SHE HONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.NO.6, 6th Rd., Industrial Park,Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.Tel : +886-4-2359-2747Fax: +886-4-2358...
All New TORNADO is the latest vertical machiningcenter with unmatched value. X axis travelingextended from 1300mm to 2100m...
AGIANTFORWARDINCAPACITYRIGIDITY	Available to variousmaterials. Outstandinglabyrinth design ofSpindle combinewith high pres...
MACHINEDIMENSIONS	HCMC-1370/1682/2082 (standard Z axis) can be in a40”HQ which reduce the cost of transportation.	HCMC1370...
FANUC48.6301200103712029.250 30 minCont.4039.4kgf-m250043.21214827.414.613.111121816.299.720007.39.1350030005.87.24.964.25...
Machine AlarmOnce the machine finishes jobs or an alarm occurs, massages canbe delivered to an operator, factory managers,...
SPECIFICATIONHCMC-13 HCMC-1370 HCMC-1682 HCMC-2082 HCMC-1692 HCMC-1892 HCMC-2110TABLE	 Working Suface mm 1450x800 1450x700...
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HARTFORD - Super Tornado Series


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HARTFORD - Super Tornado Series

  1. 1. SHE HONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.NO.6, 6th Rd., Industrial Park,Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.Tel : +886-4-2359-2747Fax: +886-4-2358-1793 | +886-4-2350-3443After sales direct line:+886-4-2350-3443 | +886-4-2359-1921www.machiningcenter.comEU TECHNICAL CENTERPrague, Czech RepublicDISTRIBUTION CENTERLe Havre, France Istanbul, TurkeyBangkok, Thailand Caxias Do Sul,Brazil Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSALES & SERVICE CENTERKorea-Seoul, Busan, DaeguChina-Tianjin, Shanghai, Foshan,Huangyan, ShenyangTaiwan-Taipei, Taoyuan,Hsinshu, KaohsiungHEAVY CUTTING MACHINING High rigidity 19% increased. The spindle firmly assembled in the headstock with56% higher contact surface. 41% reduced of spindle center to column supporting. labyrinth design spindle with air curtain, assuring thenon-stop machining capability. The distance between operator and table isreduced by 159mm. Five models and two different columns to caterthe customer’s requirement. HCMC1370/1682/2082 available container loading. Footprint is 29% less than tradition machine.Hartford has sold over 44,000 machines globally,resulting in over 36,000 satisfied customers and awealth of feedback that has added to our arsenalof experience and fine craftsmanship. In accordancewith our insistence on providing only the highestquality machining centers, every possible resourceis utilized to constantly upgrade our technologicallevels in manufacturing and other applications.
  2. 2. All New TORNADO is the latest vertical machiningcenter with unmatched value. X axis travelingextended from 1300mm to 2100mm while Y axistraveling from 700mm to 1020mm. The outstandingtable load can reach 3000kg. Highest dampingguideway design and superb rigid structure provides25% higher rapid traverse which reduces the non-cutting time. The Hartford All New TORNADO isspecially designed for all users who required efficientchip evacuating rate with special meticulous splashguard design and extra angular guarding design. Webelieved All New TORNADO can significantly boost youroverall machining efficiency!HARTFORDSUPER TORNADOTHE MOST VALUE-ADDED PRODUCT IN THE WORLDPATENTED NO. PATENT DESCRIPTION160723 Programmable coolant flushing device for machine tool213692 A CNC machine tool with multi-tool setting and two-step warning device213743 Heat dissipation mechanism for spindle servo driver on CNC machine too221954 Self-setting high-speed, high-accuracy machining parameters for CNC machine tool222994 Electric cabinet with folding door on CNC machine toolM293113 Tool monitoring function for CNC machine toolOperability design Advanced design remove chip in machining processwithout interruption . High efficient conveyor fulfill the demand ofmachining without operator in long period of time. Unique designed for splash guard lower the distancebetween operator and working table to 159mm. Non-interfere space for hanging machine reducethe time for making machine fixed and provideprotection to operator.MODEL W A B C HCMC-1370 1400 159 925 857 HCMC-1682 1600 261 975 1081 HCMC-2082 2100 261 975 1081 HCMC-1692 1600 296 1000 1216 HCMC-1892 1800 296 1000 1216 HCMC-2110 2100 