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Kan jam


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Kan jam

  1. 1. INTRAMURAL SPORTSKanJam Manager’s Meeting
  2. 2. General Rules MANAGERS MEETING Games are a best of five series to exactly 21 points. Goals will be set up 50 feet apart. A coin toss will determine which team goes first.  The winner has the choice to throw first or second.
  3. 3. Each Round A round will consist of all four players throwing exactly one disc. MANAGERS MEETING The first team will throw the disc twice, allowing both players to act as the “thrower” and the “deflector” once. Then, they will hand the disc to the opponent to do the same. Each team will have the same number of throws, so if the team that goes first gets to 21 points, the opposing team has one last round.  Exception: In the event that a team makes an instance win shot, the opposing team will not be given a last shot.
  4. 4. Scoring A team must reach exactly 21 points to win a game.  If a throw would put the team’s score over 21 points, those points MANAGERS MEETING are subtracted from the score instead. An instant win is when the thrower lands the disc in the goal without assistance from the deflector.  The opposing team does not get the chance to match. If the thrower of deflector is interfered with by the opposing team, the throwing team is allowed the choice to take 1, 2, or 3 points.
  5. 5. Scoring A dinger (1 point) is scored when the deflector redirects the disc that hits the goal without going in. MANAGERS MEETING A deuce (2 points) is scored when the thrower hits the side of the goal without assistance from the deflector. A bucket (3 points) is scored when the deflector redirects the disc that lands inside the goal. No points are scored if (a) the thrower releases the disc in front of his/her own goal, (b) a throw hits the ground prior to hitting the goal, or (c) the deflector double hits, carries, or catches the disc.
  6. 6. The Deflector Deflectors may: MANAGERS MEETING  Move anywhere in the playing area to make the deflection.  Slap, hit strike, kick or knee the disc to redirect it. Deflectors may not:  Touch the goal at any time.  Catch, throw, lift, palm, pull, push, or double hit the disc.  Stop the disc in mid air to cause it to fall straight down.  Trap the disc between the goal and his or her body.
  7. 7. Unsportsmanlike Penalties Players who receive 2 unsportsmanlike penalties in a game, will be ejected from the game and the facility. MANAGERS MEETING Unsportsmanlike penalties include:  Arguing Calls.  Deliberately interfering with players on the opposing team.  Cursing or taunting opposing players or officials. Players may not argue calls at any time for any reason.  The calls and determinations of the officials are FINAL.
  8. 8. Quiz MANAGERS MEETING Now please complete the quiz below.