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HRPA Hamilton - 7 Strategies to Reduce Workplace Conflict Through Employee Engagement - 2014


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Honored to be working with the Human Resources Professionals Association of Hamilton and sharing our experience and insights into workplace conflict and business lessons we have learned - 7 strategies

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HRPA Hamilton - 7 Strategies to Reduce Workplace Conflict Through Employee Engagement - 2014

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 7 strategies to reduce workplace conflict through employee engagement…. Actions to apply……because we have seen them work in the real business world!
  3. 3. Our goal for tonight …. To address the root cause of conflict in business settings, and share some proven tools and learnings to help you with you team A proactive approach
  4. 4. Top 7 business lessons we have learned: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Dealing with and handling change Clear expectations 90 day plans Accountability Recognition Practice of Giving an ‘A’ Coaching, leadership, management and a couple more….
  5. 5. “You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” - Albert Einstein
  6. 6. “There is no conflict in reality, check your premises.” - Ayn Rand
  7. 7. "There is no more destructive force in human affairs - not greed, not hatred - than the desire to have been right. Non-attachment to possessions is trivial when compared with non-attachment to opinions." - Mark Kleiman
  8. 8. Issue of generation gaps in business The 4 generations: Traditionalists: Baby Boomers: Generation X: The Millennials: before 1945 1946 – 1964 1965 – 1980 1981 – 2000 (aka Generation Y)
  9. 9. Open dialogue…. How do you see the different generations effecting you or your organization? Is there any advice you can share?
  10. 10. One: Dealing with and handling change…
  11. 11. "Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have of changing others." - Jacob M. Braude
  12. 12. “If you don’t like change, you will like irrelevancy even less!” - Tom Peters
  13. 13. To drive change, 3 key elements MUST be in place: 1. A clear VISION 2. An engaged TEAM 3. A sense of URGENCY If any of these are missing, conflict will exist
  14. 14. Two: Clear expectations….
  15. 15. Open dialogue…. How do you currently get people to set clear goals and expectations in your organization? What do you see happening when expectations are not clear?
  16. 16. Three: 90 day plans….
  17. 17. Invite people into the strategy…. Everyone has fingerprints!
  18. 18. Everyone has a sense of urgency to hit stretch goals
  19. 19. Four: Accountability….
  20. 20. Accountability partners:
  21. 21. Five: Recognition….
  22. 22. Six: Practice of Giving an ‘A’…. Source: ‘The Art of Possibility’, Ben and Rosamund Zander
  23. 23. Seven: Coaching, Leading and Managing… Coaching skills
  24. 24. Root cause example: …..confidence
  25. 25. RULE: you can’t motivate people …..they were once already motivated
  26. 26. Wait…one more Honey, are you ready for your performance appraisal?
  27. 27. Reports for free…. • Top 5 Issues Facing Ontario Businesses • Develop an Effective Training Program that Produces Results • Finding & Keeping the Best People by Design – an 8 Step Process • The New Reality of Sales • Marketing for Small-Medium Size Businesses • How Small-Medium Size Companies are Using Social Media
  28. 28. Thank You