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Social MessagingVendor Study 2010Micro Blogging and Sharing in EnterprisesSocial Messaging enables users to interact and s...
Social MessagingVendor Study 2010Purpose of the Social                                            You should readMessaging...
© photocase/stmTable of Contents                                         Model to Structure                               ...
AuthorJoachim Lindner is senior analyst at N: Sight Research GmbH.In the last five years he was responsible for the intran...
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Social messaging vendor study 2010


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N:Sight Research analyzed 17 Social Messaging tools. 146 different features are compared to create useful document which allows to select the right tool.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Social messaging vendor study 2010

  1. 1. Social MessagingVendor Study 2010Micro Blogging and Sharing in EnterprisesSocial Messaging enables users to interact and shareinformation with other user. Used in the context of theenterprise it allows creating a powerful network forstakeholders as employees, business partner or evencustomers.146 Features AnalyzedThe N:Sight Social Messaging Vendor Study supportscompanies in selecting the right provider and software.Various solutions and functions are compared anddescribed in detail.
  2. 2. Social MessagingVendor Study 2010Purpose of the Social You should readMessaging Study this study,Social Messaging has the potential to become the driver • if you want to learn how Social Messaging worksfor the adoption of Enterprise 2.0. Many Social Messaging • if you want to delve deeper into that topicsolutions focusing on different features are already available • if you need to select a tool for your companyon the market.The N:Sight Social Messaging Study provides a deep insightinto this topic and analysis the most important tools.Well-arranged and appealingly presented, the different 17 Analyzed Solutionssolutions are compared in the analyzing part. Therefore the • Blogtronixstudy allows the selection of the right tools for differentrequirements. • blueKiwi • CommunoteThe following aspects are addressed by the study: • Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME) • Introduction to Social Messaging • Flowr • Definition and demarcation from other • Heart of Co. Enterprise 2.0 tools • Jive • Description of all functions • Functionalities for user and system actions • Just Connect • Administrative functions • Lotus Connections • Advantages as well as critical aspects of the • OpenMicroBlogger individual functions • Comparison of participating solutions on the • SAP StreamWork basis of functionality • Socialcast • Summary of the most important aspects • Socialtext Signals • SocialWok 146 Features Analyzed • Telligent • Yammer More than 370 Pages Useful • YoolinkPro Information
  3. 3. © photocase/stmTable of Contents Model to Structure the AnalysisManagement SummaryDefinition and Scope of Social MessagingDetailed Discussion of Functional AspectsThis part delivers a detailed description of all topicslike a compendium. This knowledge allows users tolearn how Social Messaging works and enables themto define a functional specification to select one ofthe tools. The underlying concept of this discussion isthe functional model for Social Messaging developedby N:Sight Research.Analytical Summary In order to distinguish different technological concepts,Analysis of all tools on the basis of the vendor N:Sight Research developed a functional model to describeprofiles and their specific characteristics. The and discuss the solutions’ approaches.results allow assessing Social Messaging tools from The N:Sight functional model on Social Messaging is baseddifferent perspectives of view. on the underlying princible that IT applications represent an input-output-process with a transformation step in between.Analyzed topics • Installation In-depth Analysis in a Clear Format • Input • Output – Distribution of an Update • Administration • MiscellaneousDetailed Solution and Tool ProfilesThe study contains a complete profile of eachsolution. In addition all data are available in tablesand diagrams to allow a better overview. The results of the analysis are presented well-arranged with detailed information tables to compare the different vendors.
  4. 4. AuthorJoachim Lindner is senior analyst at N: Sight Research GmbH.In the last five years he was responsible for the intranet andinternet for ABB Germany. He worked in global teams whichhave developed the Intranet and Internet in a modern andprocess-supporting platform. Many Enterprise 2.0 and socialmedia projects have been initiated by him and carried outsuccessfully.Order Form (Fax +49 89 45 23 7091)Herewith I order the Social Messaging Vendor Study 2010 in: Paper 690 Euro Social Messaging in Paper and electronic form on USB Stick 690 Euro Electronic form 590 Euro Management summary for free All Prices exclusive VATCompany DepartmentName First namePhone E-MailZip Code/City CountryStreetSignatureN:Sight Research GmbH Contact DetailsN:Sight Research GmbH provides valuable information for N:Sight Research GmbHdecision makers. Qualitative and quantitative vendor and best Knorrstr. 85 • D-80807 München Phone: +49 89 45 23 7090practice studies for business organization and communication Fax: +49 89 45 23 7091are the basis of the offer. These issues are especially Intranet, E-Mail: contact@n-sight.deEnterprise 2.0, Internet, marketing and social media.