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Ntcs brochure

  1. 1. Dear Customer We are enclosing details of Online Information System (OIS), our Educational ERP package for the complete automation of your educational institute. (OIS has been developed by NIST Technology Consulting Services; a subsidiary of National Institute of Science & Technology - the premier technical institute of eastern India since 1996 offering B-Tech, M-Tech, MCA, MBA & PGDM Programs) This package has been in use at various institutes for over 12 years and has yielded tremendous productivity. The entire package has been developed using latest architecture and hence allows us to make modifications as and when necessary. Secondly, the package has been developed keeping in view the requirements of professional institutions and their activities as per MCI/PCI/AICTE's NBA (National Board of Accreditation) guidelines. The package is modular and can be modified as per your requirements. The development and deployment platforms are state-of-the-art and hence costs, such as software licensing , hardware and maintenance costs have been kept to a bare minimum. Other advantages of the package are mentioned in detail in the brochure. We will be delighted to give you a hands-on demonstration of the package at your convenience. Thanking you Yours Sincerely Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik Director NIST Technology Consulting Services
  2. 2. The performance of the students is a matter of concern for both teachers and the parents. We provide a solution, which enables parents and teachers to see the student’s performance without bothering to wait for the mark sheets. Using this system teachers and parents can remain in touch with the student's performance. Our solution consists of three modules: 1. Student Information System 2. Examination Records Management System 3. Web Based Student-Parent Information System 4. SMS Based Student-Parent Information System Student Information System : This module has been designed to maintain data about the students of the institute. In this software there are excellent features that enables: Authorized personnel to extract data about any student The teacher to get information about the student Easy maintenance of student records Generation of notes for such purpose as BE Project, summer training report, disciplinary notes, etc. Generation of roll number Along with the above mentioned properties the reports that can be generated are : Student details Parent details Permanent and Correspondence Address Attendance Certificates Blood group Seat type (JEE Seat, Management Seat, NRI Seat, B. Tech., MCA, MBA) Such a large amount of data can now be maintained by a single person, thereby avoiding massive paper work and thus making the process faster, safer and more efficient. Features such as generation of roll number reduces the work further. More-over this software enables the teachers to get information readily about their students and this helps them in working towards the benefit of students. The search facility provided in this software is very good since search can be done on any field, thus increasing the flexibility of the software. Such software can be said to be the data keeper of the wealth of the institute as the students are the wealth of the institute.
  3. 3. Examination Records Management System : The maintenance of examination records and marks of the students is a very tedious job requiring a lot of file work and thereby man power. Our software provides a very easy and efficient solution to this problem where two or three people can do the entire job in a paper free manner. The features of this software are : Maintenance of marks for University Examinations. Maintenance of Sessional Marks. Maintenance of marks for Internal Examinations Calculation of the Internal Assessment marks to be sent to the University Generating Standard Deviation Charts for student or Batch performance Generating reports in the format required by AICTE and University. The reports that are generated: Marks in Internal Examinations Marks in External Examinations Marks in Sessional to be sent to the University Internal Marks to be sent to the University Batch average Student performance chart With such features our software works as an excellent tool for regulating the performance of the students. Web Based Student-Parent Information System : This software package enables the parents to check their ward’s progress from their home. They can access information about their ward through the Internet. Not only the parents but also other people can access information about the students by logging into the Institute's Web-Site. The features of this software are: Accessing the marks of a student Accessing the attendance of the student Accessing data such as Student Name, Roll Number etc. This package includes all the facilities provided by the Student Information System but the difference is that it can be accessed through the Internet. This helps in better communication with the parents and thus adds to their satisfaction. SMS Based Student-Parent Information System : Using this package information can be shared with the student and parents through mobile messages (SMS). Features of this package includes Sending marks of every internal and semester exam automatically Even parents can send request for marks or attendance to the college to get the result in response. All important notices can be sent to parents and students on category basis.
  4. 4. Another area that requires attention is student accounting. The maintenance of records such as Mess Dues, Academic Fees, Examination Fees, Bus Fare, Library Dues etc, is a really tough job as it requires maintenance of ledgers and files and this requires to be checked many times and maintained at different places in order to keep the data secured. This is very difficult and tedious, as extra caution needs to be taken in matters regarding money. Our software package provides a solution to all these problems and it reduces the paper work to almost zero. These packages include features such as: Academic fees according to admission type and degree/course Fees structure according to AICTE and State Government norms Entry of student's payment Generation of receipts for payment of fees Bank transaction details Entry of bus/library/mess fees payment Generation of receipt for bus/library/mess fees Posting fees to accounts section All the features are accompanied with reports that are in the format as required by the statutory bodies. The reports are All fees due reports All fees received (Daily, Monthly, Year to date, etc.) Bank Draft details/Cash Receipt details Payment receipt details, etc. All these features make the work very easy, fast and security of data is guaranteed in such an automated processes. This also reduces error and matters regarding money can now be handled efficiently like never before.