340 1000 1370ACBWMODEL L W H HCMC-1370 3815 3020 3130 HCMC-1682 4000349531703395 (op) HCMC-2082 5000 HCMC-1692 4000389134373637 (op) HCMC-1892 4500 HCMC-2110 5100 4200 3437Compact footprint Reduced footprint by 29% which saves floor spaceoccupied by the machine. The compact design still maintains high capacity of440L water tank.HW Lbundant machine modelsMODEL X Y Z HCMC-1370 1300 700 660 HCMC-1682 1600820660820 (op) HCMC-2082 2060 HCMC-1692 1600920 820 HCMC-1892 1800 HCMC-2110 2100 1020 820 The customer can choose the best model according tothe size of the workpiece out from ten different models.ZYX01 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO 02 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 03
  3. 3. AGIANTFORWARDINCAPACITYRIGIDITY Available to variousmaterials. Outstandinglabyrinth design ofSpindle combinewith high pressurecoolant, achievevarious application inmachining type andmaterials.Excellent cutting capacity The spindle firmly assembled in theheadstock with 56% higher contact surface. One way screw on spindle upgrade one level,and the load of effective tension increase 45%. Coolant around spindle system will raisethe speed of chip remove. Powerful spindletorque bring effect into full play.Unmatched rigidity Symmetric-designed spindle will be non-vibration and highrigidity. It can also transmission cutting force to base,and make slant minimum.Abundantselection models Hartford provides total five differentmodels and two different columnsto fulfill customers’requirementwhich based on the size of theworkpiece. Two selections of high rigiditycolumn available.1Assuring the precision Spindle oil cooler with wrap-around typecoolant circuit and the design of minimum pipewill take heat from bearing up to 1700Kcal/hr.3 65365412Assuring the precision The distance from center of spindle to columnlower 41%, and raise the vibration-controlcapability effectively. After above-mentionedprocess, Hartford make machining withoutvibration possible and raise the quality of machinedsurface.2Reduce41%Assuring the precision New-designed splash guard will separate wasteheat form structure, and powerful four ballscrew ensure chip away from working area.4 All New TORNADO with professional handscraping techniques, reduce vibration efficientlyby heavy cutting and intermittent cutting, andmake the life of tools longer. Tailored for #50 spindle, 3-axis full travel support,and high rigidity structure. The rigidity will be 19%higher than old model. Big inclination splashguard and ball screwfor chip high rate of chipremoval will providegreat help to machiningwithout operator. 24/32/40 PCs tools whichcan fit various demand ofmachining. Flattening transmissiondesign not only reduce theproblem of spatial planwith machine body butalso continuous running.It will not intermittencerunning to effect the chainof tension relaxation.Preprocess chain positionmechanism can beensuring the tool potposition precision. Rib design for tool pot,it will reduce 80% dustwhich influence accuracyof tools and spindle.04 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO 05 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 06
  4. 4. MACHINEDIMENSIONS HCMC-1370/1682/2082 (standard Z axis) can be in a40”HQ which reduce the cost of transportation. HCMC1370/1682/2082 (optional Z axis) / 1692/1892/2110 can be in a 20”FR.Transportationcost savingMODEL HCMC-1370 HCMC-1682 HCMC-2082 HCMC-1692 HCMC-1892 HCMC-2110 A 3815 4000 5000 4000 4500 5000 B:Z axis st. 3130 3167 3450 3450 B:Z axis op. 3330 3391 3615 3615 C 3020 3257 3653 3930 D 725 820 820 820 E: Chip conveyor 4132 4437 4437 4545EABCABCEDDEABCABCEDDEABCABCEDDEABCABCEDDHCMC-1370 HCMC-1682/2082/1692/1892/2110CUTTING CAPACITY EXAMPLEDESCRIPTION FACEMILL ENDMILL DRILL TAPPING Tool Diameter 125 63 76 30 Feedrate 1100mm/min 1500mm/min 42mm/min 350mm/min Depth 4mm 10mm 50mm 30mm Cutting volume 440cc/minModel: HCMC1370Spindle: 6,000 RPM Gear head,15KWMaterial: S45C mild carbon steelCUTTINGCAPACITYLamp of car Material: S45C Condition: Gear 6,000RPM Processing time: 1849M 58S Feature:With CAD/CAM, 3D moldmachining.Connector Component Material: Aluminum Alloy(6061) Condition: Pulley 8,000RPM Processing time: 23M36S Feature:1. Process with 4 axis2. Large Diameter TappingConnector Block Material: Stainless Steel Condition: Gear 6,000RPM Processing time: 42M28S Feature:1. Large Diameter Deep Hole Drilling2. Large Diameter Tapping07 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 08
