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Rhetorical analysis step by step


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Rhetorical analysis step by step

  1. 1. How do I write arhetorical analysis prompt?
  2. 2. Read the prompt! make sure you understand what they are asking you to do
  3. 3. Read the selection! 1) What is the speaker trying to argue? 2) What is the situation the speaker speaks in? (aud, context)
  4. 4. Read the selection again! Try to find 4! What moves does the author make? Which quotes show that?
  5. 5. Plan your essay! Topic sentence = 1 rhetorical strategy Thesis = 2-3 rhetorical strategies tied to the speaker’s argument.
  6. 6. Write your introduction! Cursory hook Clear thesis which identifies the strategies you’ll examine and the argument the speaker is making.
  7. 7. Write your body paragraphs! 1.Topic sentence identifies the rhetorical strategy 2.Set-up give context to the quote 3.Quote (who said it?)Most important 4.ANALYSIS: Explore why this speaker would use this move. 5.
  8. 8. Write your conclusion! Get out quick!
  9. 9. Think like this! Don’t worry about proper terminology. Think like an arguer. Why is this person making these decisions for this audience?
  10. 10. Avoid... Writing “Logos, Ethos, Pathos” Evaluating success of the strategies only Summarizing argument or only Identifying strategies