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Palma prieto natalia_in2_global_iii.docx


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Palma prieto natalia_in2_global_iii.docx

  1. 1. 2ºBach- Natalia Palma Prieto
  2. 2.  Trip out date city time Check-in time 1/08/13 Málaga 14:24h 13:40h Departure scales Málaga 14:24h Málaga-Madrid-Wellington Arrival duranción trip Airline Wellington 14:35h 38h10 British Airways The trip would begin August 1 day, you go out from Malaga airport, as no direct flights to Wellington would have to go by plane to Madrid and catch a flight to Wellington.
  3. 3.  Trip out date city time Check-in time 15/08/13 Wellington 06:30h 01:20h Departure scales Wellington 06:30h Málaga-Madrid-Wellington Arrival duranción trip Airline Málaga 01:20h 52h50 British Airways The return trip will be the day August 15 and will be the same but in reverse, Wellington Airport to Madrid and Madrid to Malaga.
  4. 4.  Cost Málaga - Wellington + Wellington - Málaga Total for family In Euro = 7.008€ RETURN TICKET = 1752€ The total price of the trip is € 7,008 - 1,752 per person. It is a very cheap price because Wellington is usually more expensive but we got lucky and found very cheap flights and hotels.
  5. 5.  Date City Hotel Cost 02/08/13 Wellington Travelodge 61€/night 05/08/13 Wellington From August 2 to August 5 You will visit Wellington, You are going to sleep at Travelodge Wellington. The price per room is 61€, as are two rooms for 3 nights in total are 366€. The second largest city and also the capital of New Zealand is an interesting place, with many places to enjoy such as amazing bars, restaurants, shops etc.. Besides being a smaller city that Auckland can go more places in shorter times.
  6. 6.  Date City Hotel Cost 05/08/13 Auckland Auckland 65’50€/night 10/08/13 Harbour Oaks To reach Auckland have to catch a flight lasting 1h05, the price is 3254€ per person, totaling 13016€. From August 5 to August 10 You will visit Auckland. Lie down at the Harbour Oaks, the price per room is 6550 €. The total of two rooms for five days is 655 €. Besides being the largest and most beautiful city in New Zealand, Auckland has many things to do and know. From window shopping and shopping, to extreme sports and tours to appreciate its beautiful landscapes. It also has restaurants with very good food. It is a very quiet town and multicultural safe.
  7. 7.  Date City Hotel Cost 10/08/13 Rotorua Copthorne 65’18€/night 14/08/13 Hotel Rotorua To reach Rotorua have to catch a flight lasting 0h45, the price is 5114€ per person, totaling 20456€. Rotorua is the last city you will visit New Zealand. You arrive the 10th and you may go on the 14th of August, lie down at the Copthorne Hotel Rotorua 4 days. The hotel price is 6518 € per night, totaling 52144€. On the 14th night you gets a bus in Rotorua Airport heading for Wellington, the price is 25€ per person and lasts 5h30, in total 100 €. The bus will take you directly to the airport to return to Malaga. The city of Rotorua is small compared to Auckland or Wellington, but is one of the major tourist places in New Zealand. The lake is beautiful and the activities that can be performed are exciting.
  8. 8. This is the map of the cities you will visit duringyour holiday in New Zealand 2 3 1
  9. 9. Wellington is a city with many museums and monuments worth seeing. Museum of New Zealand Old ST Pauls CathedralSourthward vintage Car Museum Wellington Botanic GardenMount Victoria Parliaments Buildings
  10. 10. In Auckland I recommend you visit the shy tower at night and it is beautiful thanks to the lights that are lit. On the other hand during the day if you go with children I recommend you do not miss the Auckland Wale & Dolphin Safari, you will love it. Sky tower Auckland Harbour Bridge Auckland Wale & Dolphin Markets in Auckland Safari
  11. 11. Rotorua city is undoubtedly the most charming and nature of New Zealand, there you can perform any activity related to the nature and water. Kaweray Okere Falls Rotorua Museum The Carterpillar Experience
  12. 12.  Hope you liked the travel plan that I made for you to have a good holiday. Not cheaper trip because New Zealand is far away and is a very expensive island. New Zealand is an amazing country where you will have a great, will have the opportunity to visit wonderful places with a special charm. From museums to shopping centers. Undoubtedly one of the best family trips you will undertake in your life.¡Happy Holidays!