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WordPress in 2019

  1. WordPress in 2019
  2. Is WordPress the best solution for us? A client asks…
  3. A look back.
  4. Where are we now?
  5. We’ve hit peak WordPress.
  6. What are the key changes?
  7. Plugins are losing value.
  8. Website requirements. Simple Complex
  9. Website requirements. Simple Complex 2010
  10. Website requirements. Simple Complex 2018
  11. Consumer Interest.
  12. The tech stack is becoming larger and consumers are seeking business solutions.
  13. WordPress going from solution to tool, changes how we work.
  14. Are you a marketer, product manager or developer?
  15. Rise of the Platforms.
  16. Platform Value Unit Producers Consumers
  17. Lack of WordPress “website builder” platforms.
  18. Owning the customer relationship.
  19. Digital Experience.
  20. What DXP means for us?
  21. A smarter WordPress.
  22. A smarter WordPress.
  23. Moving forward.
  24. Thank you. @noeltock