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Stephen Whitelaw at #WorkingDigital 2013 - "Digital marketing revolution" (Part 1 of 2). Working Digital was a unique digital technology and social media event involving industry leaders, key thinkers and future business stars. Providing live presentations streamed to an online audience, along with original digital content. Working Digital is a project of East Ayrshire Council's Economic Development section and has been developed in partnership with NSDesign Ltd.

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  • © Stephen Whitelaw Date: 2013 Email: Skype: sirstevie6
  • Predicting the future is never easy !
  • Paris – Texas or France Sting – movie, pop singer or medical.
  • Copyright © 2010 Targeting Innovation
  • What do they look like …
  • Shutl is effectively crowd sourcing delivery. Anything on the web can be delivered in under 90 mins ! Unemployed folks can earn money Shutl will oil the wheels of e-commerce in the UK and beyond
  • Amazon Lockers help oil the wheels of e-commerce – less friction thus more sales.
  • Launched in UK in August 2012.
  • – vanished in December 2012. Will probably end up as an online brand like
  • Announced Jan 14 th 2013 – calling in adminstrators !
  • 13th Feb 2013 Republic chain enters administration.
  • Woolworths stores went into administration in December 2008.
  • No customers Jan 22 nd Tesco opens its 5 th internet ‘dark store’ in Enfield, North London. Staff pick for customers.
  • Free texting apps lost the telecom industry $13billion (£8billion ) in 2011 according to Ovum.
  • Most US homes now have no landline Internet provided through cable, TV, satellite, mobile etc … 21% of Americans
  • Motorola employee Marty Cooper – made first mobile call 40 years ago – 3 rd April 1973 !
  • Masai chief showing off his mobile phone; 3G coverage is now quite good across the Rift valley
  • Plan to have 30 of them by May 2013.
  • Research from Microsoft (Bing)
  • Unsold rooms – discounted up to 70%
  • - bring together unmet demand and unused supply – known as collaborative consumption The Black Cab app – started in London – now going global.
  • Distruptive technologies.
  • Lyft take 20% of the fares Ride-sharing service with the public No ‘fares’ – just ‘donations’ Rivals are sidecar and tickengo
  • Pay for parking meter when away from your car etc.. Saves time etc.. Use the app or call or sms them to pay.
  • This market is on fire …
  • Apple Passport
  • Anyone with a UK current account can use Barclays Pingit. – make payments to friends, settle bills etc..
  • Works with Android and iphone.
  • http:// / By intuit
  • Izettle website is
  • Square url is https:// / Founded by Jack Dorsey – also founder of Twitter.
  • Mpowa url is
  • Apple Passport – new with ios6 – August 2012 Mcommerce … mpayments …. Mwallet is coming – will replace your entire wallet e.g. cash, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, store cards etc.. Most common forms of mobile payment are: NFC, Smart card readers, sms based payments, software based payments, location based app software.
  • GDP of Scotland about £124 Billion Turnover of Alibaba Group overtook this in Dec 2012 (They did 3 Billion USD on one days online trading)
  • They sell diamond rings and car simulators – very very expensive.
  • Kodak at its peak – 140,000 employees – now bust ! Instagram – 12 employees – and pre-revenue – sells for $1B to Facebook.
  • - they give you the code to add to your website to add in the widget.
  • – DMO based in Fort William make use of Instagram on their website using the snapwidget from
  • - new kid on the block – stealth launch at end of 2012 … big seed round (Shawn Fanning – Napster co-founder involved).
