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vietnam, cambodia & the riches of the mekong
2013 & 2014
From tranquil fishing villages to bustling urban streets, a Mekong river cruise provides a
unique opportunity to e...
| 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Natural beauty, rich history, the delicate interplay of East and
West…the distin...
3 |
The MekongThe Mekong has long evoked images of the exotic and
the mysterious…discover for yourself the countless
| 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
The Mekong River begins high on the Tibetan plateau and winds ...
5 |
VietnamImmerse yourself in this enchanting culture…with its
thriving cities, tranquil lakes, faded colonial grandeur
| 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
One of the world’s great destinations, Vietnam lures us with its incredi...
7 |
CambodiaHistoric capitals, lush river valleys, and once-lost
empires half-submerged in dense jungle foliage…
yours to ...
| 8W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Nothing prepares you for seeing Angkor Wat for the very first time. Wan...
9 |
Authentic Experiences
VIETNAM has friendly people, stunning natural beauty, and a rich cultural
legacy. Your journey b...
| 1 0W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
CAMBODIA is an incomparable treasure trove of architectural wonders
and verdan...
1 1 |
Enjoy the best of both worlds…authentic travel experiences
amidst the comfort of elegant accommodations and impeccab...
| 1 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Travel with a talented team of profes-
sionals selected for...
1 3 |
Your hotels are carefully selected to provide modern amenities
and services in a refined, elegant atmosphere – the q...
| 1 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Land Experiences
AmaWaterways takes great pride in crafting enticing shore exc...
1 5 |
TheVoyageExtraordinary experiences await you in Southeast Asia…
ancient traditions, natural wonders, vibrant diversi...
| 1 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Your journey beings in Vietnam’s charming capital of Hanoi, followed by an exc...
1 7 |
and the Terrace of the Leper King. You will also see the Bayon,
best known for its gigantic stone faces. This aftern...
| 1 8W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
in her youth. Visit a local market and the house of Mr. Huynh
Thuy Le, Duras’ ...
1 9 |
Candid Memories
A river voyage through Vietnam and Cambodia is a treasure trove of wonders…
there seems to be someth...
| 2 0W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Students at the ODA Free Village English School near Siem Reap,
Cambodia, a th...
2 1 |
The 124-passenger AmaLotus offers an unparalleled travel experience
that raises the bar on river cruising in the Mek...
| 2 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
AMALOTUS features a vast array of in-room amenities specificall...
2 3 |
The 92-passenger La Marguerite is a French Colonial-style vessel
that recalls the elegance of the Art Nouveau era in...
| 2 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
La Marguerite features a vast array of in-room amenities specif...
2 5 |
AmaWaterways offers special airfare rates from many gateways in conjunction with
cruise programs in Vietnam and Camb...
| 2 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M
Parties: In these terms and conditions, “you” or “passenger” or “participant” ...
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Mekong 11 08-12-lr

  1. 1. vietnam, cambodia & the riches of the mekong 2013 & 2014
  2. 2. Welcome From tranquil fishing villages to bustling urban streets, a Mekong river cruise provides a unique opportunity to experience one of the most exotic regions of the world. There are wondrous things to be seen along this fabled river – ancient temples, monks in brightly colored robes, floating markets, lush landscapes, elegant French Colonial architecture… and the warm smiles of the friendly people who call the Mekong Delta home. At AmaWaterways, our quest is to provide travelers with itineraries that go beyond the ordinary, with “hidden gems” and authentic experiences that would be challenging to arrange on their own. Our Vietnam and Cambodia expedition is one of our most tantalizing journeys – we’ve searched for memorable ways to explore time-honored destinations and recruited expert guides who are well versed in religion, architecture, and history. The end result is a carefully choreographed and truly unforgettable journey. Today’s visitor to Vietnam and Cambodia follows in the footsteps of a long line of distinguished explorers. Come immerse yourself in this fascinating region of the world! We hope to welcome you aboard soon! Rudi Schreiner President table of contents 2 PIONEERS OF RIVER CRUISING / AMAVOYAGES 3 THE MEKONG 5 VIETNAM 7 CAMBODIA 9 AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES 11 BEST SHIPS ON THE MEKONG 12 ONBOARD EXPERIENCE 13 PREMIER HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS 14 LAND EXPERIENCES 15 THE VOYAGE 19 CANDID MEMORIES 20 AMAWATERWAYS SCHOOL PROJECT IN CAMBODIA 21 AMALOTUS 23 LA MARGUERITE 25 air & travel insurance 26 terms & conditions To travel in Europe is to assume a foreseen inheritance…. But to travel in farther Asia is to discover a novelty previously unsuspected and unimaginable.” - LORD BYRON " FRONT COVER caption: Daybreak at the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site in cambodia, the world’s largest Hindu temple complex
  3. 3. | 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M Natural beauty, rich history, the delicate interplay of East and West…the distinct yet intertwined cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia make for an unforgettable journey. pioneers of RIVER CRUISing AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 by Rudi Schreiner, Kristin Karst and Jimmy Murphy, each of whom brought decades of experience, knowledge and dedication to the venture. A native of Vienna, Rudi is one of river cruising’s pioneers, having introduced the modern-day river cruise concept to the travel industry back in the mid-1990s. Kristin hails from Germany and contributed extensive sales and customer service experience, both in Europe and in North America. Irishman Jimmy Murphy is founder of the tour operator Brendan Vacations. Together, their expertise and hands-on way of doing business created the most distinctive river cruise line in the industry. Our founders and staff share a passion for travel and seek to give other travelers genuinely life- enhancing experiences. In an effort to take river cruising to a whole new level, we have focused on providing distinctive ship designs, the highest quality amenities and services, and interesting, well-crafted itineraries. AmaWaterways is now an award-winning river cruise line on Europe’s most iconic rivers and has expanded to exciting new destinations around the world, such as Portugal, Asia, Russia and Africa. We are building new ships, we are still family-owned and operated, and we continue to lead the way in river cruising. AmaVoyages AmaWaterways strives to create extraordinary, one-of-a-kind river cruise experiences around the globe. In response to growing demand for more remote and undiscovered destinations, we developed our AmaVoyages division for river cruises in Portugal, Vietnam and Cambodia, Russia, and Africa. While these ships and onboard amenities and services differ somewhat from our European fleet, AmaVoyages consistently delivers the highest standards currently available in these regions. Our newly built or redesigned AmaVoyages ships are staffed by impeccably-trained crews and our meticulously planned and expertly guided land programs are considered the best in the industry. We put a strong emphasis on fostering genuine in-depth cultural encounters such as visits to local markets, demonstrations by local craftsmen, music and dance performances, and regionally- inspired cuisine. AmaVoyages journeys are an ideal choice for intrepid travelers seeking memorable, one-of-a-kind travel experiences.
  4. 4. 3 | The MekongThe Mekong has long evoked images of the exotic and the mysterious…discover for yourself the countless wonders to be found along her fabled shores.
  5. 5. | 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M THE MIGHTY MEKONG The Mekong River begins high on the Tibetan plateau and winds its way through China and the rainforests, plains and rice fields of five Southeast Asian countries before meeting the sea. In terms of its historic, cultural and ecological riches, the Mekong – “the Mother of Water” – has no equal. The sagas of ancient empires, colonial powers and modern conflicts have unfolded along the Mekong for centuries…even today, it is impossible to overstate the river’s importance for the many millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians who live along its vast length. The fortunes of the Mekong Delta and Tonle Sap Lake are inextricably linked and serve as the primary source of life for the people of this incredibly fertile region. The best way to experience the Mekong is by river cruise, which allows you to fully appreciate the sights and sounds of this fabled and fascinating waterway. From the vantage point of your ship, you can witness the compelling contrast of the modern-day river and its ancient past. Sampans and motorboats yield to each other, as cone-hatted fishermen check their nets while chatting on cellphones. You will see serene monasteries and thatched stilt huts, dense cityscapes and the towering skyscrapers of Saigon. It is an awe-inspiring spectacle that simply must be seen to be believed. Wherever the Mekong takes you, the sincere warmth and friendliness of the Vietnamese and Cambodian people will leave a lasting impression. Your AmaWaterways river cruise is a fantastic opportunity to experience the genuine hospitality of this singular part of the world. tonle sap lake For most of the year, Tonle Sap Lake is relatively shallow and modest in size. During the rainy monsoon season, however, the Tonle River that feeds into the lake reverses its flow. Water is pushed up from the Mekong into the lake, increasing it to many times its normal size, creating a massive floodplain and acting as a safety valve to prevent flooding further downstream. As historically important as the flooding of the Nile River in Egypt, the annual ebb and flow of the nutrient-rich Tonle Sap Lake makes it one of the most productive inland fisheries in the world. Indeed, just as the Nile played a crucial role in the development of the ancient Egyptian culture, Tonle Sap Lake gave rise to the world’s largest pre-industrial civilization – the Khmer Empire and its ancient capital of Angkor. A treasure trove of natural and cultural wonders, the Mekong rewards intrepid travelers in search of authenticity.
