Leadership niagara presence - 2013


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Leadership presence talk for Leadership Niagara's 2013 group.

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Leadership niagara presence - 2013

  1. 1. LeadershipPresenceMay 2013
  2. 2. The Essence ofLeadership PresenceWhat does it really mean,and why is it importantto you (and to others)?
  3. 3. Learning is not just about capacity, it is about awareness.Truly profound levels of learning change who we are, and then how we change.Suspend judgment for a deeper level of awareness, listen from nothing.Clarity happens when you can do this. In this opening things happen.There is no meaningful conversation without people opening their minds.This is why meaningful conversation is so rare these days.There is only one force; intention.Question: How do we move beyond our normal ways of seeing things?
  4. 4. How the human paradigm works:„Observation‟leads to„Interpretation‟leads to„Reality‟leads to„A Story‟
  5. 5. Three Levels of awareness:1. How you see yourself2. How others see you3. The space in between…..the truth
  6. 6. What‟s next?
  7. 7. Group DialogueWhat is your intention movingforward?What is your plan to haveimpact?What will now be required of youand where will you need to showup differently?
  8. 8. What is yourcommitmentmovingforward?
  9. 9. Quotes that havehad an impact onme…..
  10. 10. “If you‟re the smartestperson in the room,you‟re in the wrongroom.”- Unknown
  11. 11. "People may notremember exactly whatyou did, or what you said,but they will alwaysremember how you madethem feel."- Dr. Garthwaite
  12. 12. “Follow me…..I amright behind you.”- John Maxwell
  13. 13. “Great spirits havealways found violentopposition frommediocre minds”- Albert Einstein
  14. 14. “You are the way youare, because that‟s theway you‟ve made upyour mind to be.”- John C. Maxwell
  15. 15. “The greatest danger is notthat our hopes are set toohigh and we fail to achievethem; it‟s that they are toolow and we do.”- Michelangelo
  16. 16. “15% of one‟s financialsuccess is due to one‟stechnical knowledge and85% is due to skill in humanengineering – leadershipand influencing people.”- Dale Carnegie
  17. 17. “Ego and Awareness cannot co-exist.”- Eckhart Tolle
  18. 18. Here‟s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels,the troublemakers, the round pegs in thesquare holes…the ones who see thingsdifferently– they‟re not fond of rules… You canquote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilifythem, but the only thing you can‟t do is ignorethem because they change things…they pushthe human race forward, and while some maysee them as the crazy ones, we see genius,because the ones who are crazy enough tothink they can change the world, are the oneswho do.- Steve Jobs
  19. 19. Leadership and Social Media influencefor business….
  20. 20. What would happen if I Google‟d YOU?The new leadership reality…
  21. 21. Thank you for invited me to bepart of your group…..I amhonored!Neil ThorntonThe Thornton GroupTrigger Strategies905.401.1434neil@thorntongroup.cawww.thorntongroup.cawww.triggerstrategies.ca@neilathornton