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Fun Summer Activities Checklist


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We love Summer !!!

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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Fun Summer Activities Checklist

  1. 1. SUMMER
  2. 2. Nostalgic * See a movie at the drive-in * Blow bubbles * Build a sandcastle at the beach * Spot fireflies at night
  3. 3. Eat and Drink * Eat a whole lobster with your hands * Eat a slice of watermelon * Mix up a pitcher of sangria * Roast marshmallows on a fire
  4. 4. Relax * Nap in a hammock * Watch the sun set from a beach * Dangle your feet off a dock * Stargaze while lying in the grass
  5. 5. The Great Outdoors * Pick wildflowers * Go camping * Toss a frisbee * Swim in a lake
  6. 6. Just Because * Collect seashells at the beach * Get caught in a summer rainstorm * Feel the sun on your back * Walk barefoot in the grass