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  1. 1. Postgraduate Program Subject OutlineFaculty of Business and Management http://my.uowdubai.ac.aeSubject Code: MKT 977 Subject Name: MARKETING RESEARCHSession: Summer Year: 2012 Section: TUESDAY CLASSLecture Information Day: TUESDAY Time: 6 P.M. – 10.00 P.M. Location: Block (TBA) Room (TBA) Lecturer’s Name: Dr. Anis Ben Brik Building & Office No: Bloc 15 -207 E-mail Address: Consultation Days and Times: tuesday : 17:00 am to 18:00 pm (Please schedule appointments in advance through e- mail) Subject Coordinator: QA Assessor (UOWD):1. Subject Description This is a subject that focuses on the role & practice of marketing research in marketing. Marketing Research can be defined as the systematic collection, analysis, & interpretation of data about market related & other consumer behavior, suing research methods derive from the behavioral & social sciences. Marketing Research is an important means through which all types of organizations can obtain reliable & valuable information about their markets, customers, or clients in order to inform their marketing related decisions. This subject will provide an overview of marketing research as an applied practice & will emphasize the practical aspects of doing research to meet client needs. It will cover the marketing research process, beginning with client consultation & research design, as well as data collection, data analysis & report preparation.Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  2. 2. 2. Learning Outcomes The overall aim of the subject is to provide participants with an understanding of all aspects of marketing research practice, i.e. from research findings, and are able to plan conduct a marketing research study. On successful completion of the subject, participants should be able to: 1. Demonstrate that they understand the practice of marketing research and the role that it can play in informing marketing decisions. 2. Conduct a client consultation and formulate a proposal for a marketing research study. 3. Select appropriate marketing research methods in order to meet the information needs of clients. 4. Demonstrate that they understand the role & application of both qualitative & quantitative research methods. 5. Design & conduct a marketing research study. 6. Apply appropriate descriptive & inferential statistical methods to analyze marketing research study data. 7. Demonstrate that they understand how to present & interpret the findings of a marketing research study.3.Subject Schedule* {subject to change} Week Date Lecture Topics Text Chapters & Action Case Studies CH1: Introduction to Marketing Research CH2: Defining the Marketing Research Chapter 1 Group Case Study – Chapter 1 12 Problem & Developing an Approach Chapter 2 1 – Questions: 1-6 June CH3: Research Design CH4: Exploratory Research Design: Secondary Data Group Case Study – Chapter Chapter 3 5 – Questions: 1-4 2 19 CH5: Exploratory Research Design: Chapter 4 June Qualitative Research Chapter 5 CH6: Descriptive Research Design: Survey & Observation 3 26 CH7: Casual Research Design: Chapter 6 June Experimentation Chapter 7 Group Case Study – Chapter CH8: Measurement & Scaling: Chapter 8 7 – Questions: 1-5 Fundamentals CH9: Measurement & Scaling: Non- 4 3 July comparative Scaling Techniques Chapter 9 CH10: Questionnaire & Form Design Group Case Study – Chapter Chapter 10 10 – Questions: 1-9 5 7 July Mid- Term Exam CH11: Sampling: Design & Procedures CH12: Sampling: Final & Initial Sample Chapter 11 6 10 July Size Determination Chapter 12 CH13: Fieldwork Chapter 13 Group Case Study – Chapter 13 – Questions: 1-10 CH14: Data PreparationSummer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  3. 3. CH15: Frequency Distribution, Cross- Tabulation, & Hypothesis Testing Chapter 14 7 24 July Chapter 15 CH16: Analysis of Variance & Covariance CH17: Correlation & Regression Chapter 16 8 31 July Chapter 17 9 7 CH19: Factor Analysis Chapter 19 Submission of Marketing August CH24: International Marketing Research Chapter 24 Research Essay 4. Texts4.1 Required Texts Malhotra, N. K. (2010) Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation & SPSS 14.0 Student CD, 6/E, Prentice Hall. Required texts can be purchased from the University Bookshop located in Block- 5. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The University of Wollongong in Dubai complies with UAE Federal Law No. (7) of 2002 pertaining to Copyrights and Neighboring Rights. Severe penalties apply for copyright violations. No copied materials will be allowed on campus, except where permitted as per UAE Federal Law No. (7) of 2002. Any copied materials that violate UAE Laws or UOWD Policies will be confiscated in the first instance and disciplinary actions may be taken against the person(s) involved.4.2 Recommended Readings Supplemental Texts that are suggested – (purchase is not required) 1. Field, Andy and Hole, Graham (2003) How to design and Report Experiments, Sage Publications, UK 2. Kvale, Steiner (2009) Doing Interviews, Sage Publications, UK 3. Punch, Keith (2001) Developing Effective Research Proposals, Sage Publications, UK 4. Quinton, Sarah and Smallbone, Teresa (2006) Postgraduate Research in Business, A Critical Guide, Sage Publications, UK 5. Barbour, Rosaline (2009) Doing Focus Groups, Sage Publications, UK 6. Kumar, Ranjit (2005) Research Methodology, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners, Second Edition, Sage Publications, UK ● Aaker, D.A., V. Kumar, G.S. Day and M. Lawley (2005) Marketing Research. Wiley: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ● Easwaran S. & S.J. Singh (2006) Market Research: Concepts, Practices & Cases, Oxford University Press ● Reid D.J. & F.J.M. Reid (2005) Online focus Groups, International Journal of market Research, Vol. 47, No. 2, pp. 131-162 ● Field, A. (2009) Discovering statistics using SPSS, Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ● Fowler, F. J. (2002) Survey Research methods, California: Sage. All of the recommended readings above are available at the UOWD Library located on the first floor in Block 14.Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  4. 4. 5. Assessment 5.1 Assessment of Learning Outcomes Learning Outcome Measures (Elements of Assessment) Lo1, Lo2, Lo3, Lo4 Mid term Lo1, Lo2, Lo3, Lo4, Lo5, Lo6, Lo7 Marketing Research Essay Lo1, Lo2, Lo3, Lo4, Lo5, Lo6, Lo7 Final exam 5.2 Assessment Tasks Assessment Task: Marketing Research Essay Type: Individual Description: Report Learning Outcome Measured: Lo1, Lo2, Lo3, Lo4, Lo5, Lo5, Lo6, Lo7 Total Marks: 40 Weighting: 25 % Due Date: Session 9 Word Length (if applicable): Approx 3000 words Hand in to: Lecturer TurnItIn submission required Before submission of hard copy by: Outline and Requirements This is an Individual assignment meant to assess your conceptual, application, and empirical skills on marketing research. Theoretical dimensions pertaining to the topic chosen refer to conceptual skills, finding relevant applications in real-time / academic research projects refer to Application skills & suggesting suitable application methods in different practical research situations refer to empirical skills. An Essay based Hard copy is to be submitted in the last lecture session in week 9. Students have to demonstrate their conceptual, application & empirical skills on one among the following topics:Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  5. 5. 1. Secondary Research & Databases. 2. Survey Methods & Application to different Marketing Research Situations. 3. Interviews & Focus Groups. 4. Measurement & Selling. 5. Sampling methods for different Marketing Research situations. While conceptual skills (not exceeding 2.5 pages) can be demonstrated by reflecting their knowledge on the chosen topic, sourced from various Academic sources like books, application skills can be shown by citing various research projects, whether real-time or academic (through published journals, research projects, etc..) on the chosen topic & empirical Skills can be demonstrated by indicating possible areas (based on hypothetical research situations in which, the area of research analyzed can be applied). Out of the research situations indicated, at least one situation has to be for a real time client. In all cases, where hypothetical or real time situations are taken, your empirical skills have to be demonstrated by way of indicating the Research objectives in the situation, the rational of a particular method or research design you are indicating & the benefits of using such a method or a design. The submitted Essay should meticulously follow Harvard Referencing style with a clear “References Section”, used by the Authors & should demonstrate your conceptual skills, Empirical skills and situation-based application skills. MARKING CRITERIA Submission of a report demonstrating your: 1. Conceptual skills in marketing research – 12 marks 2. Application skills in marketing research – 14 marks 3. Empirical skills in marketing research – 14 marks Assessment Task: Mid Term Exam Type: Individual Learning Outcome Measured: Lo1, Lo2, Lo3, Lo4 Total Marks: 40 Weighting: 25% Date, Time and Location: Week-5 (8.30 P.M. to 10.00 P.M.), in class Outline and Requirements All material covered till week 5 will be tested. The questions will be multiple choice. MARKING CRITERIA Each Multiple choice question will be evaluated for 1 mark & a total of 40 questions would be asked. Note: Please note that the exam formats & criteria of mid-term final exams are subject to change with due notice to students. Hence students are suggested to check their subject folders before the exams, for any notice of change.Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  6. 6. Assessment Final Exam Task: Learning Lo1, Lo1, Lo3, Lo4, Lo5, Lo6, Lo7 Outcome Measured: Total Marks: 50 Weighting: 50% Date: To be held during the official examination period. Please refer to the (Check Timetable Exam Timetable available on the Student Online Resources website to reconfirm) (http://my.uowdubai.ac.ae) closer to the exam period. Outline and Requirements All material covered after week 5 will be tested. 5.3 Grades Awarded The approved grades of performance and associated ranges of marks for postgraduate subjects are: High Distinction (HD) 85 – 100% Distinction (D) 75 – 84% Credit (C) 65 – 74% Pass (P) 50 – 64% Fail (F) 0 – 49% Technical Fail (TF) - Not meeting the final exam passing requirements 5.4 Satisfactory Completion Requirements In order to gain a grade of Pass (P) or better in this subject, students must pass the Final Examination with a mark of at least 50%. This is irrespective of the student’s other marks during the session. Students who obtain a composite mark of greater that 50% but do not satisfy the Final Examination pass requirements will be awarded a “Technical Fail”. Students must ‘reasonably’ complete all assessment tasks (other than the Final Examination, which requires a mark of 40% or above) and submit these by the final week of session or by the Final Examination date (whichever is earlier) in order to pass the subject. ‘Reasonable’ completion of an assessment task will be determined based on the instructions given to the student including: word length, demonstration of research and analysis where required, the Plagiarism Policy, and completion of each section/component of the assessment. Failure to ‘reasonably’ complete any assessment tasks to the standard specified above may result in a Fail grade awarded for the subject. 6. Relevant Policies and DocumentsSummer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  7. 7. All students must read and be familiar with the following UOWD policies and documents, which are available on the Student Online Resources (http://my.uowdubai.ac.ae) website by following the Policies link: ● Academic Grievance – Students ● Assessment Policy ● Code of Conduct – Library Users ● Code of Practice – Students ● Copyright Policy ● Information Literacies Rule ● Library Regulations ● Music, Video and Software Piracy ● Plagiarism Policy ● Plagiarism – Acknowledgement Practice ● Rules – Campus Access and Order ● Rules for Student Conduct and Discipline ● Rules for use of ITTS Facilities ● Special Consideration Policy ● Tertiary Literacies 7 SASS Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is a program committed to assisting students in developing their academic skills and getting the most out of their studies. As part of their services, SASS provides Peer Tutoring Program and Academic Workshops. For further information contact, please contact: SASS Admin Assistant Room 019, Block 5. Sass@uowdubai.ac.ae Ph: + 971 4 390 0608. Plagiarism Plagiarism is a serious offense that can lead to expulsion from the university. Students must be familiar with the Plagiarism policy which outlines the procedure that will be followed in case of plagiarism. For more information please refer to the Plagiarism policy available on the Student Online Resources website (http://my.uowdubai.ac.ae– follow the Policies link). 8.1 Turn-It-In In addition to a hard copy, students are required to submit all written assignments in soft copy through the TurnItIn system which is available online at www.turnitin.com. Every student must have a TurnItIn account. Failure to submit an assignment through TurnItIn will result in marks for that assignment being withheld. Students do NOT need to hand in a printed copy of the TurnItIn Originality Report! More information about TurnItIn (including how to create an account and add a class) will be provided in the first lecture. Students can download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TurnItIn from the SASS section of the website (http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/ss). Turn-It-In information required to add this subject:Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH
  8. 8. Class ID: Password: 8.2 Referencing & In-Text Citation & UOWD Rules & Policies For information about Referencing and In-Text Citation, as well as a guide to some of the UOWD Rules and Policies, please go to the Student Online Resources website (http://my.uowdubai.ac.ae) and click on the POLICIES link. You will find the required information under the letter “S” for “Subject Outline Information”.================================================================================Summer2012 Dr. Rami Saleh MKT 977 - MARKETING RESEARCH