  6. 6. 5 | VietnamImmerse yourself in this enchanting culture…with its thriving cities, tranquil lakes, faded colonial grandeur and rich, resilient history. a traditional junk on Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, considered by many to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World
  7. 7. | 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M VIETNAM One of the world’s great destinations, Vietnam lures us with its incredible beauty, amiable people, and rich culture that has endured for centuries. It remains one of the most intriguing and dynamic countries in all of Asia, with landscapes that are as varied as its history. Blessed with a survival instinct that has seen it through many generations of conflict and upheaval, Vietnam is undergoing a significant transformation. The country is racing towards the future, and a growing sense of optimism can be felt throughout much of the country. Vietnam can be an assault on the senses; it is at once dizzying, frenetic, fascinating, and lovable. The Vietnamese people are friendly and generous, and traveling here can be a sheer delight. Discover how East and West, ancient and modern co-exist in Vietnam in the most harmonious ways. In urban Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll see makeshift food stalls, mopeds zigzagging down clogged city streets, vendors hawking their wares at lively markets…yet just beyond the city limits, water buffalo roam and women in pastel-colored tunics slowly peddle their bicycles down dusty paths. Through- out the country, there’s an ongoing duel between art and commerce, old and new, progress and tradition, all making for a dynamic atmosphere that draws visitors from across the globe. A Night IN HA LONG BAY A Junk is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel that is still in use in parts of Vietnam. Junks were developed during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) and used throughout Asia for extensive ocean voyages. Today, they can be found on waterways throughout Southeast Asia, India, China and – perhaps most famously – in the former British colony of Hong Kong. Junks vary greatly in size and in the design of their rigging, but their most distinctive feature is their broad, fully battened sails. AmaWaterways is proud to offer our guests an unforgettable night aboard a traditional Junk on beautiful, ethereal Ha Long Bay… considered by many to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will surely be one of the highlights of your visit to Vietnam. Whether it’s the sharp scent of a spice vendor’s wares, the soothing sound of water outside a Ha Long Bay Junk, or the sweet flesh of an exotic fruit, Vietnam is truly a feast for the senses.
  8. 8. 7 | CambodiaHistoric capitals, lush river valleys, and once-lost empires half-submerged in dense jungle foliage… yours to discover on this epic cruise-tour. Ethereal waterways around Angkor WAT, Cambodia
  9. 9. | 8W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M CAMBODIA Nothing prepares you for seeing Angkor Wat for the very first time. Wandering amongst its ancient ruins, entangled in dense jungle growth and embellished with exquisite statues and bas-relief carvings, you will witness the steamy play of light and shadow. It’s a scene that could be straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. Angkor’s architectural treasures have tantalized Western travelers for more than a century, ever since a French naturalist literally stumbled upon it in the jungle and it became famous as the “Lost Civilization of Asia.” There are still countless wonders to discover and explore on an epic voyage through Cambodia – tranquil fishing villages, modern-day cities, delicious cuisine, sacred pagodas, terraced rice paddies…and the hospitality of the gracious and resilient Cambodian people. Sharing a border with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia has its own distinct allure. The country is still primarily agrarian and recovering from the cruel misfortune than befell it a generation ago. Today, Cambodia is a resurgent nation, attracting visitors from around the world eager to explore its wealth of treasures as the seat of a once-great empire. SMILING FACES of CAMBODIA Cambodians traditionally greet each other with the sompiah, pressing their hands together and bowing, fingers pointed up. The higher the hands and the lower the bow, the more respect is conveyed – an important thing to remember when meeting officials or the elderly. This custom has been partially replaced in recent times by handshake, especially among men, but women still tend to use the traditional greeting with both men and women. The Cambodian people have a delightful (and well-earned) reputation for being genuinely welcoming, friendly, and gentle. In a country where nearly the entire population practices Buddhism, most people do their best to avoid aggression and confrontation at all costs. Raised voices and displays of anger are extremely unusual in Cambodia. Experience first-hand the enduring legacies of this “kingdom of wonder,” one of the world’s most beautiful regions.
  10. 10. 9 | Authentic Experiences VIETNAM has friendly people, stunning natural beauty, and a rich cultural legacy. Your journey begins in Hanoi, which offers a compelling juxtaposition of past and present, East and West. With its graceful French colonial architecture, tranquil lakes and ancient temples, Hanoi offers a spectrum of historic and cultural landmarks. Spend a night on a traditional Junk in Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – where it is said dragons once spouted streams of jade droplets into the waters below, forming thousands of islands and islets. The bay’s centuries- old floating villages are now home to families of boat dwellers, who still honor the deities of these legendary emerald waters. Visit small rural villages, temples, and traditional handicraft workshops. Conclude your voyage in Ho Chi Minh City, once known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and more recently as Saigon, a place that has witnessed an extraordinary rebirth over the past half century. HA LONG BAY Ha Long Bay, “where the dragon descends into the sea,” is Vietnam’s most revered natural treasure. Dotted with islets, stalagmite-filled caves and fantastic rock formations, its mystical appearance has inspired generations of artists and poets. SA DEC LOCAL MARKET Discover exotic fruits and local delicacies at the country’s vibrant, kaleidoscopic street markets. Here you will meet friendly Vietnamese people and their delightful children, who always seem to have wide sunny smiles on their faces. TRISHAW RIDE Immerse yourself in the local culture with an exhilarating xe-loi (trishaw) ride down the streets of Tan Chau. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this! CAI BE Visit a Vietnamese rice paper work- shop and try your hand at making paper using the traditional method, just as it’s been done for centuries.
  11. 11. | 1 0W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M CAMBODIA is an incomparable treasure trove of architectural wonders and verdant landscapes. Your journey begins in Siem Reap, at the spectacular Angkor Archaeological Park. After three nights in this magical locale, embark upon a week-long Mekong cruise that features bird watching at Tonle Sap Lake, a visit to a Buddhist monastery, an oxcart ride down a scenic country road, opportunities to sample exotic fruits and local delicacies, and an excursion to Cambodia’s infamous Killing Fields. In the country’s capital city, visit the Silver Pagoda and its collection of artifacts, including jeweled masks and a Buddha statue set with diamonds and emeralds. Once considered one of the loveliest of Indochina’s cities, Phnom Penh retains much of its former glory with its wide boulevards and elegant colonial-era buildings. OXCART RIDE Taking an age-old mode of transpor- tation for a test drive through a rural Cambodian village…an experience designed for travelers with a spirit of adventure and a desire to be inspired by new cultures, people, and ways of doing things. ANGKOR WAT One of the world’s greatest architec- tural achievements, Angkor Wat has tantalized travelers since a 19th century naturalist first discovered it. This “lost civilization” is arguably the most remarkable architectural treasure found anywhere in Southeast Asia. SILK-WEAVERS VILLAGE Cambodia is one of the most unspoiled regions of the world, a place where many of its people continue to embrace a traditional way of life. Visit the workshops of skilled artisans who still create beautiful handicrafts using time-honored methods. FLOATING VILLAGE The waterways along the Mekong are packed with traders selling all manner of fruits and vegetables. It’s a lively and colorful scene as they paddle from boat to boat, peddling a variety of goods amidst a traffic jam of sampans.
  12. 12. 1 1 | Enjoy the best of both worlds…authentic travel experiences amidst the comfort of elegant accommodations and impeccable onboard service. best ships on the mekong AmaLotus and La Marguerite were designed with one purpose in mind: to provide an ultra-comfortable and immersive experience on Southeast Asia’s legendary Mekong River. With décor that combines French Colonial elegance with local artifacts and regional Mekong accents, these AmaVoyages ships are an unforgettable setting for a cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia. Both vessels feature elegantly-appointed public areas that include a Mekong Restaurant, Panoramic Lounge and library, spa, sauna, fitness center, and gift shop. Each ship also has a Sun Deck perfect for relaxing in the pool, enjoying a drink, or gazing out at the ever-changing scenery. And, unique to AmaWaterways, the AmaLotus and La Marguerite are completely air-conditioned, with an interior corridor that conveniently links all decks. Our guests often refer to our Mekong ships as a serene “haven.” In many ways, Vietnam and Cambodia are still developing countries, and travel here sometimes calls for flexibility and a sense of adventure. Docking facilities, for example, are generally much more rustic in this part of the world than those in Europe. You may need to embark or disembark via a narrow gangway or a local tender boat, or occasionally cross a dirt- or grass-covered surface to reach the ship – but for our intrepid guests, that’s what makes for an authentic travel experience. After a full day of sightseeing, there is no greater pleasure than to return to your peaceful, comfortable ship and be welcomed aboard with a cool beverage and refreshing towel. Our friendly AmaWaterways staff will always be on hand to assist you throughout your Mekong journey! For more detailed information about our Mekong River ships, please refer to page 21 (for AmaLotus) and page 23 (for La Marguerite), or visit our award-winning ships In 2011, La Marguerite was recognized with a coveted Gold Magellan Award from Travel Weekly magazine. Judged by a panel of travel industry experts, the Magellan Awards honor the best in travel in an array of industry categories. In 2012, AmaLotus also received a Gold Magellan Award in the “Best River Cruise Ship” category.
