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Choosing a site nuala


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Choosing a site nuala

  1. 1. Choosing a Site Phase 2 Love the City
  2. 2. MethodologyThe pink feedback forms which the team had gotten the visitors to the exhibition tofill out were revisited and re-examined. I mapped all the results of question 3 on thesurvey:‘What area in the city centre do you think needs more love and why?’The map and research suggested a couple of areas to me, Smithfield, Stoneybatter,the Liberties, Mountjoy Square, O‘Connell Street and Thomas Street. After walkingaround some of the areas and it was found that Mountjoy Square had significantpotential for our project. This area is being proposed as option one. Included in thisreport is an article from an AAI publication, ‘Building Material’, which made me thinkof the potenital richness and sense of community which can be found in sub-dividedold houses. Option two was chosen intuitively, keeping in mind that the pink feed-back forms had indicated that the docklands was an area in need of some creativeenergy and other elements of cultural interest.
  3. 3. Mapping of all responses from question 3 of pink slips
  4. 4. Option 1 Option 2
  5. 5. Option 1 - Mountjoy SquareMountjoy Square was noted in the exhibition as being a part of the city which is wor-thy of more love. It is currently in a state of disrepair for the most part, yet it is onlya five minute walk from O’Connell Street. The population there appears to be bothdense and ethnically diverse. The park is a little grim and is showing signs of socialissues, although it has plenty of potential to be beautiful amenity. In the near vicinityis Temple Street Children’s Hospital, a church and a significant public building whichwas recently converted to office use and is currently vacant. There is also a row ofshops, the majority of which are vacant also.
  6. 6. Option 2 - CHQ, the Sean O’Casey Bridge and the social housing on the opposite sideof the riverThe pink slips had noted that the docklands need more love. CHQ does not appear tobe very busy with quite a few empty units. The shops are all quite upmarket and thesurrounding area in the IFSC appears to be quite clinical. Directly across the river is asocial housing development. Some of the units are decorated with Christmas lights.They have some small communal garden spaces with only grass growing in them.