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Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

  1. 1. N U M New Urban Mechanics An Experiment in Government
  2. 2. What is New Urban Mechanics? 1 A Philosophy: Transformative services for the public 2 A Model: An R&D Incubator for Urban Innovation 3 A Partnership: Mayor’s Office and DOIT
  3. 3. Our Approach N Networks not silos U Users not consumers M Models not services
  4. 4. N Networks not silos • Cultivate and leverage partnerships • Be Brave! Other cities aren’t our enemies • Find your network of innovators!
  5. 5. U Users not consumers • Peer-production • Be Human-Centered • User feedback is our most important metric
  6. 6. M Models not services • Design for sustainability • Government services need overhauling! • Disrupt your own models!
  7. 7. But what do we actually do? 1 Act as Marriage Brokers 2 Run a municipal R&D Incubator 3 Build Social Network of Innovators
  8. 8. Municipal Innovation Incubator
  9. 9. Key Pattern of Innovation • When we look at what works for us as an organization, we see the Social Network Incubator pattern to be very successful • In this model, ideas, both internal and external are developed and incubated by a social network of 20 or so innovators in City government
  10. 10. Incubator Network • By building on this model we can reduce the usual risk with innovation that are associated with trying unknown techniques • So, we start by creating a real Incubator Network composed of: – Incubators – Board Members
  11. 11. Incubator and Board • The Incubators are responsible for both idea generation, development and solicitation as well as being an open door into the City for the Public • The Board is responsible for giving a go/ no-go signal for the various projects that come in, and, where appropriate, channeling resources to accepted projects • Note: Resources here does not mean only dollars, in-kind resources, access to data and people are all significant resources the City has access to
  12. 12. Staffing • The initial network of Incubators will be a cross-departmental group of 15 – 20 City employees with a proven track record for developing projects from inception to finish • The initial Board will consist of: – The Chief of Staff – The Chief Information Officer • These specific boars member positions have been selected for their ability to both support innovative projects and to route the necessary resources to them
  13. 13. Supporting Platform • In order to facilitate these processes, a platform is needed that can act both as a place to deliberate on ideas as well as a clearinghouse of ideas/projects,etc • The VenCorps platform from SpencerTrask was developed as an enhancement to the basic process used by Venture Capitalists to select projects in which to invest and as such fits the Incubator Network model very
  14. 14. Funding • The City has been in communication with the VenCorps team and as a result it will be free for the City to use • With a organization and supporting platform in place, the missing element is funding • By providing a capital pool of $XXX,XXX the City will provide grants to local innovators