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Financing for development - Impact Investment


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Final Project

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Financing for development - Impact Investment

  1. 1. Impact Investment Natalia Orjuela Photo:
  2. 2. Introduction Another possibilities to transform billions to trillions is that institutional investors invest in projects that will develop the infrastructure of a developing country. Private investors are main actors to pivot the development agenda. Lately, investors are not willing to invest in those portfolios that negatively impact the environment or the population. Social responsible investment or impact investment becomes a great solution to respond to SDGs in a financial attractive way. Source:
  3. 3. What is Impact Investing? Impact investments are investments in a company, project, fund or organization which intend to generate sustainable impact and financial returns (social, environmental & economical). Intentionality to have a positive social impact Several ranges of risk & return Investment with return expectations Measurement & reporting ensured social compliance Why the private sector invests? Source: Source:
  4. 4. In which zone is Impact Investment is done? Social profitabilityLow High Economicalprofitability Public & social sector Private Sector Impact Investment Impact First Investors Financial First Investors NGOs Trading Co. Company driven by CSR Venture Philanthropy Impact Investors Source: Creas
  5. 5. How is their performance? Source: The Giin:, last accessed 08/12/2015 According to Giin around 80% are in line with financial and impact expectations. Business model is one of the biggest factors contributing to risk.
  6. 6. Which are the investment sectors? Education Health Social Innovation Renewable Energy Sustainable activities “OpenIDEO is a global community working together to design solutions for the world’s biggest challenges.” Sources:
  7. 7. How is impact measured? • Investments have to meet a determined criteria: – Innovative Business Model with sustainable impact – Scalable projects with development potential • Then the following metrics are during the project lifetime to measure the social impact: – Number of beneficiaries reached – Savings generated and the amount going to the poor – External audits – Sustainable KPIs (CO2 emissions, waste management…)
  8. 8. Examples Emzingo Villa Andina • Investee: Emzingo • Investor: Creas • Country: Spain, Peru, South-Africa, Brazil • Description: Promote social leadership by connecting business students and workers with the social sector and providing consulting services to start-ups, NGO or social companies. • Impact:”100% of the projects address UN millennial development goals.”” 56 NPO/NGOs, social enterprises, and community based organizations supported “ • Investee: Villa Andina • Investor: Grassroots Business Fund • Country: Peru • Description: Company that purchases fruits from farmers, then processes the product (dehydration) and commercializes it locally and internationally. • Impact: 602 beneficiaries (farmers and employees); 2408 families benefit by earning over $1.3M. Efficient crops. Enhance rural development. Source:
  9. 9. Key Takeaways Impact investment is a new way for the private sector and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable project. The main obstacles in developing impact investment is the metrics and the scalability of the projects. They can work for small areas but in some cases cannot be replicated, hence the impact is very low on the development of the country. Thanks to social impact funds and an increasing know-how impact investing is a stronger option for investors, mainly those committed to Corporate Sustainable Responsibility.
  10. 10. References • EVPA - European Venture Philanthropy Association. • Creas. • Multilateral Investment Fund. • Acumen. • Grassroots Business Fund. • Emzingo. • From Billions to Trillions: Transforming Development Finance. IMF 2015 • The Giin.