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  1. 1. • Students will learn what a lathe is• Students will learn about the open source program ROKURO• Students will create sculpted prims using this program
  2. 2. A lathe is a machine that holds a piece ofwood in a horizontal position. It spins thewood and various wood tools are used to cutinto the spinning wood to create curves andgrooves.Early lathes were spun by using a foot pedal,but most now are electric.
  3. 3. The earliest known lathe was found in Egypt One person would turn the wood work piece with a rope while the other used a sharp tool to cut shapes in the wood
  4. 4. RokuroProjec t #1: The leg of achair/tablOpen ROKURO e• The default is a white background• The default aspect ratio is 32x32
  5. 5. Drag points on the rightside to create a simplespindle.1. Top2. Bottom
  6. 6. Drag points on the rightside to create a simplespindle.1. Top2. Bottom3. Three protrudencesSave as SpindleNS1.tgaMake sure it gets intoyour folder
  7. 7. When you upload the file to theJokaydia Grid, it will look like this. When you preview the image as a Sculpted Prim it will look like this. You don’t have to worry about it looking squished. You will stretch it out later when it’s on a prim.
  8. 8. • Create a cube and go to the object tab• Choose Sculpted• Drag the uploaded tga file onto the box below the word Sculpted
  9. 9. • Go to the Texture tab• Drag your favorite wood texture onto the texture box• Check Full BrightOPTIONAL• Add low shine• Repeat horizontal texture if needed
  10. 10. Students will: Learn that Ctrl + Shift + R = Wireframe mode toggle Learn that digital skin cover the wireframe to appear solid Learn that Rokuro & Tokoroten create wireframe objects called sculpted prims