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A slideshow conceptualizing my development of T-PACK throughout a semester course at the U of A.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. MY DEVELOPMENT OF T-PACK A knowledge theory for the 21 st Century Teacher
  2. 2. FIRST UNDERSTANDINGS I first learned about T-PACK in Module 5 of EDU 210: Introduction to Educational Technology at the University of Alberta I created a Venn Diagram at that time to conceptualize where I thought I was at as an educator in regards to the spheres and categories of TPACK.
  3. 3. T-PACK VENN DIAGRAM This is what mine looked like Content Knowledge PCK Pedagogical Knowledge TPK TCK Technology Knowledge T-PACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge PCK: Pedagogical Content Knowledge TCK: Technological Content Knowledge TPK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  4. 4. T-PACK VENN DIAGRAM This is what an ideal understanding of T -Pack should look like Content Knowledge PCK Pedagogical Knowledge T-PACK TCK TPK Technology Knowledge
  5. 5. MY VENN DIAGRAM EXPLAINED The size of the circles in my Venn Diagram represented the breadth of my knowledge in that category in relation to the others. As you can see, I felt that I knew the most about content knowledge, and the least about technological knowledge. Content Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge Technology Knowledge
  6. 6. MY VENN DIAGRAM EXPLAINED I felt that my TCK was fairly strong, as I had learned much about the integration of technology and content throughout university and had seen it modeled well I felt that my PCK was not as strong but would get stronger with practicum training and experience Content Knowledge TCK Technology Knowledge Content Knowledge PCK Pedagogical Knowledge
  7. 7. MY VENN DIAGRAM EXPLAINED My TPK was not very strong either as I had not used a lot of technology in my previous teaching experience My T-PACK was non existent, as I had never thought in such a category, but also due to my lack of knowledge in TPK Pedagogical Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge Content Knowledge TPK Technology Knowledge Technology Knowledge T-PACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  8. 8. MY VENN DIAGRAM NOW Upon the completion of this course, I re -evaluated my understanding of T-PACK and have come to see that my knowledge of these categories had changed Content PCK Pedagogical significantly Knowledge Knowledge T-PACK This is what my Venn Diagram looks like now: TCK TPK Technology Knowledge
  9. 9. GROWING IN KNOWLEDGE From Before to After Content Knowledge PCK TCK Pedagogical Knowledge TPK Technology Knowledge Content Knowledge Pedagogical PCK Knowledge T-PACK TPK TCK Technology Knowledge
  10. 10. MY NEW VENN DIAGRAM EXPLAINED The biggest change in my Venn Diagram today is the size of my technological knowledge. Throughout this course, I have learned much about the dif ferent kinds of technology available to educators such as Web 2.0 tools, Mobile Learning Technology, Apps, PLNs, Interactive Technologies, Learning Management Systems, online databases, Technology Vendors, and more!
  11. 11. T-PACK I also grew in my understanding of T -PACK which was nonexistent before. I feel like I have the beginnings of a grasp on this kind of knowledge through being exposed to learning theories like Mobile Learning, Constructivism, and Connectivism. These theories have made me think about the relationship between technology, teaching, and learning.
  12. 12. STILL MORE TO LEARN While I still have much to learn about the integration of these three spheres, I feel like I have a much more balanced knowledge of all three spheres than before this course. This gives me the foundational support I need to ultimately build my knowledge of TCK, TPK, and T-PACK, and better educate students for the 21 st Century. Content Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge Not such a big difference anymore! Technology Knowledge