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  1. 1. Communications Sub-group feedback 6 November 2012
  2. 2. What we were asked to look at1. How do we communicate NTCities to the rest of the NT? • Should we use guerrilla tactics and if so what are they? • How could we use the 2013 AGM?2. How do we capture learning and communicate it to the rest of the organization?3. How do we reflect past learning/ experience? • How should we use case studies, project reviews and the intranet to assist with this
  3. 3. What we have done since we lastmet Met as sub-group for the day in Birmingham (Sarah O’Brien, Carol Murrin, Victoria Bradford-Keegan) Invited Debs Gogarty, Assistant Director Internal Communications and Deppie Pangalos BP Internal Communications to help us Invited Alison Minshall, Head of Innovate programme
  4. 4. Threw up some challenges … Are we trying to communicate the programme or the benefits of the programme? Are our business objectives too broad? Are they measurable? What are the barriers to communicating this work? NTCities is not a programme like the outdoors programme, more a collection of projects like the contemporary arts programme – how do we make it the sum of its parts?
  5. 5. What is NTCities? Manch es t er & Liverpo ol Call ing! Terminology - Urban strategy, sub-regional strategy, projects, programme ….. Hold th Have y e Date North West Urban strategy at ou hea rd abo ut the !!! North W Heelis – NTCities “brand”? W ould you lik e to fin Strateg est’s excitin y? g new Urban d out w hat we have b If so, p year? een up lease c to over How are we bigger than a range with ou om e a r three nd join us to s the pa st year str ee and of projects? Do we need to Look o Liverpo ategy. W e’re ol to H eelis fo hear o bringin ur progress g Manc to date r one d ay only hester and work together to create a Wedne ut for a m en we wo sday 2 8N u of inte rac ! uld we ovember. T tive and info “brand” in peoples’ minds? maxim ise our lcome reach h r your ex ese will inclu mal sessions pertise de wor on to our and inp ks new au fun acti dience ut on h hops where vities o s. T ow we So spre ad the n the d here will also can Great example – Volunteering word a nd com e along ay. be som e Ambition – 2 key messages, More d cuppa! etails to for a s lice of cake a Please nd a simple plan, good contac t elena .lyons@ . follow… . nationa communications. ltrust.o fo r any q ueries
  6. 6. Outdoors programme – comms lessons learned Think Timely comms Celebrate strategically not avoids grapevine success just tactical noiseDedicated internal Listen, learn, Clearcomms resource share, assert messaging really helpedExplain objectives Get NTCities Communicate and benefits to into planning with each other get engagement guidance Clarity within Percentage of effort Ranger the programme against business Champions – the 4 Es objectives
  7. 7. Suggestions for moving forward We need an overarching message - its all about testing! NTCities is helping the NT to test ways of reaching urban audiences through 5 themes: 1. Recruit and retain members – 30% 2. Grow our audiences – 30% 3. Tell stories that will engage urban audiences – 20% 4. Champion urban green space and heritage – 10% 5. Develop internal learning – 10%
  8. 8. Suggestions for moving forwardPossible communications objectives: We will develop the Exec Team’s confidence in this work We will share what we’ve learned and show how it is benefiting the organisation We will create an internal conversation around the NT’s relationship with cities
  9. 9. Suggestions for moving forwardWe need: Some common criteria that all the projects sign up to The project managers to coordinate and act as champions for NTCities – example of Innovate Programme Some early insight/learnings to announce To share this learning and start selling the benefits for ADOs/RDs/PMs/GMs to get engagement
  10. 10. Towards tactics … Do we need to find out what makes our people tick? How do they respond to the NT’s role in cities?  Need to do some self diagnosis and find some examples that will resonate  Identify key facts and myths about our employees and audiences  Ask Insight to look at the holiday cottage market Get a slot at VE conference in Feb, Convestival in May and Outdoors Conferences (if they’re repeated) Use USB more as a network for testing Should we look at running something like a mini Convestival? AGM 2013 - Cardiff