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DusuPay Octopus profile


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The complete Dusupay Octopus profile. Enabling money remittance companies pay out to mobile money wallets and bank accounts in Africa

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DusuPay Octopus profile

  1. 1. Property of DusuPay UK Ltd. Not to be copied, duplicated, emulated, published, sold or resold. Created for digital viewing only. For Print purposes, contact the designer for a high resolution version and print on: Vertical A4 paper (21 X 29.7 cm) 1.2 grammage full bleed color CMYK RGB conversion compatible 10 Albury Court, Phipps Bridge Road Mitcham Town(Surrey), United Kingdom 333 350 478
  2. 2. 01 Octopus is DusuPay’s payout platform created to enable money remittance companies and cryptocurrency businesses to payout to mobile money wallets and bank accounts in Africa. Africa has greatly adopted mobile money usage in the past decade accounting for over 58% of all transactions made in most countries across the continent. Money is bound by different currencies, border regulations and belong to various telecom companies. For example: Mpesa in Kenya, MTN and Airtel in Ug, Vodafone and Tigo in Tanzania, and MTN cameroon among others. The variety of these platforms makes it hard to work with a single payment module across the continent. DusuPay understands that Money remittance and cryptocurrency businesses require to payout to multiple groups of people in different countries across the continent using the means all African users are accustomed to. That is why we created octopus a game changing platform from the dusupay family that allows remittance and cryptocurrency companies to payout to any recipient on the continent, using any payment module the recipient is accustomed to. octopus has been built with the most favorable exchange rates and transaction charges. Making your business easily grow across the African continent digitally. Eliminating the hassle and cost of setting up branches across Africa. The cost of setup of branches for any business is relatively high. The cost of operation, is evidently high as well. For money remitance businesses, it is irrelevant since Octopus covers it all within one API. Octopus was created to be the only leading platform to simplify transactions between money remittance senders and their recievers. It is built with up to date security as well as highly compatible versions for any plattform the customer may be accustomed to. It is also built to be very fast and efficient. Ensuring satisfaction on the end of the sender, reciever and quicker revenue generation for the money remitance business. ABOUT OCTOPUS
  3. 3. 02 WHY OCTOPUS? Save Time & Money Wider reach Setting up branches of money remmitance businesses is a big hassle and a costly logistical nightmare. In places where the market may not react well, it could mean a big loss to the company. There is a lot of risk minimisation if the remittance business is letting OCTOPUS handle the risk as well as handle integration with all local payment plattforms. Africa is made up of 54 Independent states. Which states use different payment methods. Mobile money being the dominant. Using octopus means a wider reach in a shorter time to each and every country that Octopus covers. Wider, faster and seamless reach means more revenue to the business and easy expansion.
  4. 4. 03 WHY OCTOPUS? Cheaper FX cost DusuPay Octopus offers the best and most flexible exchange rates in all the currencies that it powers. With an increasing loss of money to remittance businesses through FX swaps, DusuPay Octopus looks to clear just that. Octopus offers a good range of payment options that maintain a fair and relatively cheaper transaction rate than any other product on the market. Exchange rates offered are variable depending on what is discussed in the client’s individual contracts. This ranges between 10 and 200 basis points from the market rate. Please visit www. for an indepth of the affordable Octopus transaction charges. Cheaper transaction costs
  5. 5. 04 WHY OCTOPUS? Fast & Instant Secure Octopus is the fastest funds reflectance plattform on the African continent. Whether Mobile money or Bank account, money instantly reflects onto the reciever’s account. Within minutes. With other alternatives taking up-to 7 days, the good bussiness goes to those whose payments are fast and instant. Octopus utilises a custom built security system. It is proof from fraud, phishing, bugs, viruses, errors, malware and any system shortcomings that may jeopardise your business’s sensitive information as well as protect clients from fraud and loss of money.
  6. 6. 05 HOW IT WORKS CREATE DUSUPAY MERCHANT ACCOUNT In this merchant account, the client is able to view transaction logs, analytics, create local currency sub-accounts for every operational country, easily deposit funds in variable local currencies. Client deposits funds, which gets moved from their main account and it;s original currency to a specific sub account in the payout currency. Make payout to recipient using the DusuPay API in the currency of the recipient’s mobile wallet or bank account. DEPOSIT FUNDS PAYOUT
  7. 7. 06 East Africa Uganda Kenya Tanzania Rwanda WestAfrica Cameroon Nigeria Ghana Prospects SouthAfrica Zambia Sierra Leone COUNTRIES DELIVERY Uganda Instant payments to: MTN Mobile money Airtel Money Kenya Instant payments to: All kenyan Bank accounts Safaricom M-Pesa Tanzania Instant payments to: Vodafone Mpesa TigoPEsa Airtel money Rwanda Instant payments to: MTN Rwanda Nigeria Instant payments to: All bank accounts Cameroon Instant payments to: MTN Mobile money Orange Money Ghana Instant payments to: Vodafone Mpesa TigoPEsa Airtel money
  8. 8. 07 Meet Your State’s Minimum Requirements The only way you can start a money transfer business is by meeting your state’s minimum requirements. The requirements often include and are not limited to, a surety bond or a minimum net worth. Acquire a Money-Transferring License It is important for you to pay all application fees in order to acquire a money transferring license. The requirements for both the application fees and license depend on the state you wish to set up a business in. For more information, there is no harm in getting licensing requirements for each specific state from the National Money Transmitters Association. Submit the Registration of Money Services Business Applications Form Once you have obtained a registration of money services business application form, fill it and submit it to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network right away. The agency is a part of the Department of Treasury, and you haveto submit the form within 180 days after establishing your business. Set Up a Merchant Bank Account After choosing the bank you wish to work with, set up a merchant account. This will give you and your business the ability to accept debit and credit card payments without hassle. But that is not all, as deposit payments can also be retrieved and made into your customers’ accounts. Start Business Operations Having completed the steps described above, you can finally start your business operations. You can accept any and all money transfer requests from a store or offer your services online instead, using your business’s website to keep costs low. Invest In a Good Money Transfer Application Invest in an excellent money transfer application that is not only simple to use but effective as well. Moreover, the application should not be restrictive so you can update and upgrade it based on feedback and results over time. But all this needs to be done keeping your business requirements and objectives in mind, without which the business will fail to be successful in the long run. MARKET INFORMATION GETTING STARTED WITHOUT OCTOPUS
  9. 9. 08 Visit Visit the DusuPay website and visit the Octopus page. View the pricing and select a package that is suitable for you and your business. There are three tiers in Octopus pricing: ALPHA BETA GAMMA After selecting a package, proceed to setting up a merchant account. Present proof of registration and business license Here, you are required to present proof of registration and license from your respective country of origin. Licensing in the target country of operation is handled for you by Octopus. Integrate DusuPay Octopus API with your website This shall help you have active DusuPay Octopus functionality to automate payouts to mobile money wallets and bank accounts. Deposit funds to your merchant account and start business. MARKET INFORMATION GETTING STARTED WITH OCTOPUS
  10. 10. 09 PRICING ALPHA 99.99 BETA GAMMA £ BILLED MONTHLY 49.99£ BILLED MONTHLY FREEBILLED MONTHLY Visit to get details on the exchange rates, package terms and exclusions of each package.