  13. 13. | 1 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M IMPECCABLE SERVICE Travel with a talented team of profes- sionals selected for their knowledge, expertise and 5-star hospitality. INSPIRED CUISINE Dine on exquisitely prepared cuisine, with a choice of North American favorites and delicious regionally- inspired specialties. ENRICHING ENTERTAINMENT Enjoy performances by costumed Apsara dancers, local musicians, and onboard piano performances in the lounge. SPA SERVICES After an active day of exploring, treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the ship’s serene onboard spa. SUN DECK & POOL Take a refreshing dip in the pool, socialize with new friends, or relax with a cool cocktail on our open-air Sun Deck. WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS The Sun Deck bar is a perfect spot to enjoy complimentary local beers and spirits and meet well-traveled, like-minded adventurers. INSIDE ACCESS AmaWaterways has the only vessels on the Mekong with inside access to each deck. SPACIOUS STATEROOMS & SUITES Our extra spacious staterooms and suites – the largest of any ship on the Mekong – are a peaceful retreat, with quality amenities and elegant decor. Onboard Experience Travel the Mekong in comfort and style aboard a beautifully appointed ship, your every need attended to by our friendly and resourceful onboard staff. Allow the journey to be your destination….gaze out at an ever-changing scenic tableau as the ship slowly glides down the river. There’s simply no better way to travel!
  14. 14. 1 3 | Your hotels are carefully selected to provide modern amenities and services in a refined, elegant atmosphere – the quintessential Asian experience. premier hotel accommodationS Be an adventurer by day – explore the ruins of ancient temples, be blessed by monks in remote monasteries, delve into the unexplored, the untried, the unfamiliar – yet retreat to comfort and serenity every night. Your hotel accommodations in Hanoi, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City are a very important way for you to fully experience your visit to Vietnam and Cambodia. Our regional experts at AmaWaterways have carefully selected each property, based on its guest amenities, location, and services. Sofitel Legend Metropole (Hanoi, Vietnam) The Metropole is an award-winning French colonial-style hotel located in the heart of Hanoi. The property offers 364 rooms and suites, complemented by a choice of three restaurants (French, Vietnamese and Italian), three bars, seven function rooms, a heated swimming pool, health club, the luxurious Le Spa du Metropole, Wi-Fi, and – exclusively for hotel guests – a daily tour of the recently opened war-time bomb shelter and Path of History, guided by the hotel’s Ambassador of History. Sofitel Angkor Phokeenthra Golf & Spa Resort (Siem Reap, Cambodia) Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra offers top quality accommodations close to the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat. The hotel elegantly combines Khmer and French architectural design, and features landscaped gardens, five restaurants and bars, a spa and the largest free-form swimming pool in Cambodia. The resort also boasts a world-class 18-hole golf course at the Phokeethra Country Club, a 25-minute drive from the hotel. Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant business and entertainment district, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers is a haven of convenience, with 470 spacious rooms, personalized service, state-of-the-art fitness center, day spa, and superb cuisine in eight stylish restaurants and bars. Consistently voted as one of the city’s “Top 10 Places to See,” the hotel’s outdoor Level 23 Wine Bar is an ideal place to watch the sun set over the city while enjoying a selection of world-class wine. Note: Hotels listed are based on availability. Comparable quality hotels may be substituted if necessary. ASIAN SPA TREATMENTS A journey through Cambodia and Vietnam offers many opportunities to experience regional specialties, such as traditional Asian spa treatments. Our premier hotel partners all feature renowned spa facilities with a wide variety of options to enjoy, such as Khmer massages, herbal body scrubs, mud wraps, rice body polishes, and Ayurvedic oil treatments. Many of these spa treatments have roots in ancient healing modalities, such as traditional Chinese medicine. Go ahead, pamper yourself! Sofitel angkor phoKeenthra golf & spa resort – siem reap, cambodia sheraton saigon hotel & towers – ho chi minh city, vietnam Sofitel angkor phoKeenthra golf & spa resort Sofitel Metropole – Hanoi, Vietnam
  15. 15. | 1 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M Land Experiences AmaWaterways takes great pride in crafting enticing shore excursions and pre- and post-cruise city tours with personable local guides. Our tours are designed to delve into the heart of each destination, visiting must-see landmarks as well as out of the way gems. Guests are allocated one of our state-of-the-art personal audio devices, which make it easy to hear every word of their guide’s lively commentary. Whether it’s part of a land program itinerary or a small group shore excursion, your AmaWaterways vacation will include a multitude of experiences that are entertaining, enriching, and available exclusively to our guests. THE OLD QUARTER (HANOI) Hanoi’s 36-street commercial district is a colorful, bustling marketplace where you can browse for silk, bowls, bamboo products, sandals, lanterns and other handicrafts. WATER PUPPET SHOW Dating back almost a thousand years, water puppetry is one of the most authentic expressions of Vietnamese culture, with folktales performed by puppeteers in waist-high water. BUDDHIST BLESSING In Cambodia’s former capital of Oudong, you will have an exclusive opportunity to visit a monastery and receive a special Buddhist blessing. SILVER PAGODA The Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh has floors covered with silver tiles, an Emerald Buddha made of crystal, and another made of gold and decorated with thousands of diamonds.
  16. 16. 1 5 | TheVoyageExtraordinary experiences await you in Southeast Asia… ancient traditions, natural wonders, vibrant diversity, and a whole new way of seeing the world. The temples of Angkor Wat…a time-honored setting for quiet contemplation
  17. 17. | 1 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M Your journey beings in Vietnam’s charming capital of Hanoi, followed by an excursion to Ha Long Bay for a once-in-a-lifetime overnight stay aboard a traditional Junk. A short flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia, brings you to the gateway of the ancient Khmer empire. Spend three days touring the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Archeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before embarking upon your Mekong cruise at Tonle Sap Lake. Visit rural villages, historic pagodas, floating markets, craftsmen’s workshops and a Buddhist monastery along the way. After a night in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, conclude your cruise in vibrant Ho Chi Minh City (still known as Saigon to locals), where you will enjoy a two-night stay. VIETNAM, CAMBODIA & THE RICHES OF THE MEKONg Spend 2 nights in Hanoi, overnight in Ha Long Bay, then travel to Siem Reap for 3 nights before embarking on your Mekong River cruise, ending your journey with a 2 night stay in Ho Chi Minh City 16 DAYS ∙ TRAVEL TO HANOI & RETURN FROM HO CHI MINH CITY (Saigon) DAILY PROGRAM FEATURES DAY DESTINATION ACTIVITIES 1 Hanoi Hotel check-in 2 Hanoi City tour & rickshaw ride Water Puppet Show 3 Hanoi Transfer to Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay Bay excursion Overnight cruise aboard traditional wooden Junk 4 Ha Long Bay Transfer to airport Flight to Siem Reap Siem Reap Hotel check-in 5 Siem Reap Angkor Thom & Banteay Srei Visit English-language school 6 Siem Reap Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm Temple 7 Tonle Sap Lake Embarkation Welcome Dinner 8 Kampong Chhnang Local boat excursion to lakeside wetlands Kampong Tralach Oxcart ride Oudong Buddhist monastery visit 9 Koh Chen Walk to silk weaving village Phnom Penh Guided walking tour Onboard Khmer Folk performance 10 Phnom Penh City tour Afternoon Killing Fields excursion 11 Border Crossing Cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam 12 Tan Chau Visit to local craftsmen’s workshops Trishaw ride 13 Sa Dec Local boat ride to Sa Dec Visit to local market, museum & temple Xeo Quyt Xeo Quyt excursion Cai Be Local boat ride to floating market Visit rice paper & candy-making workshops 14 Ho Chi Minh City Disembarkation (My Tho Port) Transfer to city City tour 15 Ho Chi Minh City Free day 16 Ho Chi Minh City Prepare for your homeward flight
