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Sentence types

  1. 1. Sentence Patterns20 or so sentence types to borrow,steal, and modify. *Thanks to Longknife and Sullivan’s The Art of Styling Sentences for these patterns
  2. 2. Compound Sentences
  3. 3. Pattern 1 Sentence 1; sentence 2.
  4. 4. Pattern 1 I love sushi; I hate bacon.
  5. 5. Pattern 1b 1 sentence,[conjunction] 1 sentence.
  6. 6. Pattern 1bI love sushi, but I hate FANBOYS for bacon. and nor but or yet so
  7. 7. Pattern 1c 1 sent; 1 sent; 1sent.
  8. 8. Pattern 1c Bananas mystify; they surprise us; they make us question everything.
  9. 9. Pattern 2 Subject + verb [Direct Object/ Subject Compliment] ; Subject [omitted verb] Direct Object.
  10. 10. Pattern 2Michael preferred toemail people; Jane to text.
  11. 11. Pattern 2 In traditional playing cards, hearts represent the clergy; diamonds the merchants; spades the peasants; clubs the nobility.
  12. 12. Pattern 3 General statement: specific example. Full sentence : full sentence.
  13. 13. Pattern 3Hawaii exceeded herexpectations: the breezes weresofter and the beaches werewhiter.
  14. 14. Pattern 3 The empty coffin in the center of the crypt had a single horrifying meaning: Dracula was in search of fresh blood.
  15. 15. Sentences with Series
  16. 16. Pattern 4Series without a conjunctionA, B, C
  17. 17. Pattern 4 I have come to you without sin, without guile, without evil, without a witness against me. --Book of the Dead
  18. 18. Pattern 4aA and B and C.A or B or C.
  19. 19. Pattern 4a To be a better player you have to study and practice and play the game.
  20. 20. Pattern 5 Series of balanced pairs TextA and B, C and D, E and F.
  21. 21. Pattern 5 Great artists are often seen Text in pairs: Michelangelo and da Vinci, Gaugin and van Gogh, Monet and Cézanne.
  22. 22. Pattern 5 Tension is everywhere--kids at odds with parents, teachers, other kids and Text themselves; confused about life and love, popularity and principles, vitriol and virtue. --Susan Faust
  23. 23. Pattern 6Introductory series of appositives Text Appositive, appositive,appositive-- summary word S V.
  24. 24. Pattern 6 Text students, the teachers, The the parents--all enjoyed the field trip.
  25. 25. Pattern 6 A car crash harnesses elements of eroticism, Text aggression, desire, speed, drama, kinesthetic factors, the stylization of motion, consumer goods, status--all in one event. J.G. Ballard
  26. 26. Pattern 7 An internal series of appositives or modifiers Text -- --S or modifier, modifier, modifier V ( )
  27. 27. Pattern 7 They learned the qualities of Text sportsmanship--cooperation, practice, and dedication--by carefully studying the coach’s example.
  28. 28. Pattern 7a A single Text appositive or pair S -- or ( appositive -- or ) V.
  29. 29. Pattern 7aThat smell--his mother’sText chili--reminded him of his happychildhood.
  30. 30. Pattern 8Dependent clauses in a pair or series TextIf...,if...,if..., then S V.When...,when...,when..., S V.S V that..., that..., that...
  31. 31. Pattern 8 When I Text just learning to swim, when I was was afraid of the water, when I was sure I would drown, my parents threw me into the pool.
  32. 32. Repetitions
  33. 33. Pattern 9 S V key term [-- or ,] repeated key term.
  34. 34. Pattern 9We live in our own individual Textworlds---our inner worlds, theworlds of the mind.
  35. 35. Pattern 9a S V key term repeated in same part of sentence.
  36. 36. Pattern 9a His greatest discoveries, his greatest successes, his greatest influence on society came to Edison only after repeated failure.
  37. 37. Pattern 10Emphatic appositive at the end Textafter a commaS V word: the appositive (2ndnaming)
  38. 38. Pattern 10The vampire feared only two Textthings: the sun and Twilightfans.
