Part 2 Radiation shielding products in our warehouse inventory


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This is the second article describing the lead shielding products, experience and capabilities of Nuclead, Inc. The first article described some of the standard radiation shielding products available from Nuclead and some examples of the metric tons of lead sheets, lead bricks and other lead products that are being shipped.

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Part 2 Radiation shielding products in our warehouse inventory

  1. 1. Radiation shielding expertise and experience at Nuclead Inc.Part 2 Radiation shielding products in our warehouse inventory.Many situations require radiation shielding; including dentist offices, X-rayrooms and other medical facilities as well has nuclear research facilities.This is the second article describing the lead shielding products, experienceand capabilities of Nuclead, Inc. The first article described some of thestandard radiation shielding products available from Nuclead and someexamples of the metric tons of lead sheets, lead bricks and other leadproducts that are being shipped.This article offers details of Nuclead’s warehouse inventory of leadshielding and other products, which is located in house and ready to shiptoday.Nuclead has a large inventory of radiation shielding products.Nuclead’s Warehouse represents the largest in stock inventory of radiationshielding products available in the USA. The inventory is located in amodern climate controlled facility located in West Bridgewater, MA.Products are available to ship immediately.This inventory allows us to ship to customers as quickly as the need arises,in quantities up a standard truck load for any of the products in our leadshielding inventory. For example, Nuclead recently shipped a large order oflead shielding for a government cancer research facility from stock.
  2. 2. Lead shielding products can be shipped immediately nation wide or can beused in the fabrication of custom lead radiation shielding products percustomer supplied blueprints.As an example Nuclead was able to supply a large order of custom finishedradiation shielding parts to the US Department of Veterans affairs since thelead shielding was in stock in the warehouse.The shielding was assembled, finished and inspected using Nuclead’sComputer Coordinate Measuring Center, per supplied specifications.Nuclead’s custom CNC machining & 3 dimensional CAD-CAM capabilitiesallows for the fabrication of radiation shielding to the required hightolerances, and quality that is unmatched in the industry.Nuclead’s large inventory of lead shielding products also allows thecompany to accommodate surges in orders. This can occur when the priceof lead is trending higher and customers want to place orders in advance ofany price increase caused by increases in raw material cost since the cost ofradiation shielding products is critically dependent on the costs of lead asdetermined on the London Metals Exchange. As a free service tocustomers, Nuclead monitors the price trend for lead and other metals andprovides periodic market update alerts to subscribers. To subscribe to thisfree service please visit the website.Specific examples of the lead products in the inventory include thefollowing:Lead Bricks for radiation shielding walls – Lead radiation shielding bricks,both standard lead bricks and interlocking lead bricks, are in stock in thefollowing sizes:1" x 4" x 8" (or 12")1.5" x 4" x 8" (or 12")2" x 4" x 8" (or 12")2.5" x 4" x 8" (or 12")3" x 4" x 8" (or 12")The most common lead brick size is 2”x4”x8”. Nuclead has all sizes andweights of lead bricks up to 40,000lbs.
  3. 3. Lead Sheets - for X-ray protection, and radiation rooms in general, Nucleadhas in stock a large range of lead shielding in the form of lead sheets.Pounds per square foot range from 1.0 lb per square foot to 180 lb per sqft. available in lengths of 8, 20 and 25 feet and widths of 8 feet.An inventory of lead foil is also available.Powdered Lead - for radiation protective safety clothing such as leadaprons is available.Related applications for which in-stock ready to ship products are availableinclude counterweights for MRIs, CAT scans and other high RPMapplications.ConclusionThe large inventory of radiation shielding products available allows moststandard lead shielding products to be shipped from stock.The lead products in inventory can be further processed to customspecifications and blueprints to meet custom lead shielding applicationneeds. The next article in this series will focus on Nuclead’s custom leadshielding capabilities.About NucleadNuclead Mfg Co Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier of innovativeShielding, and X-ray inspection products. For over 30 years providingadvanced Shielding & X-ray security systems, the Companys product lineutilizes a combination of technologies, and expertise unmatched by anyother company. These technologies offer superior service and products.Nucleads complete range of products includes shielding for cargoinspection, baggage screening and passenger screening systems for facilityand aviation security.Nuclead supplies products for the; Scientific & Technical, Nuclear & energy,Oil well services, Construction (GC, Building & Bridge), Manufacturing, X-ray, Medical equipment & Supplies, Research, Elevator, Marine/boating,and Sporting industries. Nuclead’s sophisticated products are used toprotect high-threat facilities and help combat terrorism and trade fraud;
  4. 4. Gamma ray, Neutron, & X-ray shielding; and counterweight – ballast- &weight requirements. Nuclead customers include Major Universities &Research centers, Leading government agencies, Military bases, Generalcontractors, Manufactures, Hospitals and Corporations worldwide;including the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and branches of the U.S.Military.For more information on Nuclead’s products, services and technologies,please visit Nuclead Co Incinfo@nuclead.com