The India Quiz (Finals)- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013


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The India Quiz (Finals)- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013

  2. 2. 1This is a song parodying the melodrama shown in Bollywood songs.The singer and the actor in this parody is someone extremely popular from the world of entertainment. Identify him. h?v=8H1tG7DIwzc
  3. 3. Neil Patrick Harris
  4. 4. 2One of the most beautiful airstrips in India. Where is this located?
  5. 5. Agatti Airport, Lakshadweep
  7. 7. This is the place in 20-rupee currency note. View from the police mess in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  8. 8. 4He is the first person from his state to do something. Who is he and what did he do?
  9. 9. Pervez Rasool Zargar – first cricketer from J&K to represent India
  10. 10. 5. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  11. 11. In an extraordinary tribute to the 23-year old rape victim 600 guitarists play John Lennons Imagine, in Darjeeling, India.
  13. 13. 7This hero was the son of Ulupi and Arjun. Each year, thousands of transgender and transvestite people go to the village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu in the Tamil month of Chitrai. These people marry the God and cry the next day from widowhood. Name the Hero.
  14. 14. Iravan
  15. 15. 8. AD FOR WHICH BRAND?
  16. 16. GODREJ
  17. 17. 9For 29 years, from 1719-1748, he barely took the trouble to makewar, watched patridge fights in the morning, and was entertained by mime artists in the evening. Frequently dressed in a womans tunic and pearl-embroidered shoes, he was bestowed the moniker of _______, the colorful one.Identify this Mughal ruler, one of the few to suffer the ignonimy of having no road in Delhi named after him.
  18. 18. Raushan Akhtar Muhammad Shah, also known as Rangeela
  19. 19. 10 X are chiselled out of locally available special light softwood („Tella Poniki‟) and painted with vegetable dyes, and vibrantenamel colours are world famous artistic wonders. They are made by artisans said to have migrated from Rajasthan several generations ago. The most popular toys are „Dasavatarams‟, palanquin-bearers carrying the bride and bridegroom, toddy tapper, set of village craftsmen, besides animals. ID X.
  20. 20. Kondapalli Toys
  21. 21. 11It is believed that X was created by the Rishis Atri, Pulastya andPulaha when they couldn‟t find any water. They dug a hole in theground and filled it with water from the Great Mansarovar lake. The name, however, comes from a different myth. ID X.
  22. 22. Nainital
  23. 23. 12 Starring Simone Singh, Aparna Banerjee, Maria Goretti, Cyrus Broacha, Nikhil Chinnappa, Anil Dimbri, Mandira Bedi, thisshow was the Indian version of a very Famous American sitcom.But unlike the original, which aired 236 episodes, this show could only manage 26. It was aired on Zee Tv. ID the show.
  24. 24. Hello Friends
  25. 25. SVC +20/-101 of 4
  26. 26. +15/-72 of 4
  27. 27. +10/-53 of 4
  28. 28. +5/04 of 4
  29. 29. ANSWER Ring Road Inner Ring Road – Mahatma Gandhi MargOuter Ring Road – Olof Palme Marg, Gamal Abdel Nasser Marg, Ho Chi Minh Marg, Dr. K.B. Hedgewar Marg.
  31. 31. 1322 March 1739 remains the bloodiest day in Delhi history. What started atthe Sunehri Masjid of Roshan-ud-dowla near the Kotwali Chabutra in themiddle of Chandni Chowk, spread in no time to Dariba Kalan, Fatehpuri, Faiz Bazar, Hauz Kazi, Johri Bazar and the Lahori, Ajmeri and Kabuli gates. During the course of one day, something like 20,000 to 30,000 Indianmen, women and children were slaughtered, making it the largest massacre Delhi has witnessed.In the words of the Tazkira of Anand Ram Mukhlis - "Here and there someopposition was offered, but in most places people were butchered unresistingly. Violenthands were laid on everything and everybody. For a long time, streets remained strewn with corpses, as the walks of a garden with dead leaves and flowers. The town was reduced to ashes." What word in Urdu, meaning „a holocaust‟ derives from this incident?
  32. 32. Nadir Shah‟s Qatl-e-aam (sack) of DelhiThis gave rise to the popular Urdu word – nadirshahi – which means a “holocaust”.
  33. 33. 14. CONNECT
  34. 34. The person on the left is Mir Baqi, a general of Babur, who allegedly destroyed the Ram temple at Ayodhya. The middle pic shows the demolition of Babri Masjid.And, the person on the right is Justice M. S. Liberhan. Liberhan Commission was formed to investigate the destruction of the disputed structure.
