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Ctr Offerings


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Ctr Offerings

  1. 1. P.O. Box 7364 Wesley Chapel, FL 33545 855.287.7658 CTR FACTOR Business Performance Improvement Advisory Services Inspirational Speaking Workshop Training Leadership Assessment Executive CoachingExecution ServicesRevenue GrowthExpense ReductionCustomer ExperienceEmployee Inclusion Leading Without Leading
  2. 2. ctr factor leadership THE SCIENCE OF LEADING WITHOUT LEADING Leadership is traditionally regarded as tough terrain to master, with many heuristics and homilies, but few scientific principles. Most of these treatments of leadership miss the fundamental, counter-intuitive truth – great leaders don’t lead. Instead, they get others to want to follow,. Leadership is the ultimate, magnificent act of free will on the part of those who follow, and the awesome, magical secret of great leaders is that they have figured out how to make that act happen consistently and predictably. CTR Factor explores the science of gravitational leadership by examining the currencies that need to be earned (Credibility, Trust & Respect), assets that need to be built (Results, Relationships, & Resources), and investments that need to be made (Capabilities, Character, & Competencies). This flagship keynote product from CTR Factor takes audiences on a fascinating personal leadership journey of experiential learning that transformed the speaker from cab driver to senior executive. The lessons learned along the way are woven into a radically different leadership model, and leveraged to derive specific leadership techniques that can be used the next day. Entertaining story-telling and insightful model-building at its scintillating best. women in leadership LEVERAGING GENDER BASED STRENGTHS Traditional approaches to women’s leadership have focused on how to navigate a world that is still governed by guidelines skewed towards a different gender. However, theseINSPIRATIONAL SPEAKING approaches miss a key realization. Women’s natural, intuitive leadership styles are actually better suited to the needs of the 21st century workplace and workforce than traditional male approaches. This session seeks to harness the power of women’s CTR FACTOR LEADERSHIP divergences and differences to create a competitive and sustainable workplace advantage when it comes to leadership impact and outcomes in 3 specific areas, based on the CTR Factor leadership model: results delivery, relationship building & resource acquisition. This WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP paradigm pulverizing session takes the audience through 4 sequential modules of leadership that build on their natural inclinations and talents: philosophy, strategies, BOARD LEADERSHIP techniques, outcomes. You will never think the same way again after this session, and you will not compromise your authentic self again ever. And you will find that it is working for you. CTR Factor women get the corner office. SALES LEADERSHIP board leadership CUSTOMER SERVICE LEADERSHIP MAXIMIZING CREDIBILITY, TRUST, & RESPECT BRAND LEADERSHIP Board governance is a perennially hot topic because of its critical importance for the sustained success of the enterprise. Customary approaches to this topic include exhortations around transparency, independence, protection, and succession. While these ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP are important aspects of Board physiology, they miss the fundamental driver of Board effectiveness – how well do they earn Credibility, Trust and Respect from their LEADERSHIP IN TEACHING stakeholders. CTR Factor looks at Boards through this clarifying lens to establish and assess their performance: Credibility through Examining functions, Trust through Enabling functions, Respect through Envisioning functions. Within each of these categories, CTR PARENTAL LEADERSHIP Factor looks at 15 mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive aspects of Board performance. When we are done, you will have a superb approach to assessing what LEADERSHIP IN RELATIONSHIPS areas of strength and opportunity exist for your Board, and how to address them.Leading Without Leading