  5. 5. Syllabus and Online Student Registration This module is designed to simplify the most time consuming task of Student Registration where student choose a set of courses for a particular Semester/ Trimester. This module also facilitates the maintenance of detailed syllabus prescribed by the University. The features supported by this module Batch wise maintenance of detailed syllabus for Faculty and Student reference. Floating Courses for a particular semester/trimester. Online normal and back paper registration by the students Verification of registration by the administration Generation of Reports for University Registration system for an automatic attendance entry after the class. Some of the reports generated by the module are Date wise Course Completion report Class wise Student Attendance report Total attendance of the student in each subject in terms of percentage or number of classes Filtration of students based on their Attendance percentage This package also helps students to monitor the course coverage and their attendance in their respective courses Online Course Progress and Student Attendance System It is quite hectic for a faculty to keep track of details of each class, how much course covered, attendance for each student and again at the end of the course all the summary needs to be generated manually. This package makes it easy. Features of this package include Class Assignment to Faculty Scheduling of Classes Course Planning Maintaining Course Coverage in each Class Maintaining Attendance of each student. In this system attendance is taken by portable biometric devices which can be attached to the
  6. 6. In order to extract quality work from their employees the employer needs to motivate them. This motivation is not achieved by words spoken in the organization or during a meeting. This needs something more. In this software all such problems have been tackled and that too in a very efficient manner. Now the employer has all the data about his employees and he can access them any time he likes. This saves his time and even keeps him in touch with his employees. The uses of this software can be listed as: Maintenance of employee records Employee search Important dates such as anniversaries, birthday, etc. Data about the dependants of the employee Now they can send birthday gifts to their employees or they can wish their children on their birthdays and the most important part of it is that they do not have to remember these dates. Thus maintaining a healthy employer-employee relationship. Apart from these there are other features such as: Number of days an employee has been working in his institute Previous firm records of the employee Employee feedback Details of employee education Employee experience including training Employee performance notes Publications done by Employee His Areas of Interest These facts enable him to control the quality of the employees and thereby the quality of the institute.
  7. 7. Managing the attendance of the staff members is a tedious job especially when it is done through the manual registers. More over signing on a register can never assure for the : Authenticity of the person signing Time of coming in & going out In our package all these problems have been solved. Our package possesses features such as : Identity card for staff members Bar Coded cards Bar Code swipe reader Voice system for pronouncing the names and time Automated time entry Here we get : Better regulation of the time of entry Better management of attendance Integrated with Leave Approval System Integrity with the HR management system. Better management of leaves, half day leaves, LWP, etc. On the other hand we are providing a biometrics based attendance system. Under this system, the bar code card and reader is replaced by a finger print recognition system where each user's finger print is stored. This package is supported with plenty of reports such as : Daily Attendance Report with in and out time Absentees Report for a particular day Monthly Attendance Report of each employee with in/out time and effective working hours. Different font colors are used in the report for easy visibility of Late Entry Early Exit Working Hours less than the minimum per day These features enhance the professionalism of the Institute and updating attendance becomes easier.
  8. 8. The generation of payroll slips, maintenance of salary data is amongst the most worrying jobs of any employer. He has to maintain such data about the employees that include: Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance House Rent Allowance Other Allowances Provident Fund Provident Fund Number Deductions Last Increment Date Number of days without pay, half pay, etc. Advances and Loans Yearly increments Doing these manually by searching through papers and at the same time maintaining confidentiality is a very tough job. One has to spend enormous amount of time for this and the work has to be done carefully too, as error cannot be tolerated in matters regarding money. Now think of an automatic system that can - Keep records about the employees Calculate their monthly salary keeping in account the leaves they have taken Keep track of advances, allowances etc. Keep track of all their deductions like PF, TDS etc. Monitor overtimes done by employee and calculate proper reimbursement. Generate pay slips Send those slips to accounts section Print the records Enables easy searching facility Keep track of the last increment, bonus etc. Performance Based Salary Evaluation/ Increments through an Automated Appraisal System Keep track of all honorarium & facilities given to the employee.
