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Unit 6 project


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digital storytelling

Published in: Education
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Unit 6 project

  1. 1. WHAT I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN A story about being in school.
  2. 2. I learned what animals need toLive.
  3. 3. CHINESE NEW YEARI learned about the Chinese New Year Culture.
  4. 4. I learned about the endangeredHawaiian animals.
  5. 5. 100 One HundredI learned how to count to 100.
  6. 6. I learned what color vegetables are.
  7. 7. I learned how to be safe in my community.
  8. 8. I learned how to make my own Character called the Musubi Man.
  9. 9. I learned how to fly a kite.
  10. 10. I learned how to pray for families hurt by others.
  11. 11. I learned about how things decompose.
  12. 12. I learned how to use shapes to make things.
  13. 13. I learned how to listen.
  14. 14. This is what I learned in Kindergarten. I want to see what youLearned too.