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  1. 1. Argument
  2. 2. Argument an attempt to persuade someone of something, by giving reasons or evidence for accepting a particular conclusion
  3. 3. TheGreeks
  4. 4. Rhetoric
  5. 5. RhetoricThe ways we influence what people do, think, or say.
  6. 6. The Tree of Rhetoric
  7. 7. The Tree of RhetoricLogos
  8. 8. The Tree of Rhetoric PathosLogos
  9. 9. The Tree of Rhetoric PathosLogos Ethos
  10. 10. Logical
  11. 11. LogosSyllogism:All students want to LearnBrenda is a StudentBrenda Wants to Learn
  12. 12. Logos Commonplace--Audience alreadyEnthymeme: believes thisAll students want to LearnBrenda is a StudentBrenda Wants to Learn
  13. 13. LogosDeductive Reasoning: Reasoning from PrinciplesWe all know that freedom is better thanslavery, so a freer school system is clearlybetter for allInductive Reasoning: Reasoning from ExperienceIn every school system we studied, those withlater start times had better attendance andTest Scores
  14. 14. LogosCause/Effect:If we start school later, Students will learn more
  15. 15. The Tree of Rhetoric Pathos
  16. 16. Emotional
  17. 17. PathosHow we appeal to the feelings of our audience in order tomove them.
  18. 18. EmotionalFear, Discrimination, RevengeLove, C harity, Brotherhood
  19. 19. EmotionalUse of Figurative Speech: metaphors, rhetorical questions,parallelism
  20. 20. Is Pathos more or less Effective/Fairthan Logos in Argumenation?
  21. 21. The Tree of Rhetoric Ethos
  22. 22. Credibility
  23. 23. CredibilityPersuading by convincing the audience that the speaker isworth listening to
  24. 24. CredibilityTrustworthiness
  25. 25. CredibilityTrustworthinessSimilarity
  26. 26. CredibilityTrustworthinessSimilaritySpecial Knowledge
  27. 27. CredibilityTrustworthinessSimilaritySpecial KnowledgeExpert Knowledge
  28. 28. CredibilityTrustworthinessSimilaritySpecial KnowledgeExpert Knowledge:I want to convince the principal to let students wearpolitical messages on their t-shirts. Which ethos issuesshould I consider?
  29. 29. The Tree of Rhetoric LogicalEmotional Credibility
  30. 30. Classical GreekOratory
  31. 31. Classical Oration Introduction (Exordium):I beginning the web, draw interest Narration (Narratio): factual info,Never define the problem Confirmation (Confirmatio): detailCalled about the arguments, the nuts and bolts of your case Refutation (Refutatio): addressesRhetoric counter-arguments, consider audience Conclusion (Peroratio): satisfyingCrazy close