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Trigger Strategies - Our Offering


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For those ever wondering what we do here at Trigger Strategies.

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Trigger Strategies - Our Offering

  1. 1. trigger strategies businesslessonsfromthetrenches Whatwe’velearnedsofarfrom20yearsof NeilThornton&LarryAnderson
  2. 2. trigger strategies trigger strategies “Business Consultants Tellingit Likeitis” THETRIGGERSTORY Ownerstellus theydonot wanttheories andbooks,they wantustoget s@#!done We get approached by business owners because they are not happy with sales and growth. After our first conversation we usually find out they have trouble getting things done because of one of two things: 1) They are not focused on the right things 2) What they used to do successfully no longer produces the same results Because of this, they are unsure about what to do next. That’s where we come in to help. What we do: Analysis: Assessment of your company, capabilities, team and their skill sets Planning: Develop a measurable plan with accountability Execution: Hold everyone accountable to aligned expectations and urgency Why we do this work: Grow your sales profitably Developing your people Help you to own your market by being a specialist
  3. 3. trigger strategies trigger strategies NEIL THORNTON You will never forget a seminar by Neil He makes you want to take immediate action Since starting Trigger Strategies, Neil and Larry have made a commitment to share their ideas, insights and trends that they have learned in over 2 decades of consulting, business development, entrepreneurship and coaching business leaders. They are continually asked to work with business teams, associations, executives. public entities, academic institutions, and technology-innovation groups. Neil brings over 20 years of success in coaching, consulting and training to every talk and client he works with. His uncanny ability to read people and see through what seem like insurmountable situations makes him a highly sought after consultant. Neil has a unique talent for understanding the psychology behind employee behaviour, engagement and corporate culture and vision. He has a unique and direct approach that hits straight to the heart in and an honest and direct point. His talks are entertaining and high energy but also filled with great substance and tremendous learning opportunities for those in attendance. Solving complex business problems is what Larry is best known for. From declining sales to the need to completely rebrand a business Larry has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, social media and business development. With experience in media, advertising agencies and franchising, Larry has developed a successful process for business development that is both measurable and repeatable. His talks are designed to challenge your thinking and to give you specific tools and resources you can put to work immediately. Larry is described as direct, genuine, honest and insightful. LARRY ANDERSON
  4. 4. trigger strategies trigger strategies Business Strategy There are only two reasons a business will fail: They don’t know what to do (no plan) or they don’t do what they know they should (no execution). While that sounds overly simplistic, we have found that pattern repeated thousands of times by small, mid-sized and large companies alike. So let us ask you a few questions: •Do you understand the need for strategic planning but have a hard time making time to do it? •Do you find that you are constantly fighting peaks and valleys within your sales cycle? •Do you find that you have good people but getting them all communicating and “one the same page” is not nearly as easy as it once was? Over the last 20 years we’ve worked with hundreds of companies that have struggled with the same questions. We have developed a simple three step process to help you create a strategic focus for your business, but more importantly, execute it in a way that doesn’t add more to your to do list, but that achieves significant results in the shortest amount of time. If this sounds like something you’re facing in your business, we suggest you give us a call. The first meeting is always free. What Karen has to say... Trigger Strategies has a winning combination! Larry has this uncanny ability to listen, synthesize, and articu- late, delivering the exact tips and tools you need to ensure your success! Neil has this crazy unique talent to engage others to uncover their thoughts, discover their own opinions and draw their own conclusions in order to become even more successful! I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Larry and Neil during strategic planning events, business workshops and brainstorming sessions where they consistently demonstrate their versatility and ability to help you deliver the results you want. Their unique and individ- ual skills, knowledge, mentoring, genuine passion and sense of humour make collaboration with them not only inspiring and fun, but also you are guaranteed to get results! I am truly appreciative of the opportunity of working with Larry and Neil! Karen Regan: Senior Manager, Branch Marketing Strategy, First Ontario Credit Union People Development and Training Einstein said, “Once you stop learning you start dying”. We know that in today’s ultra competitive business climate the only true competitive advantage you really have is your people and if you’re not investing in them you’re falling behind. While innovation seems like a luxury only available to large companies, it’s more important today than ever before. Encouraging your people to be better than they were yesterday and to find new a better ways of taking care of your customers is a critical component to success. We focus on three key elements in the area of people development •Skills assessment and skills development •Leadership and mentoring •Team communications and engagement We have found that these key areas not only represent the largest challenge areas within a business, but also when focused on they also produce the greatest positive impact on the business. Believe it or not, but 90% of a businesses internal problems are simply because the team doesn’t know how to communicate with each other. We help you solve this. If this is happening in your business, let’s talk. The first meeting is always free and we’ll even buy the coffee. What Josh has to say... If your company is ready for change and I mean really ready, Neil will drive that change. Our organization grew over 100% in the year after Neil assisted us in re-aligning our team and assisted Link Wireless become one of Canada’s most successful Rogers Wireless Dealers. Josh Finlay: Vice President at Link Wireless and Owner, Link Wireless
