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Speed control of_bldc_motor_with_simple_c[1]

  1. 1. SPEED CONTROL OF BLDC MOTOR WITH SIMPLE COMMUTATION ON PIC 24HJ128GP-310 PLATFORM Speed control of BLDC motors are increasingly demanded in manyof the industrial and aerospace application. The conventional methods ofimplementing commutation for the BLDC motors are the TrapezoidalCommutation and Sinusoidal Commutation. Trapezoidal Commutationalthough has the inherent advantage of simpler implementation andlesser switching losses, has the disadvantage of increased torque ripple.Sinusoidal Commutation on the other hand offers theoretically zerotorque ripple, however results in increased switching loss andimplementation complexity. The paper proposes a commutation schemewhich combines the advantages of both Trapezoidal and Sinusoidalcommutation. The proposed commutation offers the advantage ofreduced switching loss, reduced torque ripple and does not requirecomplex implementation. The proposed commutation is used in the speed control of BLDCmotor. The simulation of the speed control of BLDC motor is carried outusing MATLAB/SIMULINK. The implementation of the proposed schemeand the speed control of BLDC motor are to be implemented on a24HJ128GP310 PIC platform. The validation of the experimental resultsagainst the simulation results are also within the scope of the project.
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  5. 5. Question and Answer from Yahoo! Answers • Zombie Q: What is the difference betwwen a 3-phase stepper motor with encoder and a dc-brushless motor? What is the difference between a 3 phase 16step/rev stepper motor in comparision to a DC-brushless motor with ... A: In some configurations there is very little difference. Reasons follow: Stepper motors by continuous encodings or a stopped (addressing) code provide a rotating field or even a stopped field by converting digital BCD counts into a code that by a planned coincidence causes the fields electromagnetic poles to N and S positions to attract the S and N armature poles to a desired orientation, ... • Deepak K Q: Can I control the speed of a BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR using voltage control technique? The voltage control technique is generally used for DC motors with brushes. Can I use the same technique for ... A: Yes. If the motor has no built-in commutator or control circuitry, the external circuitry can be designed to both control voltage and provide commutation. If the motor has an internal electronic commutator circuit, the voltage can probably be controlled externally over some range, but the external control circuitry must be designed to avoid interfering with the internal circuitry. • Deepak K Q: Will I be able to control the speed of a BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR using voltage control technique.?
  6. 6. The Voltage control technique is generally used for DC motors which have brushes for commutation. Can I use the ... A: I dont think so. I am not expert in this area but all the brushless DC motors we use are 3 phase. You have to turn the phases on in a specific sequence and you need motor position feedback from hall effect sensors to determine when you do that. Perhaps there are other kinds though.• Lim K Q: How to I pre-empt DC brushless motor defect? Hi, I would like to find out how can I have a simple test on the DC brushless motor ... A: A few things: Measure no-load RPM - if lower than spec, it may be on its way out. Measure current-draw as compared to a new unit. If significantly higher (or lower) may be on its way out. Measure torque. Same as above. Check for vibration. Check for excessive heat. It would also be useful to know the ...• Jonny Mick Q: when designing a brushless dc motor-what ways can efficiency be improved? im possibly interested in building a brushless dc motor for a solar powered cart project, what things should be ... A: ah, frictionless bearings and wear-never materials running enclosed in a vacuum minimizing friction and needing no fans to cool. In reality, fudge on the above to achieve near-success• ghwenty... Q: Links showing how a brushless dc motor works? Any websites or links where I can find a picture, schematic or animation to show how a brushless dc ...
  7. 7. A: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brush... has a good write up but this link has a great animation that will make it all make sense to you, electronics.howstuffworks.c... gudluk• Jake Q: is it possible to make simple brushless dc motor controllers? given that my resources are micro-controllers and any relativity inexpensive discrete components or chips, is it possible to ... A: Depends on motor to some extent, but yes. To start, you need schematic/spec sheet on motor to see how it is wound and is to be controlled, including feedback if any. Then, just google. Try something like "pic microcontroller brushless dc motor" PIC has several application notes on it, but lots of people do. App notes ...• Khairul... Q: A very simple circuit consist microcontroller at89s52 to control speed and direction for brushless dc motor? i have difficulties in designing a circuit to run a sensorless 24V brushless dc motor.. anyway, i have ... A: I assume you mean a three phase brushless motor. The drive is three separate phases 120 degrees apart, and it might be a square wave or a sine wave depending on the motor. Thius it uses 6 output ports. If it is a sine wave it will probably be generated by a PWM modulator and LPF combination for each phase. It becomes very similar to ...• Adam Q: What would you need to do to a brushless DC motor to turn it into a generator? I am new to learning about generators and dont know much about DC electricity. I am experimenting with building ...
  8. 8. A: Hi, First of all,a brushless DC motor needs an alternative arrangement that could cause the reversal of input direct current for developing a constant torque in armature.This may be achieved with the help of any electronic inverter connected to the input terminals of motor as the brushes in a dc motor actually act as mechanical inverter. Now,to run a dc motor as generator: Rotate ... • ericnutsch Q: Can a brushless DC motor be used as a generator ? I understand that a brush-less DC motor must have a controller which generates AC current to drive the unit ... A: There are 2 types of brushless motors. 1 is actually an AC motor, 3- phase,that is driven from an inverter from DC to AC. It is common in such as electric powered models, and varying the AC frequency is used to control speed. Such a motor might be used as an alternator to produce AC electricity. Then there is the brushless DC & ...More from Yahoo! Answers » Q&A from Askville • "Where can I get a replcement speed controller for a ... ...CANBus 2.0B, or an asynchronous serial port. User selectable profiling modes include Scurve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring and electronic gearing. Servo loop compensation utilizes a full 32-bit position error, PID with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limit, and dual bi-quad filters for sophisticated motion control of complex loads. Magellan works with Pro- Motion®, a Microsoft Windows®-based prototyping ...Read more: http://www.rightautos.com/topic/DC_brushless_motor/Q-and-A#ixzz1IMGl0enJ