  18. 18. 1 7 | and the Terrace of the Leper King. You will also see the Bayon, best known for its gigantic stone faces. This afternoon, travel through the rural countryside to visit the pink sandstone temple of Banteay Srei. Afterwards, you will visit an English-language school sponsored by AmaWaterways in Ta Toum. (B,D) Day 6, SIEM REAP – ANGKOR. This morning we will visit the most iconic temple of all Angkorian temples, Angkor Wat. This massive temple complex was built in the early 12th century to honor the Hindu god Vishnu. You will also visit Ta Prohm, known as the “Kingdom of Trees” for the way in which the temple stones have become intertwined with thick forest vegetation. A site that will be easily recognized by fans of the film “Tomb Raider.” (B) Day 7, SIEM REAP – TONLE SAP LAKE – EMBARKATION – KAMPONG CHHNANG. Today you will board your river cruise ship at Tonle Sap Lake, the great lake that has dominated Cambodia and its people for centuries. Meet your fellow travelers at a Welcome Dinner as the ship cruises to Kampong Chhnang. (B,L,D) NOTE: During low water season, transfer from Siem Reap to the ship via motor coach to Preak Kdam, a small village on the Tonle River. Day 8, KAMPONG CHHNANG – KAMPONG TRALACH – OUDONG. After breakfast, a local boat will take you into the lakeside wetlands that form the mouth of the Tonle Sap River. Enjoy the stunning variety of bird life here, and be on the lookout for the traps used to catch fish in this area – some are over a half-mile long! After returning to the ship and cruising to Kampong Tralach, you will have a truly memorable afternoon excursion – an oxcart ride through the rice paddies surrounding a small village. Later, you will be transferred to Oudong, the former capital of Cambodia, and tour a monastery where you will receive a special Buddhist blessing. Back on board the ship, relax and enjoy the scenery as you cruise towards the village of Koh Chen. (B,L,D) INCLUDED FEATURES »» 2 nights hotel accommodation in Hanoi at the Sofitel Legend Metropole (or similar), including daily buffet breakfast »» Overnight stay on board a luxurious traditional wooden Junk in Ha Long Bay »» 3 nights hotel accommodation in Siem Reap at the Sofitel Angkor Phokeenthra Golf & Spa Resort (or similar), including daily buffet breakfast »» 7 nights deluxe cruise accommodation in an outside stateroom - most staterooms with balconies »» Life-enriching tours and excursions »» Fine dining with all meals included during your cruise »» Free-flowing wine with every lunch and dinner on board »» Complimentary local beer, house-brand spirits and soft drinks during cruise »» Bottled water in every stateroom replenished daily »» Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner »» 2 nights hotel accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers (or similar), including buffet breakfast »» Onboard special highlights including folklore dances and music performances, culture discussion forums, theme dinners and piano entertainment »» Non-smoking environment (smoking permitted only on the Sun Deck) »» All transfers with the purchase of cruise & air package Your Itinerary Day 1, ARRIVE IN HANOI, VIETNAM. Welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, known for its graceful colonial architecture, frenetic streets, verdant parks and temples. After checking into your hotel, the remainder of the day is yours to explore on your own. Day 2, HANOI. A morning sightseeing tour will take you to some of Hanoi’s most famous historical and cultural sites, including the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square, One- pillar Pagoda and The Temple of Literature. You will also visit the infamous prison that American POWs sarcastically dubbed the “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam War. In the afternoon, experience an authentic rickshaw ride (known as “cyclo”) in the Old Quarter, followed by a traditional water puppet show. (B) Day 3, HANOI – HA LONG BAY. After breakfast, leave Hanoi behind and take a scenic ride to one of Vietnam’s most renowned locations, Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Board a traditional wooden Junk, where you will spend the night – an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience, and an AmaWaterways exclusive. Enjoy an onboard dinner set against the Bay’s magnificent scenery and dramatic limestone cliffs and rock formations. (B,L,D) Day 4, HA LONG BAY – HANOI – SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA. This morning, your Ha Long Bay Junk continues its scenic cruising during your onboard breakfast. Late morning, disembark the Junk and transfer to Hanoi Airport. A short flight will take you to Siem Reap in Cambodia, the gateway to Angkor, the former capital of the Khmer empire and one of the most renowned archeological sites in all of Southeast Asia. Tonight, you will be treated to a special Apsara Dancing Show at your hotel, featuring local Cambodian/Khmer folk dancers. (B,L,D) Day 5, SIEM REAP – ANGKOR. After breakfast, you will have a guided sightseeing tour of the Angkor Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Highlights include Angkor Thom, the newly restored Baphuon Temple, Terrace of the Elephants,
  19. 19. | 1 8W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M in her youth. Visit a local market and the house of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le, Duras’ Chinese paramour, now a small museum. Afterwards, board a motor coach for Xeo Quyt, once used as an army base during the Vietnam War and now an important ecological site. After lunch on board, a local boat will take you to Cai Be’s spectacular floating market. You will also have an opportunity to visit candy and rice paper workshops. This evening, enjoy a festive Farewell Dinner on board. (B,L,D) Day 14, HO CHI MINH CITY – DISEMBARKATION. Your cruise comes to an end as the ship docks at My Tho Port, followed by a transfer to nearby Ho Chi Minh City (still affectionately referred to by locals as Saigon). This former capital of Indochina was once known as “Paris of the Orient.” Today, Vietnam’s largest city is an industrial, cultural and educational hub, but still retains vestiges of its colonial past. Upon your arrival, enjoy a city tour that explores such famous landmarks as the former Presidential Palace, the Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Cho Lon (China Town) and the Thien Hau pagoda. You will also visit the War Remnants Museum, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, known for its vast collection of artifacts from the Vietnam War. You will spend the night at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. (B,L) Day 15 HO CHI MINH CITY. Today is free to explore Ho Chi Minh City on your own, perhaps venturing to nearby shops and markets for mementos of your Southeast Asia odyssey. (B) Day 16, DEPART HO CHI MINH CITY. Bid farewell to Southeast Asia as you prepare for your homeward flight. (B) Day 9, KOH CHEN – PHNOM PENH. This morning, take a leisurely walk to the Koh Chen silk weaving village. You will also visit home workshops specializing in silversmithing and coppersmithing. Later, your ship will depart for Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, where an afternoon walking tour will give you a wonderful introduction to the city. Your tour includes a stop at Wat Phnom. Return to the ship for dinner and an onboard Khmer folk performance presented by local children. The vessel moors overnight in Phnom Penh. (B,L,D) Day 10, PHNOM PENH. A morning tour explores the highlights of the city, famous for its French colonial architecture, busy cafés and colorful nightlife. Visit the Royal Palace, the spectacular Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum, which has an outstanding collection of Khmer crafts. After lunch on board, you will take an afternoon excursion to Cambodia’s infamous Killing Fields, and also visit the Khmer Rouge’s grim Tuol Sleng S21 detention center (Genocide Museum) just outside the city. An overnight on the waterfront provides an opportunity to dine on your own in one of many nearby restaurants, if you so choose. (B,L,D) Day 11, PHNOM PENH – BORDER CROSSING – TAN CHAU, VIETNAM. Spend the day cruising the Mekong River and crossing the border into Vietnam. Your vessel moors at the small town of Tan Chau, Vietnam. (B,L,D) Day 12, TAN CHAU – SA DEC. Today, you will take a small local boat through narrow channels to several scenic locations. Later, you will see Tan Chau from the vantage point of a traditional “xe-loi” (trishaw) that will take you around to all the sights, with stops at a silk-making workshop and another that produces rattan mats and slippers. This afternoon, your ship cruises to Sa Dec, where it will moor overnight. (B,L,D) Day 13, SA DEC – XEO QUYT – CAI BE. In the morning, board a local boat for Sa Dec. Once ashore, you will tour the town where French writer Marguerite Duras spent many years DATES & PRICES LAND START START EMBARK SHIP CRUISE CRUISE DATE CITY DATE NAME ONLY & land 2013 1 Jan HAN 7 Jan La Marguerite $2,599 $4,498 8 Jan HAN 14 Jan AmaLotus $2,599 $4,498 15 Jan HAN 21 Jan La Marguerite $2,599 $4,498 22 Jan HAN 28 Jan AmaLotus $2,599 $4,498 29 Jan HAN 4 Feb La Marguerite $2,599 $4,498 5 Feb HAN 11 Feb AmaLotus $2,599 $4,498 12 Feb HAN 18 Feb La Marguerite $2,599 $4,498 19 Feb HAN 25 Feb AmaLotus $2,599 $4,498 26 Feb HAN 4 Mar La