  • - allows you to create infographics
  • Facebook Plugins – see https:// / e.g. Like Button, Comment Button, Login Button – the 3 most common Easy to implement using html5 etc.. Janrain and gigya (e.g. Forbes). Earlier this month, I wrote about how the promise of Facebook traffic has enticed millions of sites to use Facebook Like buttons and other Facebook social plugins. But does following Facebook’s socialist agenda really pay off? How about some numbers, courtesy of Facebook? Facebook provided me with the figures below from when I was working on my earlier article,  Has Facebook Become The Master Key To Unlocking The Web? Since the figures are from Facebook, you do have to take them with a grain of salt. However, there are plenty of third party sources that also report how making use of Facebook’s social features can be a traffic booster. On with the stats! Media Stats Here’s what Facebook says about media sites using Like buttons and other social plugins: The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300% increase in referral traffic. People who sign in with Facebook at The Huffington Post view 22% more pages and spend 8 minutes longer than the average reader   . Users coming to the from Facebook spend 85% more time, read 90% more articles and watch 85% more videos than a non-connected user., Washington Post and The Huffington Post are said to have more than doubled their referral traffic from Facebook since adding social plugins. Commerce Stats About commerce sites and Facebook social plugins, the Facebook reports: Levi’s saw a 40 times increase in referral traffic from Facebook after implementing the Like button in April 2010 and has maintained those levels since. Outdoor sporting goods retailer saw a 100% increase revenue from Facebook within two weeks of adding the Like button. American Eagle added the Like button next to every product on their site and found Facebook referred visitors spent an average of 57% more money than non-Facebook referred visitors Children’s clothing retailer Tea Collection added the Like button to sale merchandise and saw daily revenues increase 10 times. ShoeDazzle added the Like button to all of the products on its site and within the first month had thousands of likes for its top products. ShoeDazzle also lets people login to its site using Facebook, and Facebook-connected users were 50% more likely to make repeat purchases every month than average shoppers. When a Ticketmaster user posts a specific event they are attending, or may want to attend, to Facebook, it generates $5.30 of direct ticket sales Eventbrite reports that a link shared on Facebook is worth $2.52 in ticket sales (see also here  and  here ) Making “Like” More Likeable Facebook says Like buttons get 3 to 5 times more clicks if: Versions that show thumbnails of friends are used. They allow people to add comments. If they appear at both the top and bottom of articles. If they appear near visual content like videos or graphics. Also gigya and oneall
  • Facebook is the number one choice for social logins. Google was previously the top social login service, but it’s a fairly distant second place now with 30% market share. Social login is increasingly being seen as one way to reduce friction — especially on retail sites — because it means web users don’t need to create (and remember) new accounts at multiple websites. The stats are similar on mobile applications, with Facebook having 49 percent overall share of social logins, compared to 25 percent for Google and 14 percent for Twitter.
  • Reduce friction Capture the moment – Netflix / Amazon star rating, Yelp useful yes / no buttons Lower the barrier to entry.
  • Inbound is about earning attention as opposed to buying it Buying attention it is TV, spam ,radio, broadcast etc..
  • There is a new Firefox addin called Firesheep which its author claims ‘demonstrates http session hijacking’ – in short it is one of the most highly dangerous security products to be unleashed on the general public and allows anyone to see and take control of anything on other users pc – unless of course they have https switched on. In the past the main reasons against switching on SSL 100% of the time were cpu usage, latency and memory requirements – however bandwidth and server technology has moved on so much recently that this is no longer true – see –SSL on all the time. a good example of EV SSL + security memberships
  • Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge – that what Jimmy and his team are doing. If wikipedia were a book it would be 2.23 million pages long and take 123 years to read. Currently 15 million articles, 20% in English Estimated in excess of 20 million unique monthly visitors In excess of 75,000 active contributors Criticized for systemic bias and inconsistencies - favours consensus over credentials
