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Conceptual Framework


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Conceptual Framework for my doctoral interests and plans

Published in: Education, Business
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Conceptual Framework

  1. 1. A Visual Representation ofInterests, Experiences, and Plans Please advance slides to see full progression of conceptual framework
  2. 2. Higher EducationWithin the context of Higher Education… Higher Education
  3. 3. Higher Education Enrollment Management …professional interest became an academic one. Studies in enrollmentmanagement were the basis of my masters project which focused on theintricate balance of streamlining university resources to optimize student needs—a balance designed to also achieve institutional success. Higher Education
  4. 4. Higher Education Organizational Transformation & Leadership Enrollment ManagementIn order to achieve this, however, a competent enrollment manager musthave the ability to identify organizational issues which inhibit institutionsfrom helping their students to meet their full potential. Such leaders must utilize organizational evaluation and assessment tools together with an understanding of organizational change management to optimize both functions and enrollment to meet institutional missions. Higher Education
  5. 5. Higher Education Organizational Diversity & Transformation Equity & Leadership Enrollment ManagementBut by no means is this an exact science. Institutions are as diverse as the students they serve—and each institution must contend with specific student needs in a specific organizational culture. Thus, institutional missions and solutions are customized to help the individual institution to change and grow to meet the needs of these constituencies. Higher Education
  6. 6. Higher Education Organizational Diversity & Transformation Equity & LeadershipMulticultural/ EnrollmentMultilingual Management Studies Therefore, enrollment managers working with institutions serving special populations such as underrepresented minorities, single-gender, international, multilingual, differently-abled or other non-traditional groups, must be fully familiar with the issues of equity, diversity, social justice, and the independent variables which impact the institution, educational policy, student body, and community. Higher Education
  7. 7. Higher Education Organizational Diversity & Transformation Equity & LeadershipMulticultural/ Enrollment Multilingual Management Studies These interrelated issues require that some enrollment managers intentionally develop a range of cultural competencies to inform the use of strategic planning to benefit institutions serving diverse populations… Higher Education
  8. 8. Higher Education Organizational Diversity & Transformation Equity & LeadershipMulticultural/ EnrollmentMultilingual Management Studies Managing Diverse Enrollments …so that they are adequately prepared to navigate these issues to the greatest benefit of the institution and the students whom they serve. Higher Education
  9. 9. SUMMARY:By intentionally selectingcoursework revolving around Enrollmentthese topics, it would permit me Managementto develop cultural competencyuseful to university enrollmentdevelopment. It is my belief thatI will be positioning myself tobecome an administrator able tolead enrollment developmentwithin institutions which havespecial concerns. Further, I willbecome a contributor to the field Multicultural Managing Diverse Organizationalof research a wide range of /Multilingual Transformationdiversity-related issues in Studies & Leadershipenrollment management whichwill benefit the needs of Enrollmentsmarginalized institutions ofhigher education forced tocompete in an increasinglyglobalized society andmainstream institutions to servestudents from all backgrounds. Diversity & Equity