  35. 35. 15On March 17, 1978, an unusual phenomenon took place in North Campus, Delhi University that left 28 dead and more than 700 injured. The uniqueness of the phenomenon from others of itskind was in its dynamics and distance, leaving its cause debatableeven today. Many reputed scientists have attributed this event to “unnatural causes”, with several having already cited a UFO proximity as the reason. Which event ?
  36. 36. New Delhi Tornado of 1978
  37. 37. 16 Its name comes from the fact that it was here duringthe Mahabharata era, that Lord Brahma, Hindu God of Creation,had bathed and recovered his lost memory and sacred books and hence the name X, literally “realization of knowledge”. But the main reason why X is known, was actually started by the eldest Pandava brother, Prince Yudhisthira, the king of Indraprastha. X?
  38. 38. Nigambodh Ghat – Delhi‟s oldest and largest burning ghat for funeral rites.
  39. 39. 17This Modern English word is derived from a Hindi word which inturn has come from the Sanskrit root “chapyati” ( ) whichmeans „to pound, knead‟. However this word is now used both as a noun and a verb.
  40. 40. Shampoo
  41. 41. 18 The city of X was in charge of a commission with 30 members. They were divided into 6 Boards of 5 members in each Board. Collectively,all the members worked like a Municipal Body to manage the affairs of the capital. Separately, the 6 Boards were in charge of six separatedepartment, such as, industrial affairs and wages, foreigners, births anddeaths, trade and commerce, manufactures and the collection of taxes. As the head of the state, Y was responsible for appointing ministers,priests, officers and servants. Y‟s intelligence department was thorough and efficient, with its network of secret informers everywhere. His security was of utmost importance and he was guarded by femalebodyguards inside the palace, slept in different rooms everyday and his food and clothes were tested before being presented to him. Which administration are we talking about?
  42. 42. Pataliputra
  43. 43. 19. CONNECT
  44. 44. Razia Sultan; all three are claimed to be the tombs of Razia Sultan Tonk, Rajasthan Delhi Kaithal, Haryana
  45. 45. 20 During the making of this 1960 blockbuster, X, the producer asked the music director to get the best classical singer of that time to playback for thelegendary ______, to which the music director suggested that Y would be thebest choice. But Y was reluctant to sing for movies. When X met Y, he offered to pay any amount of money for the songs, but refused to leave without Y‟s consent. To avoid this commitment, Y quoted an amount of Rs 25000 for a 5minute song, which was abnormally high for those days where the highest pay was Rs 1000. But to his amazement, X agreed. Since Y still did not want to lend his voice to the songs, he insisted that the sequence of the song be shot first, hoping that X would refuse such an unreasonable demand. But X agreed, and hence Y sang two classics which are now a part of the movie. Give me Y and the part in the movie that he played.
  46. 46. Y – Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan He gave the voice for Tansen
  47. 47. 21 "Madhur Madhur mere deepak jal Yug yug pratidin pratishan pratipal priyatam ka path aalokit kar" Written by one of the four major poets of the Chhayavaadischool of the Hindi literature, this is an excerpt from one of the famous works of X. Also a noted painter, X had been awardedPadma Bhushan, Sahitya Academy Award and Padma Vibhushan. ID X.
  48. 48. Mahadevi Verma
  49. 49. 22. BLANKED PARTS, PLEASE.
  50. 50. 23X, the daughter of Indonesias first President, Y, herself served as the first female President from 2001 to 2004. Born on a day of heavy rain in 1947, her name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning Goddess of the Clouds. She was named thus by Z, an eminent Indian leader at Ys request. ID X, Y and Z.
  51. 51. X - Megawati Sukarnoputri Y – Sukarno Z – Biju Patnaik
  52. 52. 24 X was the daughter of Vasu and Adrika. She was calledMatsyagandha, because of her foul smell. One day, she met a rishiY, who became overcome with desire and wanted to her to satiatehis lust. She asked two boons from him, the first being the gift of fragrance, she was henceforth called Yojanagandha, and thesecond being Virgo intacta. Z was born as a result of their union. Identify X, Y and Z.
  53. 53. X – Satyavati Y – ParasharaZ – Ved Vyasa (or Krishna Dwaipayana)
  54. 54. LVC
  55. 55. 1 +35/-20
  56. 56. 2 +30/-15
  57. 57. 3 +25/-15
  58. 58. 4 +20/-10
  59. 59. 5 +15/-10
  60. 60. 6 +10/-5
  61. 61. 7 +5/0
  62. 62. ANSWER
  63. 63. INDIAN WEBSITES TAKEN DOWN BY ANONYMOUS1) 1) Indian National Congress2) 2) Trinamool Congress3) 3) Shiv Sena4) 4) Delhi Police5) 5) BSNL6) 6) Supreme Court of India7) 7) IIPM