  • SlideShare  is an online  slide hosting service . Users can upload files in the following file formats:  PowerPoint ,  PDF ,  Keynote  or OpenOffice  presentations. Launched on October 4, 2006, the website is considered to be similar to  YouTube , but for slideshows. [2] The website was originally meant to be used for businesses to share slides among employees more easily, but it has since expanded to also become a host of a large number of slides which are uploaded merely to entertain. [3]  The website gets an estimated 12 million  unique visitors  a month. [4]
  • PatientsLikeMe  is a  social networking  health site that enables its members to share treatment and symptom information in order to track and to learn from real-world outcomes. PatientsLikeMe currently has communities for  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  (ALS),  multiple sclerosis  (MS),  Parkinson's disease , fibromyalgia ,  HIV ,  chronic fatigue syndrome , and  mood disorders , as well as the rare conditions  progressive supranuclear palsy , multiple system atrophy , and  Devic's disease  (neuromyelitis optica). In June 2009 PatientsLikeMe announced their first major partnership with the drug company  UCB  to develop a community for patients suffering from  epilepsy , due for launch in early 2010. [1] PatientsLikeMe enables patients who suffer from these life-changing diseases to converse with one another, allowing them to share data on improving their outcomes, empathize with each other and to learn any techniques or medication other sufferers are trying in order to improve their health. The site was initially launched in 2005 when brothers  James Heywood  and Benjamin Heywood recognized the need for community-based information sharing around specific diseases when their brother  Stephen Heywood  was diagnosed with  ALS  in 1998. Physicians and researchers can access the site, enabling them to find out what treatments its patients have tried and how successful the outcome of the treatments were. The site has also introduced a number of projects that analyze clinical information given by the patients. Users of the site access the site for free. However the site is a commercial site as it aims to sell its users' data to drug and medical companies. The number of users is increasing. At October 2009, there were 45,000 registered patients on the site. In the time since launch, the company has expanded to 9 disease categories, with plans to expand to many more. The company was named as one of the "15 Companies that Will Change the World" by Business 2.0 and CNN Money. [2]  It was also featured in a March, 2008  New York Time Magazine  article entitled "Practicing Patients" [3]  and in December 2008 on a television segment with Sanjay Gupta  for the  CBS Evening News . [4]
  • Trusted reviews.
  • – The Feedback Company.
  • and
  • Added as a verb in 2006 to OED and Merriam Websters
  • Jack may look like an ordinary guy, but he sure gets around, with the help of us of course -- a small team dedicated to high quality Immersive Street-Side Imagery, and bringing mass coverage online. showcases a new level of mapping technology. What others have done with NASA budgets and Star Wars-like equipment, we've done on a shoestring budget, along with a few trips to Radio Shack. Specifically, we developed an array of proprietary electronics, hardware and software tools that enable us to capture an entire city’s streets with relative ease and excellent image quality. We have a complete low-cost scalable system encompassing the entire work-flow process needed for Immersive Street-Side Imagery, from picture gathering to post-processing to assembling on a Website. Jack’s on a mission, on foot, by car, and by boat. Our coverage area doesn’t stop street-side, we also include walking areas such as Parks, Universities and famous walking streets. San Francisco is only our starting point, more coverage and more cities coming soon. Google Streetview Awards 16 hardgate, aberdeen ,scotland – to see horseman or horseboy!
  • As of 1 st October 2012 – now have and
  • Add your sites to Baidu and Yandex
  • Or,-4.263157&spn=0.002914,0.009645&sll=55.864717,-4.263115&layer=c&cid=2935170065453035545&panoid=0VT_M_U82JCaL3ptdHe2KQ&cbp=13,2.93,,0,2.95&gl=GB&t=m&z=17&cbll=55.864684,-4.263168
  • Our automated cars, manned by trained operators, just drove from our Mountain View campus to our Santa Monica office and on to Hollywood Boulevard. They’ve driven down Lombard Street, crossed the Golden Gate bridge, navigated the Pacific Coast Highway, and even made it all the way around Lake Tahoe. All in all, our self-driving cars have logged over 140,000 miles.  Drivers will not need a driving license by 2040. At least that is what the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers believes. It thinks autonomous cars capable of driving to any destination are set to become the norm. For trains: Full scale trials of semi-automated transport on the London Underground system began in the early 1960s With an estimated 90% of current car accidents thought to be caused by human error, taking people out of the equation is seen by many car companies as a massive boost to safety. The issue are NOT technical – the issues are: Legal, liability & perception. Vehicles could be fully autonomous NOW.
