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The Comics N Cartoons Quiz - NSIT Quiz Fest 2014


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The Comics N Cartoons filler Quiz at the NSIT Quiz Fest 2014, conducted by the NSIT Quiz Club, from 21st-23rd Feb.

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The Comics N Cartoons Quiz - NSIT Quiz Fest 2014

  1. 1. The Comics „n‟ Cartoons Quiz THE NSIT QUIZ FEST 2014
  3. 3. Q1  What parodying what?
  4. 4. A1 Attack on Titan My neighbor totoro
  5. 5. Q2 Graphic art inspired by whom?
  6. 6. A2  Bob Biswas
  7. 7. Q3  Who‟s the artist?
  8. 8. Q3  Stan Lee
  9. 9. Q4 X(literally "Young Thunder"), originally known as Ogata Shuma Hiroyuki, is the title character of the Japanese folk tale X Gōketsu Monogatari ( "The Tale of the Gallant X"). He is a ninja who uses shapeshifting magic to morph into a gigantic toad. As the heir of a powerful clan in Kyūshū of the same name, X fell in love with Y, a beautiful young maiden who masters slug magic. His arch-enemy was his one-time follower Yashagorō , later known as Z , a master of serpent magic (the kanji literally mean "giant snake" or "serpent"). Which anime has characters XYZ inspired from above story?
  10. 10. A4 Naruto
  11. 11. Q5 Perhaps the most well-known science fiction tribute in the series, Seele's X are taken from Y, X were actually built by a race of beings who had transferred their consciousness's to machines, and who later went further and transferred their consciousness's to non-corporeal form. <Bigger pic on next slide>
  12. 12. Q5
  13. 13. A5 X-Monolith Y-2001 A space Odyssey
  14. 14. Q6 The character X greatly resembles a silkworm, an important animal in Japanese culture. X seems to have a white face and a mouth below it. Silkworms have markings that look like facial features, and their mouths are below these markings. Silkworms and Xeat constantly and grow rapidly. At the end of the movie, X goes with _____ to visit X stays with_____ spinning silk. X and movie.
  15. 15. A6 No Face Spirited Away
  16. 16. Q7 <Video> Name of this controversial parody which was also the name of the title song parodying nazi‟s anthem ?
  17. 17. A7 Der Fuhrer‟s face
  18. 18. Q8 ID the series for which this iconic theme song was used ? It was written by Chuck Lorre. <MP3>
  19. 19. A8  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  20. 20. Q9 Connect.
  21. 21. A9 Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy
  22. 22. Q10 What made this controversial?
  23. 23. A10 A 2010 strip mocking the idea of remembering fallen spider heroes was, by total coincidence, printed on Veterans Day.
  24. 24. Q11 X: Starring the X-Men is a 1985 Marvel comic book designed to raise awareness about hunger in Africa. Proceeds from the comic went to the American Friends Service Committee, to assist in their work on behalf of African famine relief and recovery. Published in the form of a "comic jam," or exquisite corpse, the book featured an all-star lineup of comics creators as well as a few notable authors from outside the comic book industry, such as Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, and Edward Bryant. It also saw a rare Y Marvel Comics credit (outside of his early Marvel UK work). X featured some memorable artist/writer and penciler/inker pairings, including Stan Lee and John Buscema; Stephen King and Berni Wrightson; X and Richard Corben; Harlan Ellison, Frank Miller, and Bill Sienkiewicz; Mike Baron and Steve Rude, Howard Chaykin inked by Walt Simonson; and John Byrne and Terry Austin re-uniting on the X-Men.
  25. 25. A11 X Heroes for Hope Y Alan moore
  26. 26. Q12  The idea for X was conceived during a post-theatre visit conversation (on a very common topic) between Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson. Ad in 2005, X was launched as a furthering of the idea. A little while later, Tina Alexander, who‟d worked with Daniel in the past, joined the team shortly thereafter. X became instantly famous, and they launched a YouTube channel on March 5, 2007. As of February 20th 2014, the channel has 3,223,603 subscribers and 658,291,650 views. X, please.
  27. 27. A12 How It Should Have Ended
  28. 28. Q13  X has a speech impediment and tends to pronounce most words as if they begin with an "R", though most characters are able to understand him perfectly. In most iterations, he keeps his sentences relatively short, usually using charades for anything longer than three or four words.  X is also extremely ticklish and this is seen in many of the television shows and movies.
  29. 29. A13  X -SCOOBY DOO.
  30. 30. Q14 Which comic book character is this? He appears in the comic book Ghost Rider.
  31. 31. A14 Jesus Christ
  32. 32. Q15 A long standing rumour about William Moulton Marston is that he was the inventor of the polygraph test, which (purportedly) detects whether people are lying. Marston WAS, however, an early innovator in the field of lie detection, and his contributions to the polygraph test should not be overlooked. In 1921, Martson published his doctoral thesis for Harvard University. The title was “Systolic blood pressure symptoms of deception and constituent mental states.” That was Marston‟s innovation – the idea that, by testing a subject‟s systolic blood pressure, one would be able to determine whether the subject was lying, was the basis of the polygraph machine. William Moulton Marston is however, remembered for creating the comic book character X.
  33. 33. A15 X is Wonder Woman. Her Golden Lasso of Truth which forces anyone to speak the truth is partly inspired by the polygraph
  34. 34. Q16 As an infant, Thomas Jr. had suffered head injuries in a car accident, and had been confined to Willowood Asylum for life. Upon his escape, he was manipulated into becoming the assassin known as the “Boomerang Killer” until X learned of his existence and exposed the mastermind behind the killings. Later, Deadman took possession of Thomas‟ body to resume his career as an acrobat. X tracked down the ghost and demanded that he relinquish his hold on the demented man. When Deadman temporarily left the body, Thomas, Jr. saved his brother‟s life by taking a bullet for him. He died a hero. Who was his brother who is also X?
  35. 35. A16 X is Batman. The character described is Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce‟s younger brother whose existence was erased in the 1970s revamp of Batman
  36. 36. Q17 These 2 historical figures – Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are the basis of the relationship between which 2 characters
  37. 37. A17 There ideological differences are the basis of the rivalry between Professor Charles Xavier (based on Martin Luther King Jr.) and Magento (based on Malcolm X)
  38. 38. Q18  This building has been the inspiration behind which fictional buiding?  <Bigger pic on next slide>
  39. 39. Q18
  40. 40. A18
  41. 41. Q19 Connect
  42. 42. A19: The four bending styles.
  43. 43. Q20: Which character is being hinted at ? (vid on next slide)
  44. 44. <Video>
  45. 45. A20: Thanos
  46. 46. Q21: What is being parodied here? <Video>
  47. 47. A21: Friends.
  48. 48. Q22: This Paul McCartney song is inspired by?  <MP3>
  49. 49. X-men and the Iron Man. Name of the song is Magneto and the Titan Man.
  50. 50. Q23.This is the comic book X Statix from Marvel Comics. On which real life personality is it based?
  51. 51. A23. Princess Diana of Wales
  52. 52. Q24: Id.
  53. 53. A24: Lex Luthor.