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Wiffleball managersppt


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Wiffleball managersppt

  1. 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTS Wiffleball Manager’s Meeting
  2. 2. Speare Hall Commons MANAGER'SMEETING  All games are played at Huntington Yard
  3. 3. General Rules MANAGER'SMEETING  Teams can have 5 players in the field at a time  4 players are required to avoid forfeiting the game.  Co-ed Rule: There must be at least 1 females playing at the beginning of a game  Players must wear athletic shoes that may not have cleats
  4. 4. General Play MANAGER'SMEETING  The game is scheduled for seven (7) innings or one hour, whichever happens first.  The wiffleball supervisor will decide when games will be stopped for rain or weather, or when time has expired.  Mercy Rule - If a team is winning by 10 runs after 5 complete innings the game will end immediately
  5. 5. General Play MANAGER'SMEETING  Batters have four balls and three strikes to get on base.  Strikes are only recorded if the ball hits with in the strike zone area.  Pitchers can throw at any speed with a maximum arc of 8 ft.  A third strike fouled back into the strike zone will be an out.
  6. 6. General Play MANAGER'SMEETING  There are three outs per inning. • Outs are made when: – a fielder catches a fly ball in the air. – a fielder tags a base runner who is not on a base with a hand holding the ball. – a fielder tags a base before the runner in a forced out situation. – the batter strikes out • Batters may not bunt.
  7. 7. General Play MANAGER'SMEETING  When a batter strikes the ball with their bat they become a runner and attempt to advance to first base.  Runners will then run the bases as in baseball.  If a team does not have enough players to continue in the proper batting order, the runners will be replaced by “ghost runners.”  If a ball is hit over the top of the “Green Monster,” it will be ruled a home run.  If a ball is hit into the mulch garden or bushes behind the “Green Monster,” it will be ruled a ground rule double.
  8. 8. Penalties MANAGER'SMEETING  There is no sliding allowed  Violators will be called out  Runners are allowed to overrun every base, as long as they do not make a movement toward the next base.  No stealing allowed  Violators will be called out  One base is awarded on an overthrow if the ball leaves the field of play.  If, on an overthrow, the ball remains in play, any number of bases may be taken  If a batter intentionally throws the bat, their team will be charged an out
  9. 9. Quiz MANAGER'SMEETING  Now complete the quiz below.
  10. 10. Quiz MANAGER'SMEETING  Now complete the quiz below.