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Social marketing survey results Q1 2014


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Published in: Social Media
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Social marketing survey results Q1 2014

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Results An In-Depth Look at Social Media Marketing
  2. 2.   Status Update: Top Brands Answer A Socialbakers Survey Socialbakers powers social media engagement for the world’s top brands. To understand our clients’ needs we get to the source of their marketing potential. In put out a survey on Monday, February 2nd 2014, in which over 525 brands and agencies responded to a Socialbakers survey conducted internationally. Respondents illuminated trends in social media management that we are excited to share with you! Survey results are summarized in four sections: Profile, Teams & Delegation, Social Performance, Management and Advertising. Our goal was to compare respondents’ approaches to social advertising and research trends in internal processes. Social media is evolving quarter by quarter, and Socialbakers is committed to keeping its clients and its products ahead of the curve. Socialbakers thanks the Social Media Specialists, Marketing and Digital Directors, and senior management officials who responded to this survey. Their participation has built an invaluable knowledge base for us all to take forward.
  3. 3.   Profile Our respondents represent a diverse group of languages and cultures… Greece,  2.12   Egypt,  1.93   Spain,  2.12   Czech   Republic,  2.89   Portugal,  3.08   Mexico,  3.08   Australia,   3.08   * Top 12 shown. Un$ed  States,   7.51   India,  5.01   United   Kingdom,   4.82   Italy,   Brazil,   3.47   4.24  
  4. 4.   From a variety of industries that are concerned with brand awareness, driving sales and customer service.
  5. 5.   And with a range in company size from start-ups to corporations.
  6. 6.   Teams & Delegation Respondents are specialists, senior management and directors working first-hand with their brand’s social business…
  7. 7.   And there is large-scale support for social marketing; from the CEO to the Head’s of Social.
  8. 8.   Social Strategy & Performance 75% of respondents believe Brand Awareness is a main goal for social media marketing in 2014!
  9. 9.   And Engagement Metrics are still the metrics that social marketers find most important.
  10. 10.   The majority of organizations are analyzing their performance internally and with the use of platform tools or free tools.
  11. 11.   And for those that are using a paid social analytics tool, performance reporting and comparative benchmarking were the most valued use cases.
  12. 12.   Social Management Respondents are publishing content frequently. With more than 75% posting content at least once a day.
  13. 13.   And still the majority of marketers are posting content directly onto their page.
  14. 14.   But when asked the most beneficial use case of a 3rd party social management and publishing tool, the majority of respondents marked that post scheduling and management were “Very Important.” And the majority of organizations responded that they are providing customer care.
  15. 15.  
  16. 16.   Social Advertising   The overwhelming majority of respondents are using Facebook for social advertising.
  17. 17.   And the largest amount of respondents spend between $1 - $1000 dollars in monthly ad spend on social advertising.
  18. 18.   The largest amount of respondents manage social advertising internally and only by using the native platform tools.
  19. 19.   There was a large range of demand amongst social advertisers when it comes to the features that they believe should be in a 3rd party social advertising tool.