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Project idea

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  1. 1. W2:Cooperative strategies in the classroom<br />P1: GUESS WHAT’S HAPPENING NEXT?<br />Short description:<br />Primary students draw a picture. Focusing on the diversity, French students start imagining and then writing a story based on the picture. This first part of the story is sent to the next partner school who continues the story. The final story will be translated and recorded in the different partners’ languages.<br />Age of students: 6 – 16 years old<br />
  2. 2. P1: ???????<br />Aims:<br />Get to know the diversity in each classroom<br />Writing a story in a foreign language<br />Some activities:<br />Drawing pictures<br />Writing a story<br />Recording a story in different languages<br />W2:Cooperative strategies in the classroom<br />
  3. 3. P1: ???????<br />Some products:<br />Short story recorded in different languages<br />Tools to be used (ICT):<br />Blogs<br />Drawing software ( / /<br />Moodle platform<br />W2:Cooperative strategies in the classroom<br />
  4. 4. P1: ???????<br />Schools / teachers<br />France<br />Poland<br />Portugal<br />Coordinators / mail<br />France<br />W2:Cooperative strategies in the classroom<br />