  5. 5. trigger strategies trigger strategies Hiring and Recruitment One of the biggest issues we hear about most is that companies have a challenge finding, keeping and motivating good people. The process of recruiting can be a bit of a crapshoot. You interview people and think you’ve done a good job and then six months down the road the person leaves or you let them go be- cause they “didn’t work out”. We believe there is a better way to ensure your bring in the right person and that they not only stay, but succeed with your company. To achieve this we focus on three key areas: •A thorough multi-step interview process to allow candidates to interact with not only the management team, but also the people they will be working with day in day out •An online profiling tool that helps you ensure the chosen candidate has the right cognitive skills, behavio- ral traits and interests to be successful •The final chosen candidate is put on a 90-day plan so that their success is not left to chance Hiring the wrong employee can cost your company as much as 3x their salary as well as having longer term effects like lowering morale and eating up the time of key people in the company. If your hiring and recruiting process is not producing the kind of employees you need, give us a call and let’s talk. What Carla has to say... This was the first time we worked with Trigger Strategies and we have to admit there is something that sets them in a different league than the rest. Their recruiting process was unique and a welcome change from the traditional recruiting methods. Neil and Larry truly dedicated their efforts to finding us the right talent that fit with our Company culture. They are definitely a great team of professionals to work with and we would highly recommend them. Thank you to Neil and Larry for all your support. Carla Ouellette, CHRP : Human Resources Manager W.S. TYLER Sales and Business Development Selling is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of trial closes, cold calls and talking about your client’s golf game to build rapport. The sales landscape is changing quickly and unless you’re prepared you’re doomed to compete solely on price, because in the absence of value, price becomes the deciding factor. We’ve found three key areas that today’s successful sales teams focus on: •They build credibility in the market – the individual not just their company •They have the ability to understand their customers business beyond the products and services they sell •They have the ability to understand and manage the right numbers Selling is not about manipulation; it’s about conversation. We have a proven sales training process that helps you and your team develop the confidence needed to win new and long-term customers in today’s noisy business climate. If this sounds like what’s needed with your sales team, let’s talk. What Charles has to say... I would like to commend both of you on the training program that you performed for our sales staff during the past 6 months. The training sessions were well organized, on schedule and very productive. The mate- rial that you covered was pertinent and to the point and presented in such a manner that it is useful for all types of actual selling situations. All of our business developers were pushed beyond their comfort zones, which helped with the learning process. I will share with you the fact that our new customer orders have increased by more than 40% during the latest quarter as a direct result of your program. Charles Griffin, Vice President Business Development Exocor
  6. 6. trigger strategies trigger strategies More of who we work with... Marketing and Online Presence Google states that 87% of purchases begin with an online search. At the same time the average person is exposed to over 5000 promotional messages a day. The bottom line is your potential customers have never had access to more information than they do today. But something is missing and that’s your opportunity. With all of this information available, they don’t know whom to trust. You can become that trusted resource. We focus on three key areas: •Develop a content strategy that allows you to share your knowledge and position you and an expert in your category •Execute your content strategy by using a combination of traditional, online and direct tactics to engage your market the way they want to receive information •Implement a lead generation and sales pipeline process to ensure your marketing is delivering a fresh stream of new customers Marketing is always one of the areas business owners have trouble with. But by implementing our process, you have a proven system that is both measureable and repeatable. If you’d like to improve your marketing and stop merely guessing about it, give us a call and let’s talk. What Craig is saying... You won’t find a more versatile team of business consultants than Larry and Neil. They are extremely knowledgeable in all areas pertaining to business. They helped me establish a strong marketing strategy and kept me on task to see it through to its completion. What I like most about them is their deliberate ap- proach. Time is a valuable asset for me and they were keen to make sure we didn’t waste it. Craig Spear: Owner/Operator, Momentum Fitness Club “Book Neil & Larry to speak at your next event, meeting or conference”
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