  9. 9. Our payroll software package can do all these and it also includes advanced confidentiality and security features and excellent search facilities that add to flexibility and reliability of the software. Facilities provided by our software package include: Advances : The details of the advances taken by the employees can be entered and retrieved easily. Details such the percentage of interest levied on advances, amount of money to be returned, advance balances etc. are calculated internally. Pay slip browsing : The employers can browse through the payslips of various employees without opening a single file. Generation of pay slip : Pay slip for an entire month can be generated just by the click of a button. Manual procedure for one month requires at least one week for generating the payslip. Posting to accounts : After generating and editing the final payslip can be posted to the accounts division through the network. Salary history : Enables the employer to view the records such as last increment date etc. These data can be used as a yardstick to measure the performance curve for the employee. Performance Evaluation: During appraisal the employee's performance evaluation through a 360 degree feedback system can be done. All the information about them related to their achievements in different fields will be available as Decision Support System. Reports that can be generated are: 1. Pay slip 2. Salary advances 3. Bank statement 4. Provident fund statement 5. Salary history 6. Advances history 7. Increment due report
  10. 10. This software is meant for the management of the library of the institute. Some of the facilities that are required in any library are: Maintenance of user data Maintenance of data about the books, journals, CDs, CBTs etc. Fine Records Book keeping and Library transactions Record maintenance regarding book issue, return, reissue, etc. Bar code generation for the books Our software facilities all the above functions and many more facilities are also available. Cascaded Search : Enables search within results. This helps in finding a book easily and quickly. Drop Box System : A concept from the US. Reduces the work of the librarian and is easy for the students. Soundex Search : Enables search facility where one doesn't have to bother about the particular spelling. All similar sounding results will be displayed. Code : Coding of books enables easy identification of the book details and eases data entry. Example : we can know that the book is of reference type if the first number of the code is 9. Barcode : Eliminates typing error as data is entered through the bar-code reader.
  11. 11. These facilities make the work of the library very easy. The librarian can now have exact information about any book that he/she wants. The following reports can be generated: 1. Daily transaction report 2. Book detail report 3. New books list 4. Borrowers list 5. Defaulters list 6. Fine Details 7. Library users 8. Lost books 9. Book requisition 10. Book on Demand Information pertaining to books, such as : Number of available copies Price of the book Author Publiser Vendor Edition Borrower of the book Return data Current status of the book Can be obtained without the use of any paper work or manual search. This makes the work easier, faster, and more efficient. The software uses a very advanced search facility and a check on the maximum number of books, fines etc. are applied automatically, thereby making the system very robust and reliable.
  12. 12. The provision for on-line test reduces the job of the teacher as well as the job of whole lot of people involved in it : Printing the question paper Making copies of the question paper Correction and evaluating the answer sheets Awarding marks With on-line test the teacher has to prepare only the question paper and provide their answers. The students can access the questions through the network and answer them on-line. Correction is done automatically and at the end of the test the marks are generated immediately. Our On-line Test Administration System provides all these facilities. Apart from these facilities, it includes: On-line test registration Inbuilt accounting package Payment authentication Test engine (for giving tests) Correction and marks generation These facilities can now be used to attract other students for the tests, as a preparation for competitive examinations. Thus this can be used to create business, as many students will be interested to take tests sitting at their own home computers. Such a facility boosts the image of the institute as many people come to know about it through the Internet.