  • The 2003 Harvard Business Review article "IT Doesn't Matter." Nicholas Carr August 2008 – The Atlantic article. Also an article here: Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips The advent of the Internet, with sophisticated algorithmic search engines, has made accessing information as easy as lifting a finger. No longer do we have to make costly efforts to find the things we want. We can "Google" the old classmate, find articles online, or look up the actor who was on the tip of our tongue. The results of four studies suggest that when faced with difficult questions, people are primed to think about computers and that when people expect to have future access to information, they have lower rates of recall of the information itself and enhanced recall instead for where to access it. The Internet has become a primary form of external or transactive memory, where information is stored collectively outside ourselves.
  • If you live in a world of personalisation, you will only ever see what other want you to see,
  • Eli Pariser engages in world-class hand-wringing at the prospect of people exposed only to things they already agree with or are familiar with.
  • The infographic is from :
  • Jan 2013 – I’m giving them less than 24 months of life left !
  • Jan 2013 – I’m giving them less than 24 months of life left !
  • Type ‘car insurance’ into Google – glad I’m not in the price comparison marketplace!!
  • Type in Savings into
  • Still on the google site when you enter initial deposit, monthly savings etc… - Google get this data !
  • Can make the booking as well ! – not just information.
  • Hotels in san francisco
  • These are Product List Ads – Started in October 2012. Currently have 2x 3x higher CTR (Click Through Rate) that text ads Currently cheaper than text ads Currently outperforming text Ads You run a PLA campaign through your Adwords interface or your Google Merchant Centre/ Selected merchants in USA are operating a CPA relationship with Google Everyone else is ppc as with normal adwords. Search for tents, handbags, ipads.
  • Did this search ….. intitle:index.of + "xls" + "passwords" -htm -html -php -asp On page 1 this popped up ! … social media passwords here :
  • Worried about how to fill out your meta keywords tag so your startup ranks best in  Google  results? Don’t bother, the company says. Google search ignores it. Google released on Tuesday a video that provides startups tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes. The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content on less than 50 pages looking to rank only a handful of related search terms. From how to add the best keywords and including analytics code on your site to how to approach marketing in general,  Google aims to make it easier for startups  to get their brands ranked higher on search result pages.
  • Price comparison engines are a fantastic way of creating extra sales channels and increasing traffic to your online business Be aware of your Perfect Order Percentage on Amazon – they rate you if you are a reseller and you can see this. They rate is using: Negative Feedback, Chargeback, Cancellation, Late Shipment, Refund, Buyer-Initiated Message They recommend a POP score of 95 percent or higher. It is a measure of customer satisfaction. To review your POP metric, visit the Account Health tab, under Performance in your  Amazon account.
  • New Google Webmaster Tool – launched on 17 th October 2012 Helps with cleaning up back-links e.g. porn site linking to you e.g. you maybe bought some links that went wrong. You are telling Google to treat this link with zero weight. It will take weeks for it to take effect.   If ever there was a time to say, “With great power comes great responsibility,” this is it.
  • Now owned by VaueClick
  • UK based.
