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Product work log


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Product work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_NatalieGranda__________________________ Date _4/19/2012_______________Product _three tiered birthday cake___________________________________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:12/16/2011 Making boxed cupcakes4 hours Commentary: I met with my project facilitator and she had me make boxed cupcakes to get use to using the mixers and oven settings. This was a very easy process.1/6/2012 Activity:4hours Making homemade cupcakes Commentary: I met with my project facilitator and she taught me how to make mix from scratch. We used ice cream instead of oil and butter to give the cake a different taste.2/3/2012 Activity:2 hours Icing cakes Commentary: My facilitator had me practice icing cakes to work on getting it smooth. This was hard because it was hard to get the icing smoothed down.2/27/2012 Activity:5 hours Baking cake layers Commentary: We began to make and bake the six layers for the three different tiers of the
  2. 2. cake. This process ended up being very long because there is only one oven at my house and we had to make more mix in the middle of the process.2/29/2012 Activity:5 hours Putting fondant on the cake Commentary: We put the fondant on the cake layers after we iced them. It was a frustrating part of making the cake because the fondant was difficult to work with. It would rip when it was rolled out too thin and it would get too sticky when it got hot.3/2/2012 Activity:4 hours Finishing and delivering the cake Commentary: We added all the finishing details to the cake. We made the rice crispy topper and added the things that made the cake special. We delivered the cake and it was really nerve racking. We drove very slowly and the cake ended up fine.