Marguerite $2,599 $4,498 5 Mar HAN 11 Mar AmaLotus $2,599 $4,498 12 Mar HAN 18 Mar La Marguerite $2,499 $4,398 19 Mar HAN 25 Mar AmaLotus $2,399 $4,298 26 Mar HAN 1 Apr La Marguerite $2,199 $4,098 2 Apr HAN 8 Apr AmaLotus $1,999 $3,898 9 Apr HAN 15 Apr La Marguerite $1,799 $3,698 16 Apr HAN 22 Apr AmaLotus $1,699 $3,598 25 Jun HAN 1 Jul AmaLotus $1,699 $3,698 9 Jul HAN 15 Jul AmaLotus $1,699 $3,698 23 Jul HAN 29 Jul AmaLotus $1,699 $3,698 6 Aug HAN 12 Aug AmaLotus $1,699 $3,698 13 Aug HAN 19 Aug La Marguerite $1,799 $3,798 20 Aug HAN 26 Aug AmaLotus $1,899 $3,898 3 Sep HAN 9 Sep AmaLotus $2,099 $4,098 10 Sep HAN 16 Sep La Marguerite $2,199 $4,198 17 Sep HAN 23 Sep AmaLotus $2,299 $4,298 1 Oct HAN 7 Oct AmaLotus $2,499 $4,498 8 Oct HAN 14 Oct La Marguerite $2,599 $4,598 15 Oct HAN 21 Oct AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 22 Oct HAN 28 Oct La Marguerite $2,699 $4,698 29 Oct HAN 4 Nov AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 5 Nov HAN 11 Nov La Marguerite $2,699 $4,698 12 Nov HAN 18 Nov AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 19 Nov HAN 25 Nov La Marguerite $2,699 $4,698 26 Nov HAN 2 Dec AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 7 Dec** HCMC 9 Dec AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 10 Dec HAN 16 Dec AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 24 Dec HAN 30 Dec AmaLotus $2,699 $4,698 2014 7 Jan HAN 13 Jan AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 18 Jan** HCMC 20 Jan AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 21 Jan HAN 27 Jan AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 28 Jan HAN 3 Feb La Marguerite $2,699 $4,798 4 Feb HAN 10 Feb AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 15 Feb** HCMC 17 Feb AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 18 Feb HAN 24 Feb AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 25 Feb HAN 3 Mar La Marguerite $2,699 $4,798 4 Mar HAN 10 Mar AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 11 Mar HAN 17 Mar La Marguerite $2,599 $4,698 18 Mar HAN 24 Mar AmaLotus $2,499 $4,598 25 Mar HAN 31 Mar La Margurite $2,299 $4,398 1 Apr HAN 7 Apr AmaLotus $2,099 $4,198 15 Apr HAN 21 Apr AmaLotus $1,899 $3,998 24 Jun HAN 30 Jun AmaLotus $1,899 $3,998 8 Jul HAN 14 Jul AmaLotus $1,899 $3,998 22 Jul HAN 28 Jul AmaLotus $1,899 $3,998 5 Aug HAN 11 Aug AmaLotus $1,899 $3,998 19 Aug HAN 25 Aug AmaLotus $2,099 $4,198 2 Sep HAN 8 Sep AmaLotus $2,299 $4,398 16 Sep HAN 22 Sep AmaLotus $2,499 $4,598 30 Sep HAN 6 Oct AmaLotus $2,699 $4,798 14 Oct HAN 20 Oct AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 28 Oct HAN 3 Nov AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 11 Nov HAN 17 Nov AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 25 Nov HAN 1 Dec AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 9 Dec HAN 15 Dec AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 23 Dec HAN 29 Dec AmaLotus $2,899 $4,998 ** Land programs start from Ho Chi Minh City and end in Hanoi Airfare: Please call for AmaWaterways’ special roundtrip airfares. Intra-Asia Air (Hanoi-Siem Reap): $300 per person (2013); $330 per person (2014) including taxes and fuel surcharges. Cruise prices are per person in a Cat. C, deluxe outside stateroom. To upgrade to a higher category, add per person: Port charges: Additional $119 per person (2013); $133 per person (2014) Single Suppl. for Cruise: Category A, B & C 50% of twin price; Suite 75% of twin price and Luxury Suite 100% of twin price. Single Suppl. for pre/post land arrangements: $999 per person Bedding: Please call for details. Visa: Travel visas are required for travel to Vietnam and Cambodia; please consult with your Consulate for more information. La Marguerite CAT. DECK STATEROOM 2013 ADD’L 2014 ADD’L B Tonle Balcony $449 $499 A Saigon Balcony $749 $799 S Sadec Balcony $1,099 $1,199 L Sadec Balcony $1,699 $1,899 AmaLotUS CAT. DECK STATEROOM 2013 ADD'L 2014 ADD'L B Tonle Balcony $449 $499 A Saigon Balcony $749 $799 S Sadec Balcony $1,099 $1,199 L Sadec Balcony $2,199 $2,399
  20. 20. 1 9 | Candid Memories A river voyage through Vietnam and Cambodia is a treasure trove of wonders… there seems to be something exotic, colorful, unexpected, and magical every- where you look. An image speaks a thousand words, as it’s been said, and we couldn’t agree more. We hope this collection of candid photos will help give you a better sense of some of the amazing sights that await you on a journey through this remarkable region of the world.
  21. 21. | 2 0W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M Students at the ODA Free Village English School near Siem Reap, Cambodia, a thriving facility built and supported with funding from AmaWaterways. AMAWATERWAYS SCHOOL PROJECT IN CAMBODIA AmaWaterways is a proud sponsor of the ODA Free Village English School in the province of Siem Reap, Cambodia, an educational facility operated in association with the Orphans and Disabled Arts Association (ODA, a registered non-governmental organization). Our financial support helped purchase the land and paid for the school’s construction, and we continue to provide funding for teachers’ salaries, school supplies and other necessities. The school brings critical English-language skills to local elementary school children that will help improve their future prospects. Surrounded by the famous temples of Angkor, the local people rely heavily on tourism, and the ability to speak fluent English is a key requirement for successful employment. AmaWaterways guests touring the Angkor Archaeological Park as part of their Mekong River cruise- and-land itinerary have an opportunity to visit this school and interact with the children. Before the school was built, most of these children had never met a Westerner and were very shy. Now they are much more confident speaking English and are eager to practice their new language skills with native speakers. Our guests derive much enjoyment from visiting this remarkable part of the world, and many are very touched by the warmth of the Cambodian people. We have received numerous emails from passengers saying how inspiring it was to be in such a poverty-stricken place, yet surrounded by smiling children – children who seemed to think they had everything they could possibly want in the world. All of us at AmaWaterways are equally inspired by these delightful children, and are honored to be involved with such a worthwhile and life-changing project as the ODA Free Village English School. HELPING FROM HOME Passengers often ask if there is something they can bring from home to donate to the ODA Free Village English School during their visit. If you are interested in making a contribution, we suggest basic personal hygiene products or school supplies, such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, pencils, erasers, pens, chalk, small notebooks, post-it notes, dry erase markers and highlighters. Thank You!
  22. 22. 2 1 | The 124-passenger AmaLotus offers an unparalleled travel experience that raises the bar on river cruising in the Mekong Delta. AMALOTUS The 124-passenger AMALOTUS (2011) features ultra-spacious 624-sq. ft. Luxury Suites, Suites at 290 sq. ft. and Staterooms at 226 sq. ft., with 90 percent of her cabins boasting Outside Balconies. With a décor that combines Colonial elegance with regional Khmer accents, Staterooms include comfortable sitting areas, individually controlled air-conditioning, a mini-bar, safe, bathrobes and slippers, and a luxurious bathtub (Suites/Luxury Suites). Public areas include a main restaurant serving Asian and Western specialties, Saigon Lounge, gift shop, fitness center, spa, plus a swimming pool and bar on the Sun Deck. The ship also features a fully English-speaking staff. For a larger deck plan please visit SADEC (SUN DECK) SAIGON (UPPER DECK) TONLE (MAIN DECK) MEKONG (LOWER DECK) Lux. Suite Sadec Deck / French & Outside Balcony - 624 sq. ft. Suite Sadec Deck / French & Outside Balcony - 290 sq. ft. Cat. A Saigon Deck / French & Outside Balcony - 226 sq. ft. Cat. B Tonle Deck / French & Outside Balcony - 226 sq. ft. Cat. C Mekong Deck / Porthole - 226 sq. ft. Built: 2011 Length: 302 ft. Width: 42 ft. Crew: 50 Staterooms: 62 Passengers: 124 Registry: Vietnam Technical Data
  23. 23. | 2 2W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M accommodations AMALOTUS features a vast array of in-room amenities specifically designed for your comfort and convenience. All Staterooms and Suites are outside accommodations, with more than 90 percent featuring Twin Balconies (a French Balcony plus a full size step-out balcony). STATEROOMS: The ship’s exquisitely decorated 226 sq. ft. Staterooms feature all the amenities of a fine hotel, with two twin-sized beds, a cozy sitting area, individually controlled air-conditioning, a writing desk, mini-bar, safe, in-house telephone, bathroom with shower, bathrobes and slippers, hairdryer and a 22” flat-screen monitor. SUITES: AMALOTUS has ten Suites that are extra spacious, at 290 sq. ft. In addition to all the amenities of the Staterooms, Suites feature a balcony and comfortable sitting area, plus a bathroom equipped with both a shower and a separate tub. LUXURY SUITES: The ship features two Luxury Suites measuring 624 sq. ft. These Luxury Suites feature all the amenities of Staterooms and Suites, plus a king-sized bed, comfortable sitting area with a full size sofa, whirlpool tub and separate shower, and an extra-spacious private balcony. Category Suite – 290 sq. ft. Category Luxury Suite – 624 sq. ft. Category A & B – 226 sq. ft. Category C – 226 sq. ft. AmaLotus Suite Cat. A & B Stateroom
