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  • The acceleratorbubbleis not evennewsanymore. It‘s a factBut yes, ifyouwanttomakeit global, and do not havesufficientnetwork, international experience, fundingTry togettothebestones.Seedcamp 1 to 100 chancetogetfunded1 to 1o togetmentoredOnceyouarethere, press coverage, networking & fundraisinggeteasier30% ofstartupsarefrom Eastern EuropeHackFwd likesgeeks, gettothemthrough an introducer (none in Macedoniayet)
  • European startup scene

    1. 1. European Startup Scene by @NatashaStarkell CEO Contributor TechCrunch
    2. 2. let‘s get inspired first! @NatashaStarkell
    3. 3. so you have a startup, do you need to attend events? all that travelling can get expensive concept validation / networking with investors & press /potential media coverage are a big plus @natashastarkell
    4. 4. I need the dollar, the dollar is all I needlocal business angels / Western angels with industry expertiseVCs: know their geographical and stage focus. Can be expensive.Runa Capital will take up to 50% of your company, 1 out of 1000 getsfundedSeed stage VCs: not many dare to go East.Credo Ventures, RSG Capital, Speed Invest, Kima Ventures, RunaCapital, HardGammaWestern VCs follow good accelerators, will expect you to move westwards @natashastarkell
    5. 5. should I to apply to an accelerator program? @natashastarkell
    6. 6. accelerator issuesa selection bias. If you pick winners, you see winners. But do you add valueas an accelerator?huge choice in Europe and the USgood ones help with mentorship, fundraising, tech mediabad ones struggle to get media and investors for the DEMO dayY-Combinator, TechStars, 500Startups, Seedcamp, HackFwd, StartupSaunasupported Eastern European teams in the past @natashastarkell
    7. 7. tech mediagotta have a storypersonal relationships with bloggers & journalists are importantmeet, link via social media, comment their posts, share and retweet to stayon radar KEEP THE CONNECTION WARM or be forgottenwarn them in advance about news comingtype of news: is it worth writing about? Think about story angles, deadlinesembargos versus exclusivityForget press releases, start twittering @natashastarkell
    8. 8. look for these faces at the conference introduce yourself, stay in touchMike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe Bobbie Johnson, GigaOm Martin Bryant, Chief Editor, The Next Web Roxanne Varza, Rude Baguette Ivo Spigel, The Kernel Ben Rooney, WSJ Tech Europe
    9. 9. a day in a life…MorningRead news, 22 blogs from CEE, dozen western tech news and blogswork on a post or twoNEED TO CONCENTRATEAfternoonShare the story, react to the feedbackInterviewsMore news coming in through email, twitter, instant messaging, RSSNetwork with othersREAL WORK STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE (I am an unpaid blogger!)Unscheduled Facebook and Skype chat are distracting.EveningManage social media, more stories, more reading, more actual work @natashastarkell
    10. 10. names, links, lists, related Follow on twitter: @NatashaStarkell Google+ Facebook LinkedIn