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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. SICDADS Hopefully, not what you think it is..
  2. 2. S Sign I Induction C Cause D Deduction A Analogy D Definition S Statistics
  3. 3. S Sign I C D A D S
  4. 4. S I Induction C D A D S
  5. 5. S I C A Cause D A D S
  6. 6. S I Most uneven footprints are left by those who limp C D Deduction These footprints are uneven A The person who left these footprints limps D S
  7. 7. S I C D A Analogy D S
  8. 8. S I C D A Analogy D S
  9. 9. S I Self-esteem is narcissistic C An educational D goal is to teach self-esteem A This educational goal is narcissistic D Defintion S
  10. 10. S I C D A D S Statistics
  11. 11. S I C D A D S Statistics
  12. 12. How do we know if it’s valid?