  13. 13. Quality of teaching improves with every class a teacher takes. The best judge to a teacher’s teaching is non other than a student. Keeping in view the importance of student feedback the online feedback management system has been designed. In this package all care has been taken to make the feed back anonymous so that the student can give accurate feedback fearlessly. Facility in this package Grade based evaluation of faculty on a pre-prepared questionnaire Based on the feedback each faculty is evaluated on a scale of one to ten Anonymous Feedback Positive and negative comments on the faculty as well as courses Faculty and management can see individual feedback sheets as well as their Rank as per the evaluated grade. Content Management System This is the right tool for the faculty to share class notes, assignments, questions and views with the students. This also helps to organize the course content and make it available to the students. Features of the module Classified Arrangement of course materials in different formats like Video, HTML, PDF etc Previous years question papers with solution. Online assignment publishing Online assignment Submission Sharing of class notes with the students Doubt clearing through online messaging system. Project / Seminar Management System This module helps to manage the B.Tech Project, Technical seminar and grand viva conducted in the institute. This package smoothen the process of assignment of projects/seminars to the students and their evaluation. Features supported in this module: Recommending projects/seminars for the students Receiving application from the students Assigning project / seminar to the selected students Evaluation of the projects at different levels Separate evaluation schemes for presentation, reports, quality of work done etc Reports of final marks as per university requirement
  14. 14. PLACEMENT MODULE Placement information is highly crucial & sensitive for any Professional Institute. The placement record reflects the quality of the institution. It is difficult to record and monitor information about: Details of recruiting companies Academic history of all students Selection criteria for each company Selection process for each company Placement schedules during the campus drive List of eligible students for each company All this information can now be maintained safely and smoothly and when ever desired one can generate different reports based on this information. Few of the reports that can be generated from the package are List of students qualifying the criteria mentioned by a particular company Company's selection process Schedule for a recruitment drive BULLETIN BOARD This module is meant to streamline the process of publication of Notices, Circulars in the college. Using this one can publish a notice and can control who can view and who can’t. It also controls which notice will go to the notice boards and what will be the removal date of the notice. Features of this module includes Editing notices with all kind of formatting options, with tables etc Controlling of the publication date and removal date. Visibility control, i.e visibility for a category of people like faculty, student of particular batch, staff etc Flexibility to add content of Excel Sheet directly to the notice Controlling which notice will go to which notice boards Search facility to search a previous notice Reports generated by this module includes Complete Notice along with CCs list, notice board details and removal date List of notices published on any date List of notices present on any Notice Board List of notices published in any particular category
  15. 15. This module has been designed for the purpose of security. Different users have various levels of access, depending upon their position in the organization. For example for the HRM & Payroll Module The head of the Institute i.e., the Director/Principal has access to all information like Employee name, Performance, level, salary advances etc. Under this category we can edit, add, delete, etc. Administrative Officer has access to lesser amount of information. Accountant has access to only some information relating to salaries, such as attendance, leave and advance. Through this authorization module different types of access can be given to all other modules which are Library Management HR Management Payroll Management Student Information The head of the institute can be the administrator and then she/he is the only person who has access to all the forms in the modules. Thus by controlling the form access she/he can assign specific jobs to the employees thereby providing better control on job distribution. This also helps her/him in supervising the employees as she/he can check the modules and see whether the work has been done. Highlights of this software are : Encrypted password Password Expiry Scheme Role based permission Button level permissions Centralized Integrated Database The Only person who will be authorized to use this module is the Administrator and he can be the Director or the Principal or the Administrative Officer of the institute.
  16. 16. 1. Now Access Course Materials, Assignments, Class Notes on line 2. Access Online Notices, Class Schedule, Course coverage status and attendance 3. Access and Browse Digital Library and Conventional Library. 4. Get Online Internal and Final Results/Grades. 5. Exposure to the state of the art technology and become a part of modern hi-tech system 6. Track detailed syllabus and registration for courses 7. Access old question papers and their solutions & appear online exams/ mock tests. 8. Parents can get marks and attendance information online through mails and messages and stay in touch with the institution even at home or office. 1. Now store all your academic records like Attendance, Marks, Projects, Seminars etc Online with the flexibility to update and access from any place. 2. You can access college information like Notices, Meetings, Class Schedules etc online within on outside the campus. 3. Collaborate with parents to strengthen the Home-Institution Link 4. Save time from non-teaching activities like making reports and keeping records. Spend the most productive hours of yours in teaching. 5. Create question papers from the online question bank, get a central store for all the teaching and learning material on line. This is valuable in providing continuity from year to year and to support new faculty member. 1. Now finding information about your teacher, students and classes is just a click away. 2. Daily lecture report, adjustment classes, portion covered is in front of your computer screen 3. Monitor the whole class or individual student performance 4. Get daily summary of Attendance, Notices, Course status etc 5. Stay connected with parents and students 1. Assure smooth operation at your institute 2. Keeps parents and students happy and connected 3. Gives an easy and simple interface of working for the staff members 4. Removes the headache of book keeping of accounts, payments, salaries 5. Implementation of E-Governance as per MCI/PCI/AICTE Norms. 6. Canalize Complains and Feedbacks 7. Keeps all in sync- Teacher, Student and Parents 8. Attain high standards in quality of education 9. Become more responsive transparent & satisfy your customers 10.Manage Multiple Institute at a time from inside or outside the campus.