  39. 39. Pattern 10 In perpetuating a revolution, there are two Textrequirements: someone or something to revolt against and someone to show up and do the revolting. Woody Allen
  40. 40. Pattern 10aIt’s not surprising then that many Textsociologists believe we are a nation ofsubstance abusers--drinkers, smokers,overeaters, and pill poppers.Alfred Rosa and Paul Eschholz
  41. 41. Text Modifiers
  42. 42. Pattern 11 S, Textmodifier , V S-- modifier -- V S (modifier) V
  43. 43. Pattern 11Research on the computer--using Textresources such as Wikipedia--makeswriting papers easier.
  44. 44. Pattern 11a S--Text Sentence -- V Full S (Full Sentence) V
  45. 45. Pattern 11a They were being careful but American ingenuity--our Text nation is one of the world’s leaders in land mine technology--has made even looking for landmines a dangerous propisition. --Jon Carroll
  46. 46. Pattern 12-ing-edirregular Participial phrase , S V. S V , participial phrase.
  47. 47. Pattern 12Having won the lottery, the lady paid cash for the Ferrari.
  48. 48. Pattern 12The lady paid cash for the Ferrari, having won the lottery. Don’t dangle participles!
  49. 49. Pattern 13 Modifier can be in other positions A Single Modifier out of place for emphasis Modifier, S V.
  50. 50. Pattern 13Delighted, Anna picked up the$20 bill from the sidewalk.
  51. 51. Pattern 13Sea Monsters, unfortunately,are not actually real.
  52. 52. Inversions
  53. 53. Pattern 14Prepositional Phrase before S and VPrep phrase, S V (or V S)
  54. 54. Pattern 14 From an evolutionary point of view,Rule of thumb: man has stopped moving, if he ever didcomma after 5 move. words --Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  55. 55. Pattern 15 Inversion TextObject or subject compliment S V.
  56. 56. Pattern 15 Inversion TextOverrated the Heisman Tropheymay be, but it remains the gaol of all college football players.
  57. 57. Pattern 15a Inversion Object or compliment or modifier V S.
  58. 58. Pattern 15a Inversion Down the aisle and through the crowd pranced the evil supervillain.
  59. 59. TextBig Mix of Patterns
  60. 60. Pattern 16Not only S V, but also S V. TextJust as S V, so too S V.The more S V, the more S V.If not clause, at least S V.
  61. 61. Pattern 16 “Not only do I knock them Text out, but I [also] pick the round. --Muhammad Ali
  62. 62. Pattern 16 Yikes! Not parallel! Neither his teacher’s lectures Text nor his mother complaining all the time, stopped him from acting like a fool.
  63. 63. Pattern 16 Better! Now it is! Neither his teacher’s lectures Text nor his mother’s complaints, stopped him from acting like a fool.
  64. 64. Pattern 16aA paired construction for contrast Text Not this, but that. This, not that
  65. 65. Pattern 16a When we are happy we are Textgood, but when we are good we are not always happy. --Oscar Wilde
  66. 66. Pattern 17Dependent clause as a subject Text or object or compliment S [dependent clause] V. S V [dependent clause].
  67. 67. Pattern 17 TextThat he was a werewolf becameobvious when he started eating all thevillagers.
  68. 68. Pattern 17 TextAnn never discovered why herhusband turned into a zombie.
  69. 69. Pattern 18Absolute Constructions TextAbsolute Construction, S V.S, absolute construction, V. Can use either -- or () here.
  70. 70. Pattern 18 Absolute Text His UFO broken beyond repair, ET decided to enslave Earth.
  71. 71. Pattern 18 Dependent Text Because his UFO was broken beyond repair, ET decided to enslave Earth.
  72. 72. Pattern 18 Independent Text His UFO was broken beyond repair, so ET decided to enslave Earth.
  73. 73. Pattern 18 She sat back on the bed, her head Texther lips moving feverishly, bowed, her eyes rising only to scan the walls. --Anne Rice Interview with a Vampire
  74. 74. Pattern 19 Short sentence or question.
  75. 75. Pattern 19 You might think that if you were good looking, funny, and well- dressed, you’d be guaranteed a role on a reality TV show. You’d be wrong.
  76. 76. Pattern 20 TextPurposeful fragment
  77. 77. Pattern 20My mom wanted me to wait Textuntil next week to see TheDark Knight Rises. Hah!