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The Comics and Cartoons Quiz- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013


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The Comics and Cartoons Quiz- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013

  1. 1. presentsTHE NSIT QUIZ FEST 2013
  3. 3. Q-1 X is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropical flower. It has been on the scene from 1968 being published by Delhi Press Group. Today X is available in eight languages – Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Tel egu and Malayalam. Its founder is Vishwa Nath (1917-2002). X consists of modern stories for children with a moral tone. It does not try to smuggle in adult folk tales as stuff for children. X consists of three sections – Stories, Picture Stories and Your Page. The groups are not rigidly separated but intermingle to give the reader relief. The comics are colourful.
  4. 4. A-1 Champak
  5. 5. Q-2 X had been slated for a beta launch on 18th November 2012. The date was selected as it happens to be the Birthday of Alan Moore whos work Y was one of the inspirations for starting the company whose claim to fame was Savita Bhabhi. X launched with ten super-hot titles. ID X and Y
  6. 6. A-2 X : Gentlemen Comics Y : Lost Girls
  7. 7. Q-3 X is a three volume manga series written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi. It was originally published in Japan as Cat Shit One in 1998, but was renamed for the US release to parody the title of the film ‘_______’, which also took place during the Vietnam War. The manga follows three American soldiers (who are anthropomorphic animals) in the Vietnam War named Botasky, Perky and Rats. All three are in the recon team called group in Vietnam. There are sections of the manga which give brief history and truths behind the war, such as the types of weapons used by different countries and the activities of forces in the war. At the end of volume one there is a chapter called Dog Shit One — separate from the main story — showing human characters. Give X.
  8. 8. A-3 X : Apocalypse Meow
  9. 9. Q-4 India’s answer to Justice League. Id the Comic.
  10. 10. A-4 Brahmand Rakshak
  11. 11. Q-5 X is an international assassin whose ultimate goal is a world in perfect environmental balance. He believes that the best way to achieve this balance is to eliminate most of humanity. X usually tries to assault the worlds human populace with a biological weapon, such as a genetically- engineered virus. He is aided in this quest by the Lazarus Pits, reservoirs of rejuvenating chemicals that restore the dying to life; these pits have granted him a lifespan of several centuries. Id X
  12. 12. A -5 Ra’s – Al - Ghul
  13. 13. Q-6 The bond between X and Y is very deep as they have saved each other from perilous situations. X frequently "speaks" to the reader through his thoughts (often displaying a dry sense of humor), which are supposedly not heard by the human characters in the story. X has nearly let Y down on occasion, particularly when distracted by something. He is fond of Loch Lomond brand Scotch whisky, and his occasional bouts of drinking tend to get him into trouble, as does his arachnophobia. Give X and Y.
  14. 14. A-6 X : Snowy , Y : Tintin
  15. 15. Q-7 ID THE SERIES
  16. 16. A-7 Arjuna The story was inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, most notably in the character of Chris, who is modeled after Krishna. The antagonistic "Rajaa" (while mispronounced in the anime) refer to "Roga" the disease caused by the wound on earth itself.
  17. 17. Q-8 The episode "The Birth of Evil" reveals X’s origin. Long ago in the vastness of space, a great formless evil appeared. Before the darkness could do harm to the universe, it was set upon by the kings of three religions: Odin, the one-eyed king of Asgard and the Norse Gods, Ra, the sun god and king of the Gods of Egypt and Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, the supreme being in Hindu mythology. it was completely destroyed, save for a small fragment that was flung aside in the heat of battle. For ages, the fragment drifted through the cosmos and eventually fell to Earth, and caused the impact event that wiped out the dinosaurs when it landed . Identify the series and X, the series does not have a conclusion yet.
  18. 18. A-8 X : Aku , Series : SamuraiJack
  19. 19. Q-9The map locations on the monitors in theShield headquarters correspond to charactersand event from the Marvel Comic books. Thelocation in Africa is a reference to X. Otherlocations refer to Thor, Captain America, Hulkand others. X was one of the earliestmember of avengers but wasn’t incorporatedin movie. X was also husband of Storm.<image on the next slide>
  20. 20. A-9 Black Panther
  21. 21. Q-10X, named after the Y books, is animportant tourist area inSwitzerland, popular especially with theJapanese. Maienfeld is the center of whatis called X. X is located in an area calledBündner Herrschaft and is criticized asbeing a "laughable, infantile cliche" and "amore vivid example of hyperreality."