  24. 24. 2 3 | The 92-passenger La Marguerite is a French Colonial-style vessel that recalls the elegance of the Art Nouveau era in Paris. la marguerite The 92-passsenger La Marguerite (2009) features spacious, air-conditioned staterooms, most with balconies. Starting at 226 sq. ft., Staterooms come with all the amenities of a fine hotel, including elegant decor, cozy sitting areas, individually controlled air-conditioning, writing desks, mini-bars, safes, in-house telephones, showers, bathrobes and slippers, hairdryers and a 22” flat-screen monitor. Suites are an extra spacious 290 sq. ft. and feature king-sized beds, balconies, sitting areas, and roomy bathrooms with showers and separate tubs. Our 452 sq. ft. Luxury Suites provide the ultimate in onboard pampering, with king-sized beds, sitting areas, bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and separate showers, plus private balconies. For a larger deck plan please visit SADEC (SUN DECK) SAIGON (UPPER DECK) TONLE (MAIN DECK) MEKONG (LOWER DECK) Lux.Suite Sadec Deck / Outside Balcony - 452 sq. ft. Suite Sadec Deck / Outside Balcony - 290 sq. ft. Cat. A Saigon Deck / Outside Balcony - 226 sq. ft. Cat. B Tonle Deck / Outside Balcony - 226 sq. ft. Cat. C Mekong Deck / Porthole - 226 sq. ft. Built: 2009 Length: 235 ft. Width: 41 ft. Crew: 38 Staterooms: 46 Passengers: 92 Registry: Vietnam Technical Data
  25. 25. | 2 4W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M accommodations La Marguerite features a vast array of in-room amenities specifically designed for your comfort and convenience. All staterooms and suites are outside accommodations, with more than 82 percent featuring a balcony. STATEROOMS: The ship’s exquisitely decorated 226 sq. ft. Staterooms feature all the amenities of a fine hotel, with two twin-sized beds, a cozy sitting area, individually controlled air-conditioning, a writing desk, mini-bar, safe, in-house telephone, bathroom with shower, bathrobes and slippers, hairdryer and flat-screen monitor. SUITES: La Marguerite has six extra spacious Suites that measure 290 sq. ft. In addition to all the amenities of Staterooms, Suites feature a king-sized bed, balcony, and comfortable sitting area, plus a bathroom equipped with both a shower and a separate tub. LUXURY SUITES: The ship features two Luxury Suites, each measuring 452 sq. ft. The Luxury Suites feature all the amenities of Staterooms, plus a king-sized bed, comfortable sitting area with a sofa, whirlpool tub and separate shower, plus a private balcony. Category Suite – 290 sq. ft. Conservatory-style Sun Lounge with Large Window Large Window Deluxe King-size Bed Flat-screen Monitor Desk/Dressing Table Large Balcony Terrace with Table and Chairs Safe Shower Bathroom Spacious Wardrobe Mini-bar Separate Bath Category Luxury Suite – 452 sq. ft. Category A & B – 226 sq. ft. Category C – 226 sq. ft. La Marguerite Suite Cat. A & B Stateroom
  26. 26. 2 5 | AmaWaterways offers special airfare rates from many gateways in conjunction with cruise programs in Vietnam and Cambodia. Sample gateways and air carriers are provided below. Please see your travel agent for complete details and availability. Albany, NY Albuquerque, NM Anchorage, AK Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Billings, MT Birmingham, AL Bismark, ND Boise, ID Boston, MA Burlington, VT Charleston, WV Charlotte, NC Cheyenne, WY Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH Claremont, NH Cleveland, OH Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Dallas, TX Denver, CO Des Moines, IA Detroit, MI Dover, DE Ft. Lauderdale, FL Hartford, CT Honolulu, HI Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN Jackson, MS Kansas City, MO Las Vegas, NV Lincoln, NE Little Rock, AR Los Angeles, CA Louisville, KY Memphis, TN Miami, FL Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis, MN Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA New York City, NY Norfolk, VI Oklahoma City, OK Orlando, FL Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ Pierre, SD Pittsburgh, PA Portland, OR Providence, RI Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT San Antonio, TX San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA St. Louis, MO Tampa, FL Toronto, ON Tucson, AZ Vancouver, BC Washington, DC travel insurance plan - only $335 per person FROM TRAVEL GUARD Part A: Travel Arrangement Protection Coverage Limits Per Person All benefits are subject to certain terms and conditions. Refer to your Description of Coverage for complete de- tails on the coverages and exclusions of this plan. This plan can be purchased up until your final trip payment. The benefits below are provided through Travel Guard and administered by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. 100% Trip Cost Trip Cancellation – Reimburses for forfeited, non-refundable, unused payments or deposits if you must cancel due to a covered reason. 100% Trip Cost Trip Interruption – Reimburses expenses or lost deposits if you must interrupt your trip due to unexpected events such as an illness, injury, or death of you, a family member, traveling companion or business partner or other covered reasons. $1,000 Missed Connection – Reimburses for additional transportation costs to rejoin the AmaWaterways cruise if you missed a scheduled flight due to a covered reason. $1,500 Trip Delay – Reimburses for reasonable additional expenses if delayed 12 or more hours due to a covered reason. $100,000 Medical Expense – Covers reasonable and customary medical expenses incurred within 365 days of the covered injury provided initial treatment was received during the trip. Includes up to $1,000 for emergency dental treatment during the trip. $250,000 Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains – Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a Physician to the nearest adequate medical facility (home in the event of death or if medically required). $3,000 Baggage and Personal Effects Loss - Reimburses for loss, theft and damage of your baggage, personal effects, passports and visas during your trip. $1,000 ($150 per day) Baggage Delay - Provides up to $1,000 for the purchase of necessary clothing and essentials if your luggage is delayed 24 hours or more. $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Pays for loss of life or limb if it occurs within 180 days of an accident during your Trip. $100,000 Air Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Flight Guard) - Pays for loss of life or limb if it occurs within 180 days of an accident while flying during your Trip. LiveTravel Emergency Assistance – Your 24-hour virtual travel agency! A direct line to assist you with making last-minute, emergency, and after-hours travel changes - rebooking flights, hotel reservations, and more! 24-hour Medical and Worldwide Travel Assistance Included – Assistance with any travel or medical emergency or request for general travel information, including lost, stolen or delayed baggage; emergency cash transfers; pre-trip travel advice; inoculation information; prescription replacement, medical evacuation, physician referrals and more. NOTE: The pre-existing medical conditions exclusion is waived if you purchase the insurance within 24 hours of making your initial trip payment. (Only applicable to U.S. residents.) This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) avail- able. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions. Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., with its principal place of business in New York, NY. Coverage may not be available in all states. Travel assistance services provided by Travel Guard Group, Inc. (“Travel Guard”). WORRY-FREE TRAVEL INSURANCE PLUS - from AmaWaterways ONLY $60 MORE PER PERSON Our Worry-Free Plan allows you to cancel your vacation for any reason and you will receive a future cruise credit, which is valid for 24 months from the day your cancellation was received. Ask your agent for more details. IMPORTANT: Travel Insurance Plus offered by AmaWaterways can only be purchased at the time of booking. Claims may be filed up to one year after the covered incident. Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage provided by AmaWaterways will only cover penalties charged by AmaWaterways. Coverage does not include any additional fees charged by the travel agent or group organizer. airline information MAJOR NORTH AMERICAN CITIES @AmaWaterways AmaWaterways For cruise updates, photos, videos, ship facts and other useful information about AmaWaterways, please Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and Watch Us on YouTube.
  27. 27. | 2 6W W W . A M A W AT E R W A Y S . C O M Parties: In these terms and conditions, “you” or “passenger” or “participant” refers to the person booking, purchasing or traveling on the cruise, and to individuals traveling as part of that person’s reservation. “We” or “us” or “AMA” refers to AmaWaterways, Inc., a California corporation. We offer the travel and enter into these terms and conditions with you pursuant to arrangements we have made with AmaWaterways, LLC, a California limitedliabilitycompany(“AWL”). Reservation and Final Payment: To confirm a standard reservation, we require a deposit of $400 per person within 7 days of placing the reservation (3 days if departure is within 90 days). Final payment is due no later than 90 days before departure (due within one business day of making a reservation that is accepted less than 90 days before departure). Late or non-payment may result in reservation being cancelled. For a promotional cruise and/or land vacation, special payment terms may be required, and will be stated when reservationismade.AllpaymentsshallbeinU.S.Dollars,unlessotherwisestated. Pricing: Brochure prices are in US dollars, per-person, based on double occupancy of a cabin, or standard hotel room, unless indicated otherwise. Single rates are available for the cruise-only, at a supplement of plus-50% of the brochure rate for standard staterooms, plus-100% of the brochure rate for Suites and Luxurious Suites. Single rates for land accommodations, are also available at a supplement. Pricing accuracy is assured only at time of printing. If any of the cost factors increases, such as airfare, transfers, tours, travel insurance, port or dock charges, fuel, insurance, taxes, surcharges, currency exchange or other,wereservetherighttoincreasethecruiseorcruisetourpriceswithoutnotice. Airfares: AmaWaterways offers special airfares; please call for details. Airfares from other gateways may be available and we encourage you to inquire about their availability. Intra-Asiaairisperpersonandincludesairtaxesandfuelsurcharges. Prices Do Not Include: Published prices do not include vessel fuel surcharges; passport and visa fees; baggage fees; port charges, port taxes and fees; travel, health, accident or other insurance; vaccinations; laundry; additional food and beverages; optional excursions; gratuitiesorotheritemsorservicesofapersonalnature. Passport and Visas: A valid passport is required for each participant. Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months after the scheduled return date to the USA. For travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, we require a copy of your valid passport prior to or at final payment. If not received in this time, embarkation may be denied and cancellation penalties will apply. At publication time, a visa is required for a US citizen to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. A non-US citizen must consult appropriate consulates regarding visa and other document requirements. Obtaining required visas and any other required travel documentation, and assuring these are complete and correct in all ways, is the sole responsibility of each participant. We are not in a position to obtain or verify the accuracy or completeness of any participant’s visa or other required documentation and shall not be responsible or liable for delay or missed portion of any cruise or cruise tour or other problems resulting from the participant lackingtheappropriatetraveldocumentation. Tickets: Only after receipt of full payment, travel documents, including air tickets, will be sent by regular ground delivery within the continental U.S., about 3-4 weeks prior to departure. (Delay in full payment will delay delivery of travel documents). Expedited delivery may be possible for an additional charge of $25 or the full amount of expedited services, whichever ismore. Air Tickets: Airline and flight schedules are determined based on flight and seat availability of contracted carriers. Air tickets are economy class, unless otherwise requested and additional charge for upgrade is paid, and are issued pursuant to the terms and conditions of the relevant airline(s). Business class may be available for purchase at time of booking; please ask your agent for details. Airlines require your name to appear on your airline ticket exactly as it appears on your passport. We shall not be responsible or liable for consequences of name on airline ticket and passport not matching exactly. An effort will be made to obtain direct flights; but these may not always be available. Available direct flights could be overlooked. Thus, air scheduling may involve connections and/or overnight travel. We shall not be responsible or liable for costs resulting from lost air ticket, delay, disruption or cancelled flight; lost baggage or a missed connection. A lost air ticket is solely the passenger’s responsibility to remedy with the airline, including but not limited to filing a Lost Ticket Applicationwiththeairline. Custom Air: Special requests may be made through our Custom Air desk for choice of preferred air carrier, flight schedule, and some deviations. Requests must be made at time of booking. Anyaddedcostsorexpenseswillbetheparticipant’sresponsibility. Changes: Air tickets that we issue have restrictions. For example, they cannot be reissued, transferred, or exchanged unless approved by the carrier and a fee may be charged by he carrier. A change or refund request must be made through us, but may not be possible. For example, some air tickets are non-refundable. An administrative fee of $50 per ticket may be charged by us, in addition to airline change and cancellation fees, charged according totheairline’sfeeschedule. Limitation on Special Requests of Airline: As a courtesy, we may try to relay a request for particular airline seating or meal, frequent flyer miles, or other assistance to the particular airline. We have no authority to grant a request, which is up to the airline. Whether or not we relay a request to an airline, you or your travel agent must always confirm directly with theairlineregardinganysuchrequest. Baggage: Please check with the airline regarding their baggage allowance. Most airlines limit checked bags to either one or two pieces per person, and limit carry on baggage to one piece per person, in either case, with weight and size restrictions. Flights are limited to a maximum 20 kg or 44lbs, including hand luggage. Custom packages may also have luggage restrictions, please consult your travel agent or AmaWaterways. We shall not be responsible or liable for costs or consequences of participant exceeding the airline’s baggage restrictions, or for loss, theft, damage or delay to participant’s baggage. We encourage you to purchase a travel protectionplanthatalsoincludescoverageforbaggage. Transfers: A passenger purchasing transpacific air through us may qualify for a complimentary group transfer on a scheduled arrival between the airport and the ship or hotel, and on a scheduled departure between the hotel or the ship and airport. The transfer may involve some waiting time. A passenger making his or her own air arrangements will be solely responsible for requiredtransfers.Individualtransferscanbepurchased.Pleaseaskyouragentfordetails. Child Policy: All guests under the age of 18 are to be in a cabin with an adult, and must remain supervised at all times, and their safety is the responsibility of the accompanying adult(s). Children under the age of 11 may share a cabin with 2 adults provided that the child must be able to share the bed with the adults – no additional bed will be provided. The cruise fare for the child under 11 will be 25% of lowest cabin category price. Please be aware that cabins with French Balconies/Full Balconies may be unsafe for small children if left unsupervised. Children under the age of 4 are not allowed, and children 4-7 years old are not recommended. AmaWaterways doesnotprovidechild-specificprogramsorchild-mindingfacilities. Cancellation Charges: In the unfortunate event a participant must cancel travel, notice to us must be via email, which must include a return receipt and read notation, or other writing stating clearly and correctly each passenger’s name, ship name, start and end date of the cruise and a brief statement of the reason for cancellation. Other forms of notice are not sufficient. If already issued, unused air tickets must be physically returned to us before they can be cancelled. Cancellation date is the date we receive the written cancellation notice and unused tickets. A name change or substitution of participant is also treated as a cancellation in that all cancellation charges apply. Cancellation charges are per-person, based on the cancellation date, as follows: (i) more than 120 days before departure: $200 loss of deposit; (ii) 120-90 days before departure: $400 loss of deposit; (iii) 89-60 days before departure: 35% of cruise or cruise tour price; (iv) 59-30 days before departure: 50% of cruise or cruise tour price; (v) 29-07 days before departure: 80% of cruise or cruise tour price; (vi) 6 days or less beforedeparture:100%ofcruiseorcruisetourprice.Cancellationchargesalsoapplytoadditional charges for upgrades, transfers and other pre-purchased services. Protection plan premiums are non-refundable. Additional cancellation fees apply for air tickets. After travel begins, there isnorefundforunusedservices,orunusedportionsofcruiseorcruise/tour. TRAVEL PROTECTION PLANS: TO REDUCE OR MANAGE YOUR RISKS OF FINANCIAL LOSS AND OTHER LOSS ARISING FROM CANCELLATION OR DELAY OF TRAVEL, INJURY, DEATH, LOSS OF OR INJURY TO PROPERTY, AND OTHER RISKS, YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN YOUR OWN TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN , TRAVEL INSURANCE, ACCIDENT, LIFE, HEALTH, MEDICAL AND OTHER FORMS OF INSURANCE. We offer a travel protection plan issued by Travel Guard, an independent provider of travel protection plans. They are not affiliated with us, and we disclaim any responsibility for them or theirplan.Otherformsoftravelprotectionarealsoavailable. Askyouragentforinformation. GENERALPROVISIONS Cruise and Cruise Tour Itineraries: We seek to provide services as published or stated in the final documents. But deviations to planned cruise, cruise tour itinerary or any other aspects of the travel may occur. If conditions make cruise routes unsafe for navigation or in other respects, or raise sufficient doubt about safety, we reserve the right to modify or provide alternate services. These may include, but are not limited to, providing accommodation on the docked shipand/orsubstitutinggroundarrangements.Aneffortwillbemadetotrytoarrangeelements of the cruise and cruise tour similar to those originally planned. But the level of similarity may vary. Such changes will not entitle you to any credit or a refund. Cruise, cruise tour routes, and allotheraspectsofthecruiseandtravelaresubjecttochangewithorwithoutnotice. Accommodations: We will seek to use hotels listed (if any) in this brochure. Changes may be necessary; therefore use of such hotels is not assured. An effort will be made to substitute similar hotels. The level of similarity may vary. Standard policy for hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia is to have rooms available for check-in no earlier than 3:00 p.m and check out timefromhotelisbefore12:00noon. Personal Changes: Personal deviation from itinerary in the brochure for a packaged land programorotherreasonwillnotentitleparticipanttoanyreductionincharge.Participantwillbear afullchargeforanyunusedservices. Cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel, change or postpone any departure date and itinerary. For complete cancellation of a cruise or cruise tour, we will refund monies paid for thecruiseorcruise/tour,toaparticipantwhohasnotpreviouslycancelled. Disabled Participants: Our land programs and shore excursions in Vietnam and Cambodia require a moderate-to-challenging amount of walking. Streets, temple complexes, landing stages, and other sites may have steps and/or uneven terrain. The embarkation/ disembarkation points between ship and shore may present a challenge to some passengers. Notice: Handicapped facilities are not available on board or in many places visited on our cruises and cruise tours. And the passenger cannot rely on such facilities being available unless specifically confirmed in advance of departure. If you (participant) have a disability and reasonable accommodation may enable you to use the services, please let us know how you believe we can help. Participant must inform us in writing, at or immediately after making the reservation, but in any event as early as possible, of any mobility impairment or other condition, whether physical, emotional or mental, which may require accommodation or use of an assistive device during the travel. If the impairment or condition first arises after making the reservation, participant