software in both 2D and 3D.
  2. 2. Lead assemblies – Radiation shielding requirements forequipment such as MRI machines require the fabrication ofcomplete assemblies that consist of multiple componentsincluding lead shielding, aluminum housings and many othercomponents assembled per custom drawings. Various processesare involved in the building of these custom lead assemblies,including lead lamination, joining via lead adhesives or leadwelding, lead stamping, lead machining, and lead cutting.Lead, aluminum, other metals and weldments are fabricated andthen assembled together in accordance with blueprints suppliedby the customer. The finished assembly can be plated, powdercoated or painted and then delivered ready to be assembled intothe final product.An MRI machine is a good example of this type of assembly, andNuclead has extensive experience in building this type of complexradiation shielding product. The MRI machine is a large piece ofequipment that allows a patient’s body to scanned using bothmagnetic fields and radio waves. It is necessary to provideradiation shielding as part of the machine construction.This type of sophisticated lead shielding component is requiredboth protect the patient from excessive radiation and to shieldthe equipment from extraneous local interference caused by cellphones, computers or other types of equipment.Nuclead has many years of experience building these kinds ofsophisticated items and has all the necessary capabilities in house.Lead laminates – Lead sheets are typically laminated to asupporting base via the use of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).Nuclead laminates lead sheet or machined lead items to any
  3. 3. component per customer specifications. Whether fabricated by usor customer supplied, climate controlled facilities will ensure thatthe correct temperature and humidity is maintained to ensure thehighest quality bond.Machined lead bricks – In certain applications it is important thatthe lead bricks are properly machined and finished to a highquality. Particularly for high energy radiation shielding andgamma ray blocking, where the nuclear bricks must be able to bestacked with no gaps. Often high energy radiation bricks aremachined to have tongue and grooves on four edges to allow thelead bricks to be interlocking.Nuclead is expert at machining radiation shielding bricks to highquality finishes and to custom configurations. For exampleNuclead has shipped tons of lead bricks for radiationenvironments to state universities, machined in custom shapesand sizes to meet specific radiation shielding needs.Another example is the Department of Energy requirements formachined radiation bricks to high tolerance and finishspecifications.Lead Welded products – Nuclead welds lead items with any alloy,with any diameter wire required.Nuclear casks – are heavily radiation shielded lead containers thatare used to store and/or transport highly radioactive materialssuch as spent nuclear fuel rods. Nuclear casks are typically castfrom lead pours in order to ensure a continuous container.Radiation casks are designed to maintain integrity underhypothetical crash conditions and are thus tested to withstandcrush damage, fire, water and puncture.
  4. 4. Nuclead has lead pouring capacity of up to 100,000 pounds andcan have the finished nuclear casks examined with gamma rayinspection, to ensure integrity. Nuclead will typically manufacturethe lead cask molds per customer drawings and specifications andwill pour the molten lead to meet the specified radiation shieldingneeds.ConclusionNuclead can provide value added finished radiation shieldingproducts to custom specifications, for both sample quantities orproduction quantitiesThis is the third article in series about Nuclead’s Lead shieldingcapabilities. The previous articles described standard leadshielding products and the large inventory of radiation shieldingproducts available to ship to order.About NucleadNuclead Mfg Co Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier ofinnovative Shielding, and X-ray inspection products. For over 30years providing advanced Shielding & X-ray security systems, theCompanys product line utilizes a combination of technologies,and expertise unmatched by any other company. Thesetechnologies offer superior service and products. Nucleadscomplete range of products includes shielding for cargoinspection, baggage screening and passenger screening systemsfor facility and aviation security.Nuclead supplies products for the; Scientific & Technical, Nuclear& energy, Oil well services, Construction (GC, Building & Bridge),Manufacturing, X-ray, Medical equipment & Supplies, Research,Elevator, Marine/boating, and Sporting industries. Nuclead’ssophisticated products are used to protect high-threat facilities
  5. 5. and help combat terrorism and trade fraud; Gamma ray, Neutron,& X-ray shielding; and counterweight – ballast- & weightrequirements. Nuclead customers include Major Universities &Research centers, Leading government agencies, Military bases,General contractors, Manufactures, Hospitals and Corporationsworldwide; including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), andbranches of the U.S. Military.For more information on Nuclead’s products, services andtechnologies, please visit or Nuclead Co Incinfo@nuclead.com