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PPT presentation for my students ( Geography lesson )

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  1. 1. LONDONBetween conservatism and modernity
  2. 2.  London is the capital and largest urban area in England and the United Kingdom. An important settlement for two millennia, Londons history goes back to its founding by the Romans. Since its settlement, London has been part of many important movements and phenomena throughout history, such as the English Renaissance , the Industrial Revolution , and the Gothic Revival. The citys core, the ancient City of London , still retains its limited medieval ruins; but since at least the 19th century the name "London" has also referred to the whole metropolis that has developed around it London is one of the worlds leading business, financial and cultural centres,]and its influence in politics , education, entertainment , media, fashion and the arts contribute to its status as a major global city . London boasts four World Heritage Sites: The Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margarets Church; the Tower of London; the historic settlement of Greenwich; and the Royal Botanic Gardens The city is a major tourist destination both for domestic and overseas visitors.]Londons population draws from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, and over 300 languages are spoken within the city. London has a population of 8,278,251 people and the metropolitan area is estimated to have a total population of about 10 million people.
  3. 3. The tower bridge The tower bridge is an important symbol of London. It is 65 ms high and the central part can be raised up when big ships pass through
  4. 4. The houses of Parliament  The houses of Parliament are the seat of the British parliamentary democracy: it is divided into “ House of Lords” and “ House of Commons”.
  5. 5. The London Eye It is a panoramic wheel situated on the bank of the river Thames. There are 32 cabins and from the top you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city, as far as 40 kms
  6. 6. Buckingham Palace  Buckingham Palace is the Residence of the Royal Family: every morning at 11 o’ clock there’s the changing of the guards and millions of tourists watch it.
  7. 7. Madame Tussaud It’s a very famous wax museum founded in 1902 ; there you can find the wax copies of all important people of History . Outside this museum there are always long queues of tourists!
  8. 8. The BIG BEN The Big Ben is a famous clock on the bell tower of the Houses of Parliament : it was built in 1862 by Benjamin Hall. It is 62 ms high and it rings every fifteen minutes
  9. 9. Trafalgar Square  Trafalgar Square is a famous square which commemorates the victory of Admiral Nelson against Napoleon in Trafalgar Battle. In the middle of this square there’s a column with Nelson’s statue on the top.
  10. 10. Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus is a central square of London, where six streets meet together. It’s a fantastic shopping area and it’s full of restaurants, nights clubs and other enterteinments
  11. 11. Harrods and Selfridges  These are the biggest and most expensive department stores of London. You can find quite everything but prices are very … high. During Christmas period they are particularly attractive
  12. 12. The Tower of London It’s a famous castle where the Jewels of the Crown are kept. The guardians are called Beefeaters. Around this castle there’s a large garden and the legend says that when birds leave this garden, the British Empire will finish.
  13. 13. Carnaby Street  Carnaby Street is a famous road centrally located, near Oxford Street. There are many shops dedicated to the 60s and -above all- to the Beatles.
  14. 14. Westmister Abbey It’s the most famous cathedral of England. Here royal weddings, funerals, and ceremonies take place. In this cathedral are buried all famous kings, queens, poets and writers of the English History. Among them, the famous writer William Shakespeare.
  15. 15. THE PARKS The most important parks are Hyde Park and S. James Park. Here people can relax during lunch break , play,listen to music, walk along the small lakes, listen to the “ corner speakers” …….
  16. 16. The Underground  Visitors in London usually travel on the underground ( Tube) The construction work began in 1860 and it opened in 1903. It covers about 2,400 kms with 270 stations and carries every day 4 millions passengers.
  17. 17. 10 Downing Street  This is the address of the Prime Minister. Actually he’s Gordon Brown, he has political power and plays a big role in international politics
  18. 18. Soho Soho is an ethnic suburb where you can find all kinds of typical restaurants ( Italian, Chinese, Greek, Mexican, Indian,…… ) and ethnic shops
  19. 19. Museums  The National Gallery is an important art Museum and it collects international masterpieces  The British museum is an exhibition of ancient art ( Roman , Greek, Egyptian….)  The Natural Science Museum is very interesting with lots of scientific experiments
  20. 20. The docks “The docks” is a very elegant and modern suburb of London , situated on the river Thames. Once upon a time it was a harbour
  21. 21. The Stock Exchange andfinancial area  LSE ( London Stock Exchange) is the “ borsa valori” of London. It was founded in 1801 and is one of the most important stock exchanges of the world
  22. 22. Greenwich  Greenwich, outside London , is a small village, very famous for the meridian “zero” of the Earth . London is one hour earlier than Italy.
  23. 23. Theatres The Globe Theatre is the most ancient, where Shakespeare’s plays were performed in 1600 s . The most recent are : Royal Opera House London Coliseum Royal National Theatre
  24. 24. And now….a final test London metropolitan area has got a. 7 millions b. 8 millions c. 10 millions inhabitants Piccadilly Circus is a. A circus b. A square c. A street The Tower of London is a . A castle b. A high tower c. A prison Famous poets and writers are buried in a. Buckingham palace b. Westminster abbey c. Hyde park The Queen lives in a. The tower of London b. 10 downing street c. Buckingham Palace Harrods is very a. expensive b. cheap c. small In Soho you can find a. strange people b. ethnic restaurants c. music shops In the British Museum there’s a. modern art b. roman and greek art c. british art In Madam Tussaud Museum there are works made of a. wood b. ceramic c. wax The London Eye is a. the underground b. the panoramic wheel c. a restaurant -------/10