  5. 5. FANUC48.6301200103712029.250 30 minCont.4039.4kgf-m250043.21214827.414.613.111121816.299.720007.39.1350030005.87.24.964.25.23.740004.530 minCont.Spindle speed(rpm)2018.51513.87511.25101.83.2450042.750003.32.255002.7600002.3kw1500 30001511Output (kw)Torque (kgf-m)52.6312400038.612.989.5219.4714.28Spindle speed(rpm)20OUTPUTTORQUE30 mincont.750 22501214805.534.08 3.292.431154021.614.7998883417.500278102030Spindle speed(rpm)40007.31125 20001392.674.34.87337530005.36 3.2818.2160111013.5605052.5 Cont.7064.8 30 minkgf-m30 minCont.kw2018.5OUTPUTTORQUE30 mincont.Output (kw)Torque (kgf-m)52.6338.6 150 1500 45001112.28.96000148010004.085.339.5512.96Spindle speed(rpm)229.747.141.441.981211MITSUBISHICUTTINGCAPACITY#50, Gear type 4000rpm, FANUC α 12FANUC α 15 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 6000rpm, FANUC α 12#50, Gear type 4000rpm, FANUC α 12#50, Gear type 4000rpm,FANUC α 15 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 4000rpm,FANUC α 18 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 6000rpm,FANUC α 18 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 6000rpm, FANUC α 12#50, Gear type 4000rpm, MITSUBISHISJ-V15-01ZT*8000RPM*15KW (700 Series)#50, Gear type 4000rpm,MITSUBISH SJ-18.5-01ZM SPINDLE MOTOR(GEAR) SJ-18.5-01ZT#50, Gear type 6000rpm,MITSUBISHI SJ-18.5-01ZM SPINDLE MOTOR(GEAR) SJ-18.5-01ZT#50, Gear type 6000rpm, MITSUBISHISJ-V15-01ZT*8000RPM*15KW (700 Series)#50, Gear type 6000rpm, FANUC α 15 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 4000rpm,FANUC α 22 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)#50, Gear type 6000rpm,FANUC α 22 SPINDLE MOTOR (GEAR)WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 1009 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO
  6. 6. Machine AlarmOnce the machine finishes jobs or an alarm occurs, massages canbe delivered to an operator, factory managers, company owner, or ahartford service center via a mobile phones Short Message Service.HARTNETROMOTE SHOP FLOOR MONITORING SYSTEM Day Month Utilization PLC Signal Diagnosis Reports CNC Program ManagementVIA HARTNET, YOU MAY Monitoring all machines status. Storage, or upload/ downloadprograms from distance. Check machines parameter setting. Analysis all machines workingefficiency.Facilities RequiredSERVER COMPUTEROperation System: Window 7 32bit(Window 7 64bit is not compatible) Frame Work 3.5 (Supplied by Microsoft) MYSQL Data Base Mitsubishi API HartNet (Hartford Software)REMARK Machine Network Connection requireto setup by end user. Each machine controller must have anexclusive IP address. The Server Computer must have anexclusive IP address.HartnetSoftware PackageAllows You To MonitorYour Machiness RealTime StatusVia InternetOffice PCHARTROLWE GUARANTEE HARTFORDS HARTROL FUNCTIONS OFFERYOU10TIMES THE WORKING EFFICIENCY OF OTHER BRANDSHartrol is the software developed by Hartford RD team to increase efficiency and production capacity for user. It includeProgram editing, Workingpiece calibration, Tool setting, Parameter packages, Automatic measurement, Maintenance…etc Hartford RD team create HARTFORD APP STORE, and you can get information of Hartrol from here any time.Please check our website: WWW.MACHININGCENTER.COMHartrol applicationNotebookPCHighPerformanceFive-facemachiningmacroS pindleThermoCompensationConverter-added ToolChangeAdvancedLoadDetectionThreadMillingMacroS lantPlaneS electionSmartRotaionCommandShortMessageSenderUniversalangular-Head scale-CalculationCharacterEngravingMacroBoringBarCompensationAdvancedC ollisionDetectionMachiningTimeManagementGraphicUserInterfaceAutomaticangular-HeadChangeHARTFORDAPP STOREServoOverLoadDetection11 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 12