  3. 3. BEEN-THERE-DONE-THAT INSIGHTSWe are not traditional speakers andconsultants. We are real-world savvypractitioners who have run billion dollarP&Ls for Fortune 50 companiesHERE’S-THE-BEEF OUTCOMES sales leadershipWe don’t just speak or advise. We have a THE SCIENCE OF SELLING WITHOUT SELLINGtrack record of delivering tangible,significant, immediate outcomes. Selling is pervasive in our lives. We are selling all the time, whether we are officially salespeople or not, and whether we realize it or not. Yet, selling is not universallyTIL’-DEATH-DO-US-PART PRINCIPLES appreciated. People hate to be sold. But, they love to buy. The best salespeople haveWe don’t morph into anything we need figured this out. They dont sell as much as they influence their buyers’ behavior. How doto be to make money. We are passionate they do that? By earning 3 currencies from their prospects - Credibility, Trust, andevangelists for CTR Factor leadership. Respect. Great salespeople, instinctively or deliberately, exercise CTR Factor leadership skills instead of focusing on selling. The sale becomes an automatic outcome once there isTAILORED-TO-FIT SOLUTIONS a focus on the right behaviors. The behaviors of building the assets of Results, Relationships, and Resources, and the behaviors of making strategic investments inWe don’t provide off-the-shelf hammers Capabilities, Character, and Competencies. This session explains the techniques ofand look for nails. We customize oursolutions to address your pain points & acquiring the 3 currencies, building the 3 assets, and making the 3 investments that resultopportunities. in automatic sales. After you participate in this session, you will never sell again, and sell like crazy all at the same time.PART-OF-THE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIPWe don’t act like external vendors. Weinvest in understanding you & blend into customer service leadershipyour organization. IT IS NOT THE SCREWING UP, IT IS THE MAKING UPDOG-WITH-BONE FOLLOW THROUGH Did you know that there is no statistically significant difference between the number of disagreements in a successful marrriage and an unsuccessful one? But there is aWe don’t fly in like seagulls, unload, andleave. We are maniacs about finishing significant difference in the way those disagreements are resolved? What applies towhat we started marital relationships also applies to customers. You can screw up with customers, but if you resolve those screw-ups effectively, your customers will rate you even higher than if they had blip-free service in the first place. But how do you do that? CTR Factor provides a simple, effective framework across all key constituencies to provide consistently excellent customer experiences by focusing on the right behaviors. Behaviors that earn Credibility, Trust, and Respect, regardless of the situation. Defuse tough complaints, recover relationships, and build the right level of engagement with customers by adopting the simple techniques taught in this program. Customer service has been proven to be a critical driver of enterprise profitability and growth through loyalty, cross-sell, and referral behaviors. But it is not easy to accomplish across all channels, all products, all employees and all customers. That will change after you attend this session. Guaranteed. Leading Without Leading
  4. 4. brand leadershipWHAT IS YOUR BRAND CTR FACTOR?Brand leadership is the fuzziest of fuzzy concepts. Wanna go from fuzzy tofizzy in 2 hours? Look through the CTR Factor lens. Brand leadership =Brand Credibility + Brand Trust + Brand Respect. How do you acquirethose three currencies? You will need to attend this session to find out,but here is a hint. Do you deliver distinctive, consistent Results? Do youbuild dependable, caring Relationships? Do you demonstrate superior,relevant Resources? If so, you will impact downstream cognitive variableslike awareness, understanding, and interest, affective variables like belief,liking, and intent, and behavioral variables like purchase, loyalty, andreferrals. But what are the antecedent variables to Brand Credibility,Trust, and Respect, you ask? Cant give everything away here. But, restassured, you wil have the keys to the kingdom when we are done.entrepreneurial leadershipLEVERAGING YOUR CTR FACTOR FOR SUCCESSBeing an entrepreneur is easy. Being a successful entrepreneur is tough.We know. We have looked at entrepreneurship from both sides now,from win and lose, and from up and down, to quote Neil Diamond. Youknow the difference maker we discovered between success and failure asan entrepreneur? Building respect with investors, customers, andemployees by being the smartest person in the room on the space youare in. Building trust with the same constituencies by demonstratingcharacter. Building credibility with the usual suspects by deliveringresults. Where do you stand on these dimensions with these keystakeholders, and what can you do to improve your scores? You will findout the answers to those questions in this session. Just make sure andremember us when you become the next Bill Gates, and cut us in for 1%. Leading Without LeadingCTR FACTORP.O. Box 7364Wesley Chapel, FL