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Diapo pesentation nantes_c2i


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Diapo pesentation nantes_c2i

  1. 1. You’ve done the other floor• Lets do the last part now…• That’s touth and a little dificult because of the numerous combos you’ll need to know. – The top cross – The chair – The « goodmorning-goodnight » – And the Double chair.
  2. 2. First the cross (1)When you put an eye to the uncompleted part of the rubik’s cube, you must look at the way are placed the last colour (here its yellow) or orThe line The « L » Any others situations…
  3. 3. the line: Shoulder lineWhen your there, remember that the line must be parallal to yourshoulders. And it must be placed on the top of the rubik’s cube.
  4. 4. or the « L » Shoulder line
  5. 5. Don’t forget me!!!
  6. 6. The chair :• You have the cross in the top, but when you turn the highest floor, the colours in the sides aren’t correct  You must exchange them with the Chair…
  7. 7. Do thisI go far away movement on the leftI stand up… twice
  8. 8. The chair fall down I go back to theIchairup the putchair
  9. 9. I sit down