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Steps in Starting a Nonprofit Organization in California


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If you're planning to start a non-profit organization in the US there are some steps that are needed to accomplished first.

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Steps in Starting a Nonprofit Organization in California

  1. 1. Steps in Starting aNon-profit Organizationin California
  2. 2. California is a state with manyorganizations in place and thesteps to starting a non-profitorganization is not that hard toaccomplish.So, here are the steps to followbefore starting a non-profitorganization in California.
  3. 3. “Decide thename of theorganization.”There are currentdatabases alwaysavailable for peopleto check names ofother organizationsas not to repeat thesame name.
  4. 4. “File your business name withyour articles of incorporation.”No business or organization is legal unlessthe name has been filed with the articles ofincorporation. The articles of incorporationidentify things such as the business name,business purpose and the person/s whoassumes responsibility for the business.
  5. 5. “Draft the conflict of interestpolicies and bylaws.”California non-profitbusiness owners shouldalways draft the conflictof interest policies andthe bylaws, which canprovide board membersguidance and reassuranceof good practices ofservices.
  6. 6. “File Form CT-1 with theCalifornia AttorneyGeneral’s Office.”This is a yearlyregistration that mustbe filed with theRegistry of CharitableTrusts in California30 days afterassessing property.
  7. 7. “File for federal tax exemptionwith the IRS.”It is always importantto be in contact withthe IRS in filing for afederal tax exemption,and the final step inthat particular processis receiving adetermination letterback from the IRS.
  8. 8. “Apply for a tax exemption inCalifornia.”One of the last things to do for proceedingwith the steps in starting a non-profitorganization in California is to apply for atax exemption, and wait to receive theexemption letter.
  9. 9. With those steps completed, a non-profitorganization should be ready to serve thecommunity.www.NationalSocialServices.orgImages courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.netAfter setting up your non-profit organization,submit it to social service directories likeNational Social Services. It offers free advertisingof all non-profit organizations in the U.S., visit