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Studio lighint presentation


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Studio lighint presentation

  1. 1. Rembrandt •The loop under the nose is connected with the shadow under the cheek bones, creating a triangular shape •1 light is used •¾ of the face is lit •Typically a renaissance style of photography lighting
  2. 2. Loop •This is ideal for people with average, oval-shaped faces •A small loop shadow is formed under the nose •The light is placed high above the camera •There are other lights placed around the subject (even behind)
  3. 3. Butterfly (paramount) •The light is above camera, giving a butterfly shaped shadow forming from under the nose • It tends to emphasize high cheekbones and good skin •A soft box/umbrella is used •The light is placed high above the camera •A reflector is used
  4. 4. Split •Creates a strong highlight/shadow juxtaposition between both sides of the face • It is an ideal slimming light •The split runs right down the middle of the face, giving a dramatic lighting
  5. 5. Short  short lighting puts the side turned towards the camera in more shadow  ¾ of the shadow is facing the camera  is more sculpting, add 3D qualities, and is slimming and flattering for most people
  6. 6. Broad  The Rembrandt is not on the camera side  the subject’s face is slightly turned away from centre, and the side of the face which is toward the camera is in the light