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Community Outreach


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Published in: Technology
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Community Outreach

  1. 1. Biometrics: Fingerprint Recognition Monday,October 24, 2011
  2. 2. Biometrics – HumanIdentification Ear HandFaceValley Ridges s Iris Fingerprint Speech
  3. 3. Why Fingerprints? Friction Ridge Surface  Provide friction for grasping objects Universal Unique Verification Identification
  4. 4. Fingerprint Types and Singular Fingerprint Types pointsCores Deltas Tented Arch Arch Loop Loop (right) (left) Whorl
  5. 5. Minutia Points - Definition  Defining features  used for finding a matching printTerminations Bifurcations
  6. 6. Minutia Points – Matching Spatial Alignment  Translation  Rotation