must inform us in writing as early as possible. We may consider, and may confer with participant, the cruise operator, airlines, hotels and other service providers regarding possible accommodations. A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate special needs, but we are not responsible for denial of service by carriers, hotels, or other independent suppliers. A participant, who, due to impairment, is not self- sufficient, may be required to travel with a companion who shall take responsibility for assistance needed during the travel and in case of emergency. An individual with a disability that would result in a direct threat to the health and safety of others or to that individual may be excluded, if it is determined there is a significant risk that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodations, policies, practices, procedures assistive devices or services. If participant fails to timely inform us of any impairment or condition, and it is determined based on information that participant should have provided, that participation poses a safety risk to participant or direct health or safety threat to others, participantmaybeexcludedfrompartsorallofthetravel.Weshallhavenoliabilitytoparticipant relatingtoanycondition,treatment,failuretoinformusofanimpairment,orresultingexclusion. Pregnancy: Forthesafetyofparentandchild,anddependingonvariouscircumstances,passengers who are at an advanced stage of pregnancy (after 5 months) may be subject to restrictions or exclusion concerning their ability to travel and/or board a ship. Please inform us immediately, sowecanassessyourpersonalcircumstancesandpossibleaccommodation. Medical: Medical doctors are not available on any vessel. If other medical services are required, efforts to contact local medical providers will be made. A participant requiring such assistance is solely responsible for all related charges. We will not be responsible or liable for sufficiency of effort to reach medical providers, unavailability, delay, quality or other aspect of any such services. Participant is encouraged at time of booking and well before departure, to review participant’s health and medical conditions and insurance and consult participant’s health care and insurance providers regarding needs and scope of coverage for any incident or need occurringduringtravel,andtoobtainsupplementalhealthandmedicalinsuranceforthetravel. Inoculations and Medical Preparation: Please contact your personal physician or local health department prior to travel for further detailed information and recommended precautionary measures. Smoking:Smokingispermittedonlyontheship’sSunDeck,andisnotpermittedelsewhere. Diet: Special dietary requests must be provided to us at time of reservation. An effort will be made to inquire about meeting the request. But we cannot assure the request can be accommodated. Disclaimer of Responsibility: Our arrangements are with AWL, and they arrange with others for services described in this brochure. Transport on river cruise ships (“ships”) or other forms of transport (“transport”) is provided by third party owners, operators and charterers (“supplier(s)”). Suppliers are separate entities and are deemed not to be principals, agents, employees or partners of us or AWL. We and AWL do not own or operate any ship or transport service. Accordingly, FOR US AND AWL WE DISCLAIM RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR, AND PARTICIPANT WAIVES, RELEASES AND ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY CLAIM OR RECOURSE AGAINST US OR AWL FOR OR AS A CONSEQUENCE OF: BREACH OF DUTY, BREACH OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENT OR WILLFUL OR INTENTIONAL ACT, FAILURE TO ACT OR OMISSION BY ANY SUPPLIER. Supplier and participant obligations and liabilities are subject in each case to terms and conditions of each supplier’s contract of carriage or other supplier terms and conditions, and any and all applicable government laws and regulations and international conventions that apply, including, but not limited to choice of law, jurisdiction of disputes and limitations of liability and limitations on timing of claims. PARTICIPANT AGREES THAT WE AND AWL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, LOSS (INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, AND LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY) OR EXPENSE OCCASIONED BY ANY ACT OR OMISSION OF ANY SUPPLIER PROVIDING SERVICES, OR ANY PROVIDER OF A TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN, OR INSURER, OR OF ANY OTHER PERSON. If the services of a supplier cannot be delivered or there are changes in any planned service for any reason beyond our control, we will make an effort to arrange similarservices.Anyresultingadditionalexpenseswillbeparticipant’sresponsibility. Limitation of Liability: REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER PROVISIONS IN THIS BROCHURE, OUR AND AWL’S LIABILITY FOR BREACH, DAMAGE, LOSS, PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, AND/OR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, OR OTHER LOSS, INJURY OR DAMAGE, ALSO INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ECONOMIC DAMAGES, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, MENTAL SUFFERING AND/OR PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGIC INJURY, WHETHER OCCURRING BEFORE THE START OF TRAVEL, AFTER TRAVEL HAS BEGUN, AFTER COMPLETION OF THE TRAVEL, OR MULTIPLE TIME PERIODS, AND REGARDLESS OF WHETHER DUE TO ACCIDENTAL OR WILLFUL OR INTENTIONAL ACT OR OMISSION OF ANY PERSON ORENTITY,OROTHERCAUSESHALLNOTEXCEEDTHEAMOUNTPAIDTOUSFORTHETRAVEL. Agreement: Forum and Jurisdiction for Legal Action: Payment of deposit and/or issuance of final documents shall be deemed consent by participant to these terms and conditions. These terms are deemed to be made, accepted and entered into in Los Angeles County, California. These terms and the rights and obligations of the parties, and any legal or equitable action concerning the interpretation, enforcement, or claimed breach of any term, obligation, ordutyascontainedorrelatedtotheseprovisionsorarisingfromthesetermsandconditions,shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the internal laws of California with jurisdiction over such claims to be exclusively in the United States District Court for the Central District of California and/ortheSuperiorCourtoftheStateofCaliforniainandfortheCountyofLosAngeles,California, U.S.A. to the exclusion of the courts of any other country, state, city, county or locale. You agree to consent to jurisdiction and waive any objection that may be available to any such action or proceedingbeingbroughtinsuchcourts.Youandwewaivetherighttoajurytrial. Time Limit for Notice of Claims and Filing Legal Action: The parties agree that any notice of claim against us of any nature whatsoever which is connected to, related to or arising from these terms and conditions must be received by us in writing within thirty (30) days after the date of completion of the cruise or cruise tour. No lawsuit may be maintained against us unless the lawsuit is commenced no later than six (6) months after the date of completion of the cruise or cruise tour, and valid service of the lawsuit on us is made within thirty (30) days after commencementofthelawsuit. Acceptance of These Terms: You acknowledge and agree that we accept your booking subject to the condition that you accept these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions remain in effect until replaced in writing. Any new or reissued terms and conditions are deemed to replace all prior versions. No person, other than an authorized representative of us is authorized to vary, add or waive any term or condition in this brochure. To be effective, any variance, additionorwaivermustbeinwriting,signedbyourauthorizedofficer. Passenger Contract: All ship transport is provided according to terms and conditions of the Passenger Ticket Contract included in the final documentation and available for review at the following website: The Passenger Ticket Contract is between passenger and AmaWaterways Gmbh, an entity organized under the laws of Switzerland, which owns, operates and/or charters the ship, is governed by laws of Switzerland, and establishes limits of liability, limits on claims, and time limits for making claims, as well as other restrictions, limits and disclaimers. It incorporates provisions and limitations under the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage by Sea, 1974, and the Protocol to the Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage by Sea, 1976, the International Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 1976, and the Strasbourg Convention on the Limitation of Liability of Owners of Inland Navigation Vessels, 1988. Venue for litigation of any disputes under the Passenger Ticket Contract is exclusivelyinthecourtsofBasel,Switzerland. Interpretation: Headings in these terms are only for convenient reference and shall not be used to interpret, construe, define or limit any provision. Whenever logical in the context, references to the singular shall include the plural, and vice-versa. You acknowledge the travel contemplated by these terms is voluntary; you are not obligated to purchase services from us or any particular provider, or at all, and thus you are not obligated or forced to enter into or accept these terms. These terms were developed to achieve a delicate balance and ex- change of rights, remedies, limitations, exclusions, risks and risk management and economics between you and us; and the balance provides substantial benefits to you, which we could not offer at the attractive price(s) offered, but for that delicate balance. Absent that balance, prices would be much higher and services would be reduced. Accordingly, the provisions of these terms shall be interpreted and construed according to their fair meanings and not strictly for or against any person or entity. If any provision of these terms is found by a court having jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason(s), such provision shall be deemed to be severed and of no force and effect and all remaining provisions shall remain infullforceandeffect. California Seller of Travel Law: We are registered with the California Attorney General, California Seller of Travel Program as Amadeus Waterways, Inc., registration number CST 2065452-40. RegistrationasaselleroftraveldoesnotconstituteapprovalbytheStateofCalifornia. Upon cancellation of the transportation or travel services, where you are not at fault and did not cancel in violation of any terms and conditions previously clearly and conspicuously disclosed and agreed to by you, all sums you paid us for services not provided will be promptly paid to you, unless you advise us in writing, after cancellation. This provision does not apply where we remitted the payment to another registered wholesale seller of travel or carrier, without obtaining a refund, and where the wholesaler or provider defaults in providing the agreed transportation or service. In this situation, we must provide you a written statement accompanied by bank records establishing the disbursement of the payment, and if disbursed toawholesaleselleroftravel,proofofcurrentregistrationofthatwholesaler. This transaction is covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF) if we were registered and participating in TCRF at the time of sale and you are located in California at the time of payment. Eligible passengers may file a claim with TCRF if the passenger is owed a refund of more than $50 for transportation or travel services which we failed to forward to a proper provider or such money was not refunded to you when required. The maximum amount which may be paid by the TCRF to any one passenger is the total amount paid on behalf of the passenger to the seller of travel, not to exceed $15,000. You must file a TCRF claim within one year after the scheduled completion date of travel. A claim must include sufficient documentation to prove your claim and a $35 processing fee. A claimant must agree to waive (and by filing a claim with TCRF you do waive) any right to other civil remedies against us for matters arising out of a sale for which you file a TCRF claim. You may request a claim form by writing to: Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation; PO Box 6001 Larkspur,CA94977-6001;orbyvisitingTCRC’ For those who purchase travel from outside of California, this transaction is not covered by the CaliforniaTravelConsumerRestitutionFund. AmaWaterways, LLC 21625 Prairie Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 428-6198 By confirming the reservation with payment, the guest/travel agent acknowledges that they are aware and will comply with these terms and conditions. For the most current version oftheGeneralInformationandTerms&Conditions, terms & conditions
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