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Racquetball managers meeting


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Racquetball managers meeting

  1. 1. Intramural sports<br />Racquetball Manager’s Meeting<br />
  2. 2. Manager's Meeting<br />Important Intramural Policies<br /><ul><li>Game time is forfeit time.
  3. 3. No ID, No Play, No Exceptions.
  4. 4. Regular season games will not be rescheduled.
  5. 5. All registered students are eligible to play.
  6. 6. Undergraduate, graduate, and law students.
  7. 7. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any intramural sports participants.
  8. 8. Religious jewelry must be approved by the Director of Spiritual Life and the Intramural Director 5 days prior to the scheduled contest.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />The Regular Season<br /><ul><li>Regular season games will not be rescheduled.
  9. 9. Losing By Default:
  10. 10. If a player cannot play and contacts the intramural department to indicate this, he or she will lose by default.
  11. 11. Player will not lose forfeit bond.
  12. 12. Must be done 24 hours in advance by using the online default game form.
  13. 13. Playoffs:
  14. 14. Usually, the top two players in each division will advance to playoffs.
  15. 15. The following criteria will be used to break a tie:
  16. 16. Sportsmanship
  17. 17. Forfeited games
  18. 18. Head to head record
  19. 19. Point differential
  20. 20. Coin flip</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Forfeits<br /><ul><li>All players must pay a $20 forfeit bond.
  21. 21. Players lose $10 for each forfeit.
  22. 22. A player who forfeits twice will be removed from the league.
  23. 23. Unused forfeit bonds will be refunded 2-3 weeks after the conclusion of the season.
  24. 24. Game time is forfeit time.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />General Rules<br /><ul><li>All games will be played at Cabot Center.
  25. 25. Participants must adhere to all facility policies at all times.
  26. 26. Players must bring their own racquets to each match. Balls can be checked out at Cabot Center.
  27. 27. Racquets are available for sale at the Marino Center.
  28. 28. Players must wear athletic attire.
  29. 29. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  30. 30. The winner of the match must report the score the next business day by noon.
  31. 31. Scores will be posted by 5 PM. Then, players have 24 hours to dispute the posted score.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />General Rules<br /><ul><li>A match will consist of the best of three (3) games.
  32. 32. Games are played to fifteen (15) points. But, the third game will be played to eleven (11) points. It is not necessary to win by two (2) points.
  33. 33. Only the server may score a point.
  34. 34. If the receiver wins a rally, he or she is awarded the next serve.
  35. 35. A rally begins after a legal service and consists of alternating legal returns. A player that makes an illegal return loses the rally. An illegal return includes:
  36. 36. The ball bouncing more than once on the floor before being returned.
  37. 37. The ball not reaching the front wall on the fly.
  38. 38. A player switching hands during the rally.
  39. 39. A player touching the ball with anything aside from his or her racquet.
  40. 40. A player carrying the ball with his or her racquet.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Service<br /><ul><li>The first service will be decided by the spin of a racquet. The service will always be awarded to the last player to win the rally.
  41. 41. The server has two (2) faults to deliver legal.
  42. 42. To serve legally:
  43. 43. The server’s entire body and the ball must be within the serving zone until the ball passes the short line.
  44. 44. In order the ball must strike the ground, the server’s racquet, the front wall, and then the ground behind the short line.
  45. 45. A legal serve may not strike the ceiling, the back wall, or both side walls prior to striking the ground behind the short line.
  46. 46. The receiver of the serve may not enter the safety zone until the ball bounces.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Hinders<br /><ul><li>Dead Ball Hinders: A dead ball hinder results in the point being replayed and includes the following:
  47. 47. Any played ball that hits an opponent on the fly prior to striking the front wall.
  48. 48. Any unavoidable body contact that interferes with returning the ball.
  49. 49. Any unavoidable screen of the sight of the ball.
  50. 50. Any unavoidable screen that hinders a fair chance to return the ball.
  51. 51. Avoidable Hinders: An avoidable hinder results in the offender losing the rally and includes:
  52. 52. A player failing to move sufficiently to allow the opponent a shot.
  53. 53. A player moving into position to block an opponent’s chance to make a return of the ball.
  54. 54. A player moving in the way of a ball that was just played by the opponent.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Unsportsmanlike or Reckless Behavior<br /><ul><li>Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a disqualification regardless of the score.
  55. 55. Participants should not play in a manner that is potentially dangerous or reckless. Any action(s) that is deemed dangerous and/or reckless will result in a disqualification. Intramural participants should consider this their one and only warning.</li></li></ul><li>Manager's Meeting<br />Quiz<br />Now please complete the quiz below.<br />