  22. 22. A-10 X : Heidiland, Y : Heidi
  23. 23. Q-11This comic strips fascination/connection with the spacemission is mentioned here.X is the personal safety mascot of NASA space missions.Y and X reached new heights on May 18, 1969 as theybecame the names of the command module and lunarmodule, respectively, for Apollo 10.The Apollo moon projectprompted X to make his own lunar landing in March 1969(four months before the landing was achieved in real life).The character X is described as- "the happiestcharacter, barely aware that anyone else exists, except hislittle bird friend Z, who in turn is named after a legendaryevent that happened around the time of the said moonlandings.―Give X,Y,Z.
  24. 24. A - 11 X : Snoopy Y : Charlie Brown Z : Woodstock
  25. 25. Q-12Comic-book style adaptation of what?
  26. 26. A-12 Mad Men
  27. 27. Q-13 Morty and Ferdie <nephews> Oswald the Lucky Rabbit <half elder brother> ? Amelia <sister> Madeline <cousin>
  28. 28. A-13 Mickey Mouse
  29. 29. Q-14During the series publication, X got married and hadchildren. The changes to his personal life affected theseries as he made the protagonist Y shortly meet hisparents, something the author wanted the character tofeel based on his own experience as a father.Responding to the series success, Y said that he was"very glad that the American audience has acceptedand understood _______. It shows that the Americanaudience has good taste... because it means they canaccept something previously unfamiliar to them.―ID X and Y
  30. 30. A-14 X : Naruto Y : Masashi Kishimoto
  31. 31. Q-15 X was ranked number 21 on Wizard Magazines Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever list and was also ranked as IGNs 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. X is a name shared by several fictional characters, all supervillains from the Marvel Comics universe. All incarnations of the character are enemies of different superheroes, and the United States in general .One of them is is best known for causing the deaths of the parents of Peter Parker.
  32. 32. A–15 Red Skull
  33. 33. Q-16 ConnectPeacemaker Captain Atom Blue Beetle
  34. 34. Alexander the Great
  35. 35. A-16 Watchmen Each had an influence on characters Peacemaker-Comedian , captain atom - Dr Manhattan , Blue beetle - Nite owl Alexander -Adrian Veidt
  36. 36. Q-17 It was revealed that her character was greatly inspired by Oscar-winning black actress and singer Hattie McDaniel, best known for playing "Mammy" in MGM and David O. Selznicks 1939 film Gone with the Wind. A character very similar to X had earlier been portrayed in the Disney Silly Symphonies shorts Three Orphan Kittens and More Kittens, as well as the Pluto short Pantry Pirate and the Figaro short Figaro and Cleo. ID the series and the character being talked about
  37. 37. A-17 Mammy Two Shoes
  38. 38. Q-18 "The X are merely patterns. The X are ideas. The X are wave functions. The X are repeating motifs. The X are echoes of darkness, and nothing more... And even our existences are brief and bounded. None of us will last longer than this version of the Universe.― Give X.
  39. 39. A-18 Endless The Endless (Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium) from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.
  40. 40. Q-19 X is a brand of beer that originally started as a fictional beverage on the animated series ___ _______. Since then it has become a real brand of beer in a number of countries without permission or consent from its original creator. It is a parody of stereotypical commercial beer: cheap, poor-quality, and advertised everywhere. While X comes in several varieties, it is revealed that regular X, X Light, and X Dry are the same beer. Give X.
  41. 41. A–19 Duff Beer TV Series : The Simpsons
  42. 42. Q-20 The Rice University Neologism dictionary includes not only ―_ _ _ _" as a random sound or nonce word, but also ―_ _ _ _ _ _" as a verb to mean "to be struck completely" with some embarrassment or folly. Both words are directly attributed to X and the Y. International Dictionary of Neologisms includes the word ―_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" as "an idea or concept that works fine when you think about it – but is very difficult to express to someone else", as a result of X only saying ―_ _ _ _" after Y elaborates on one of his extensive plans. Give X, Y and the basic blank
  43. 43. A-20 X – Pinky Y- Brain Blank – Narf!
  44. 44. Q-21Identify the cartoon character and thepainting that is being parodied.<Larger Image on the next slide>
  45. 45. A-22 Cartoon character – Jessica Rabbit Painting - A Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Édouard Manet
  46. 46. Q – 22 Video Parody of ? c0SO_u5g
  47. 47. A - 22 The Simpsons Parody of Indiana Jones
  48. 48. Q-23 Video. First appearance of which cartoon character? DCba_NI8
  49. 49. A – 23 Tweety
  50. 50. Q-24 The series was originally meant to be named "Black" due to the color of the X clothes, but the creator thought the title was too generic. He later tried the name of "White," but came to like ―Y" more for its association with the color white and that he did not find it too obvious. Y was first conceived from a desire on the creator part to draw X in a kimono, which formed the basis for the design of the Y in the series
  51. 51. A-24 X- Soul Reaper/ Shinigami Y-Bleach
  52. 52. Q-25 The humble abode of?
  53. 53. A-25 FLINSTONES