  7. 7. COMMITMENT TO QUALITYJIS 6338, VDI 3441 ARE OUR STANDARDSGUARANTEED PERFORMANCE THROUGH RIGOROUSQUALITY INSPECTIONS 100% inspection by coordinated measuring machine. Criticalcomponents: machine head/spindle/ATC unit. 100% inspection before entering assembly line - all components. 100% laser inspection before shipment. 100% ball bar inspection before shipment.QUADRANT PROTRUSION CORRECTION3D COORDINATE MEASUREMENT TESTINGPrecision measurement to assure component accuracy and machine quality.CIRCULAR ACCURACY IS INSPECTEDWITH A HIGH-PRECISION BALL BAR TESTER.Ball bar testing - identification of accuracy, servo and geometric errorsstatis tically and dynamically.HIGH-TECH LASER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMFOR PRECISION INSPECTIONPrecision measurement to assure component accuracy. Laser tested forsurface accuracy before shipment. It can measure all the standard geometricproperties of a machine (linear positioning accuracy, pitch error, etc.).Eliminate vibration on rotatingparts to improve spindlerotational accuracy.The machine is built ensuringperfection - not only at the endof pre-shipment QC inspection,but also all the way throughproduction. We place a strongemphasis on every detail ofevery step. Only qualifiedcomponents or parts can beemployed in the production line.Rigid quality control proceduresby coordinated measuringmachines during production,high-tech laser measurementsystems and many other sophisticated inspection instrumentsare utilized again and again allthe way through production todelivery.It is absolute that Hartforddoes not spare any effort inassuring that the machine youare ordering has passed throughthe most critical and rigorousinspection through our constantinterior auditing process. Thepurpose of this unprecedentedcare and effort is to deliver toyou a quality, drawback – freeVMC - the best in the world.QUADRANT PROTRUSION CORRECTIONSPINDLE BALANCE TESTING13 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 14
  8. 8. SPECIFICATIONHCMC-13 HCMC-1370 HCMC-1682 HCMC-2082 HCMC-1692 HCMC-1892 HCMC-2110TABLE Working Suface mm 1450x800 1450x700 1750x820 2150x820 1750x920 1950x920 2250x1050 T-Slot(Size×Number×Pitch) 18x5x130 18x5x130 18x5x150 18x5x150 20x7x125 20x7x125 20x7x150 MaxTable Load kg 1600 1500 2200 2600 2500 3000 3000TRAVEL LongitudinalTravel(X-Axis) mm 1300 1300 1600 2060 1600 1800 2100 GrossTravel(Y-Axis) mm 800 700 820 820 920 920 1020 VerticalTravel(Z-Axis) mm 660 660660820(Op)660820(Op)820 820 820 Distance From Spindle EndToTable Centermm120~780320~980120~780150~810200~1020150~810200~1020200~1020 200~1020 200~1020 Distance From Spindle CenterTo Column mm 870 745 865 865 965 965 1080SPINDLE Spindle NoseTaper #50 Spindle Speed (Gearshift) rpm4000/6000(Gear)4000/6000/8000(Gear)FEED Cutting Feedrate M/min 10 7 RapidTraverse (X,Y, Z Axes) M/min 16 20/20/20 18/18/18 15/15/15ATC Tool Storage Capacity pcs 24/32/40 Max.ToolWeight kg 20 Max.Tool Size (Diameter X Length) mm D125x300L D125x350L Tool Shank BT-50/CAT50/DIN69871 Pull Stud Bolt P50T-1/CAT50/DIN69872MOTOR Spindle Drive Motor (Fanuc)KW(cont./30min.)15/18.511/1515/18.5(Op) X,Y, Z Axis Drive Motor (Fanuc) KW 4/4/4 4/4/4 4/4/4 4/4/4 4/4/4 7/4/4 7/4/4OTHER Required Air Pressure kg/cm26.5 Electric Power Consumption KVA ­40 30 30 30 30 35 35 MachineWeight kg 12500 9000 11100 11700 12500 13100 16000 Floor Space (Full Guarding) mm 3800x4535 3815x3020 4000x3257 5000x3257 4000x3653 4500x3653 5000x3930ACCESSORIESDESCRIPTION STANDARD OPTIONAL Coolant through spindle20 bar without water cart— Coolant through spindle20 bar with water car— Coolant through spindle25 bar with water carte— Coolant through spindlepreparation only— Mist coolant system — Oil mist collector system — Fluorescent lamp — Nc rotary table — Dnc software — 90 Angle head (tool type) — Closed loop linear scalepositioning system— Link type chip conveyor — Portable chip bucket — Auto tool lengthmeasurement— Auto tool length anddiameter measurement— Auto work piecemeasurement— Coolant flushing device — Water gun — Air gun — #50 6000rpm gear spindle — #50 8000rpm gear spindle — #50 Disk type tool magazine —DESCRIPTION STANDARD OPTIONAL Full-enclosed splash guard — Cooling system — Spindle oil cooler — Centralized automaticlubrication system— Oil fluid separator — Two side chip of thechassis (screw type)— Coolant tank(with chip bucket)— Fluorescent lamp — Air blast through spindle — Leveling bolts and blocks — Remote manualpulse generator— Convection heat exchangerin control— Auto power off — Operation finish lamp — Rs-232 interface — Operation manual electric drawing equipment— Tool package — #50 4000Rpm gear spindle — Suspension operator box — Coolant jets aroundspindle—WWW.HARTFORD.COM.TW | 1615 | HARTFORD SUPER TORNADO