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College workshop 10.11.11


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Published in: Education
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College workshop 10.11.11

  1. 1. College Workshop 101
  2. 2. Where to start? Interest assessments and career exploration List of priorities Check out college search websites
  3. 3. COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS… What you need to know
  4. 4. GET THE APPLICATION Visit the school website to find out the type of application and the specific application requirements. Almost 100% of the applications will be done online.
  5. 5. Three Types of Applications Common Application Online Paper (Rare)
  6. 6. READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! It is your responsibility to figure out exactly what each school wants No more, no less.
  7. 7. Common Application This is ALL online (mostly private schools) Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Secondary School Reports, Essays, etc....ALL SUBMITTED ONLINE
  8. 8. Common Application You will be directed to the common application website through the school to which you are applying Invite counselor and teacher to complete recommendations through school forms link
  9. 9. Login Screen h,p:// Students register by clicking Go here
  10. 10. Naviga6on Menu A5er you register, the naviga9on menu appears on the le5 side of the screen.  Students can move through the applica9on by clicking through each of the sec9ons. To Invite Counselors/Teachers
  11. 11. School Forms When students first click on School Forms, they will need to complete the FERPA Waiver.
  12. 12. Invi6ng School Officials On the Invita9on page applicants answer a few brief ques9ons about the school official and click on Send Invita9on to no9fy the official of the request.
  13. 13. Invi6ng School Officials If the student selects Teacher, a subject ques9on appears.
  14. 14. SECONDARY SCHOOL REPORTS Asks for your rank, course rigor, personal qualities, your criminal record, etc. Completed by Counselor See Ms. Roma with questions
  15. 15. College Specific Online Application Most State Schools (UW, Western, WSU, etc.) Mostly online...might need transcripts, etc.
  16. 16. SEND TEST SCORES Most colleges prefer that your test scores be sent directly from the testing agency. or
  17. 17. TRANSCRIPTS Make sure transcript is correct. Pick-up an unofficial transcript from Ms. Roma ASAP Bring Ms. Roma an envelope that is addressed to the school, has a stamp, and has your name on the top left corner Request if you want test scores included
  18. 18. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (If Required) Pick up personal information sheet in the counseling office. Use the outline when requesting teacher and counselor recommendation Via email, send your counselor your personal information responses
  19. 19. Personal Essay….Remember Purpose of your essay is to let them know who you are, information beyond all that is in the rest of the application. Be creative and don’t try to outsmart your reader!
  20. 20. DEADLINES!!!!! Make sure to pay close attention to these! University of Washington’s deadline is December 1st! Go Huskies! Beat Colorado!
  21. 21. Questions Please see Ms. Roma in the counseling center or your counselor.