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Applying Unemployment Insurance


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Have you ever considered how safe your job is? Despite an improving economy, thousands of jobs continue to be lost every month. Income Insurance from Nsure Direct provides protection should you lose your job, providing essential financial assistance to cover expenses like mortgage payments, rent, credit cards, utility bills, food bills, mobile phone bills, memberships etc. No matter what your financial condition is, Income Protection insurance provides real peace of mind enabling you to maintain your family’s standard of living in times of need

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Applying Unemployment Insurance

  1. 1. N-sure Direct Ltd Park House, 37 Clarence Street, LE1 3RW Tel 01285 626020 Things to Know Before Applying for Unemployment Insurance Over the last few years, the uncertainty in job has racked up significantly, pushing people to find an alternative of income to support their lives in case they have to leave their job. That is what makes the unemployment insurance an excellent choice for working people. But before you apply for unemployment insurance, you must look into some crucial things. When is Eligible for the Compensation? Whether you are eligible for the compensation or not depends on the several factors. So before applying for the insurance, it is very important that you check it properly with your insurer. 1. If you quit because your employer basically leaves you no other option, you may still be able to collect unemployment benefits. Besides, other reasons, which allow you to get compensation, include lack of work, constructive discharge, medical reasons, domestic violence, 2. Also, in some cases, you can be eligible for the compensation if you leave the job to care for a family member of yours. 3. If you quit your job or are fired in any of these conditions, you can be eligible for unemployment benefits. But, there are some conditions in which you cannot be eligible for the compensation. When are you not Eligible for the Compensation?
  2. 2. N-sure Direct Ltd Park House, 37 Clarence Street, LE1 3RW Tel 01285 626020 If you are fired or sacked off due to work-related misconduct, you cannot be eligible for the compensation. What are the work-related misconducts vary from organization to organizations. Also, different states have defined misconducts according to their laws and rules. So what you need to do before you apply for the insurance is to check the misconducts set by the state where you have been working and living for more six months. While some states have laws prohibiting termination for legal conduct outside of work, others not only allow employers to terminate for outside conduct, but disqualify you from unemployment benefits due to misconduct outside the workplace. These misconducts that can disqualify from unemployment benefits include criminal violations, violation of the company’s standards of behavior, or something that is deemed to be against the employer’s interests. Besides, there are several other reasons why you cannot be eligible for the compensation. Some of them include turning down a suitable job, falling a drug test, not looking for work, being permanently unable to work, getting freelance assignment, committing fraud, etc. Keep these in mind and choose an insurer providing need based income protection insurances at the most competitive prices. You can search such insurers online also. If you have taken loans then it will be better for you to find such insurance company, which also provides MPPI in the UK at lowest premium. Any enquiries about your policy please visit: