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AMEE 2012 VIEW Workshop Web 2.0 Tools


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Published in: Technology, Design
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AMEE 2012 VIEW Workshop Web 2.0 Tools

  1. 1. Web 2.0 ToolsVeterinary collaboration in the age of Web 2.0VIEW Workshop - AMEE 2012Nick Short, Chris Trace and Liz MossopRoyal Veterinary College, Nottingham & WikiVet
  2. 2. Session Objectives Summary of Web 2.0 features Examples of veterinary applications Blogs Podcasts Twitter Newsletters Video Group work to explore curriculum applications AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  3. 3. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  4. 4. Blogs… AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  5. 5. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  6. 6. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  7. 7. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  8. 8. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  9. 9. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  10. 10. Podcast ReviewTHE (PARTICULARLY) GOOD THE BAD THE REALLY UGLY-- what works? -ineffective -more hassle than they’re worthConcisely covered revision topics with clear narrative, Many too long, monotonous and Those that wont load/take toopictures, graphs, diagrams. hard work. long/ keep freezing etcA clinical case e.g. patient describing symptoms with Poor quality visuals worse than Videos of lecturer with no addednarrated approaches to cases/thought no visuals slides/visual information. Might asprocess/summary questions well be podcast.Anatomy narrative with specimens Non-specific titles and lack of Randomly inserted slides just for topic overviews. the sake of it with no added value.Ultrasonography/radiology/microscopy/ Unexplained or mistimed graphs, Those that try to pitch at multiplefundic examination slides with interpretation narrative diagrams etc audiences-confusing.and cursor directing. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  11. 11. Feedback from 57 recent RVC graduates 98 % said they would like podcasts for revision if they covered topics in a concise manner. 96% said they would prefer added visual aids such as lecture slides/diagrams. 32% were interested in looking at topics more in depth or listening to podcasts about RVC research topics. Summary/ approaches to thinking were deemed more useful. AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  12. 12. Online VideosUses:• Demonstrations• Advertising• Teaching AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  13. 13. (e)Newsletters• Generally regular posting• Distilled news stories• Example AMEE 2012 Nick Short
  14. 14. Group work Identify a key web 2.0 technology from a student’s perspective and discuss how this might be applied within your curriculum. AMEE 2012 Nick Short