Sand dodgeball managers meeting


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Sand dodgeball managers meeting

  1. 1. Intramural sports<br />Sand Dodgeball Manager’s Meeting<br />
  2. 2. Manager's Meeting<br />General Rules<br /><ul><li>Games are a best of five series with a 30 minute time limit.
  3. 3. If the time limit is reached, the team with the most games wins.
  4. 4. Teams must start each game with no less than 4 and no more than 6 players.
  5. 5. In co-rec, one female must begin each game to avoid a forfeit.
  6. 6. Teams switch sides after each game.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />The Dodgeball Court<br /><ul><li>The field of play consists of the sand only; anything outside of the sand is out of bounds.
  7. 7. There is a 6 foot neutral zone—3 feet on each side of the center line.
  8. 8. Players may not step into the neutral zone at any time. However they may reach into the neutral zone for the purpose of retrieving a ball.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />The Dodgeball Court<br />
  9. 9. Manager's Meeting<br />The Dodgeball Court<br />
  10. 10. Manager's Meeting<br />Starting a Game<br /><ul><li>At the beginning of the game, two balls are given to each team.
  11. 11. Players begin on their respective end line.
  12. 12. Extra players must stay on the grass and may not enter the court at any time.
  13. 13. When the referee blows the whistle, play begins.
  14. 14. There is no 10 second mark, since there is no opening rush.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Outs<br /><ul><li>A player will be called OUT when:
  15. 15. They are contacted by a ball thrown by their opponent that has not contacted the ground, AND that ball hits the ground afterwards.
  16. 16. This includes contacting a player first, in which case, both players are out.
  17. 17. A player on the opposing team catches a thrown ball in the air.
  18. 18. They hit an opposing player in the head with a thrown ball.
  19. 19. They duck their head into a thrown ball.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Outs<br /><ul><li>A player will NOT be called OUT when:
  20. 20. The ball bounces on the ground prior to contacting the player.
  21. 21. The ball hits the player but is caught by a teammate prior to hitting the ground.
  22. 22. Thrower is out.
  23. 23. The ball hits them in the head.
  24. 24. Unless they duck into the throw.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Outs<br /><ul><li>Catching the Ball:
  25. 25. When a player catches a thrown ball in the air, the thrower is out.
  26. 26. If players on the catching team are out, one player may return to player or “regenerate”.
  27. 27. When a player catches a ball that first bounced off a teammate and has not hit the ground, the thrower is out.
  28. 28. In this situation, an out player on the catching team does not regenerate, since the catcher has already “saved” their teammate.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Holding the Ball<br /><ul><li>A player may hold the ball for 15 seconds, after which they must throw the ball.
  29. 29. They are out for delay of game if they hold the ball longer than 15 seconds.
  30. 30. Players may use a ball to defend themselves by deflecting throws.
  31. 31. If the ball is deflected off a held ball and caught, the thrower is out.
  32. 32. If a player drops a ball as a result of contact with a thrown ball, that player is out.
  33. 33. If a thrown ball is deflected with a held ball into a player, that player is out.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Retrieving the Ball Out of Bounds<br /><ul><li>If no player is out, one team member at a time may leave the field of play to retrieve a ball.
  34. 34. All other players must remain inbounds.
  35. 35. Additional players going out of bounds will be called out.
  36. 36. If players are out, they may retrieve balls for their teammates.
  37. 37. Players who are out may not enter the court at any time.
  38. 38. They may retrieve balls on their side of the center line only.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Unsportsmanlike Penalties<br /><ul><li>Players who receive 2 unsportsmanlike penalties in a game, will be ejected from the game and the facility.
  39. 39. Unsportsmanlike penalties include:
  40. 40. Arguing Calls.
  41. 41. Deliberately interfering with players on the opposing team.
  42. 42. Cursing or taunting opposing players or officials.
  43. 43. Players may not argue calls at any time for any reason.
  44. 44. The calls and determinations of the officials are FINAL.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Quiz<br />Now please complete the quiz below.<br />