  • Artificial blood vessels made on a 3D printer may soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs. Until now, the stumbling block in tissue engineering has been supplying artificial tissue with nutrients that have to arrive via capillary vessels. A team at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has solved that problem using 3D printing and a technique called multiphoton polymerisation. The findings will be shown at the Biotechnica Fair in Germany in October. Out of thousands of patients in desperate need of an organ transplant there are inevitably some who do not get it in time. In Germany, for instance, more than 11,000 people have been put on an organ transplant waiting list in 2011 alone. To make sure more patients receive these life-saving surgeries, researchers in tissue engineering all over the globe have been working on creating artificial tissue and even entire organs in the lab. But for a lab-made organ to function, it needs to be equipped with artificial blood vessels - tiny and extremely complex tubes that our organs naturally possess, used to carry nutrients. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote The individual techniques are already functioning and they are presently working in the test phase” Dr Gunter TovarFraunhofer Institute, Germany Numerous attempts have been made to create synthetic capillaries, and the latest one by the German team seems to be especially promising. "The individual techniques are already functioning and they are presently working in the test phase; the prototype for the combined system is being built," said Dr Gunter Tovar, who heads the BioRap project at Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart. Elastic biomaterials 3D printing technology has been increasingly used in numerous industries, ranging from creating clothes, architectural models and even chocolate treats. But this time, Dr Tovar's team had a much more challenging printing mission. To print something as small and complex as a blood vessel, the scientists combined the 3D printing technology with two-photon polymerisation - shining intense laser beams onto the material to stimulate the molecules in a very small focus point. The material then becomes an elastic solid, allowing the researchers to create highly precise and elastic structures that would be able to interact with a human body's natural tissue. So that the synthetic tubes do not get rejected by the living organism, their walls are coated with modified biomolecules. Such biomolecules are also present in the composition of the "inks" used for the blood vessel printer, combined with synthetic polymers. "We are establishing a basis for applying rapid prototyping to elastic and organic biomaterials," said Dr Tovar. "The vascular systems illustrate very dramatically what opportunities this technology has to offer, but that's definitely not the only thing possible."
  • 22 nd Nov 2012 – BBC website – 3D Printers print cartilage.
  • – 3d open source search engine for weapons.
  •! MakeBot were censoring files that were uploaded and they have ended up here!
  • Over 100,00 downloads before they were removed !
  • Related youtube video is:
  • Self assembling objects !
  • Self assembly! Self folding! MIT working on it 2012-2013
  • People are consuming media in many different and exciting new ways.
  • Wavii launched on 11 th April 2012 to public beta – trying to be your big news aggregator of choice !
  • The app, called Summly, was designed by 17-year-old Londoner Nick D'Aloisio, and has received more than $1m in funding from investors.
  • One of the more exciting emerging trends in the digital media space is the 'second-screen experience.'  With the prevalence of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, viewers are no longer confined to viewing one screen.  They can now interact with multiple screens simultaneously, fundamentally altering the way viewers consume media.   Social TV is a prominent component of the 'second screen' revolution, primarily because mobile technology introduces social media into the TV viewing experience. 
  • Whilst watching TV you can engage Good if you get bored or want to learn more
  • “ TV Companion” Billed as a “TV Companion” by its developer, Umami for iPad  is a entertainment app that knows what show you’re watching. Umami uses your TV’s audio to sync to programs aired on major networks and basic cable within the last week. Viewers can also simply type in a show to receive a customized program filled with bios, news, photos, and other information about the show they are watching. Umami is synchronous, which means its content changes depending on what you’re watching. The app works whether the TV broadcast is live or on a DVR. Umami creates a home page for each show that links to IMDB, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Umami is  free to download  from the App store and doesn’t require users to sign up for an account. To use Umami, just open it near your television; the app does the rest. Hint: if Umami isn’t finding your program, try closing the app and opening it again. Although the TV’s volume needs to be on, it doesn’t need to be blaring; Umami actually correctly detected the right program from another room.
  • YouTube's Robert Kyncl, the head of global partnerships, took the stage today at CES 2012 and made some  big, bold claims  that ought to get any video marketer's engine running. Chief among them, that very soon 90% of all web traffic will be video. While you pick your jaw up off the floor, imagine the possibilities for new clients the future holds for you! 90% of All Web Traffic Will Be Video 90% of all web traffic will be video . That's just a huge, gaudy number designed to do one thing: get your attention. In my case, at least, mission accomplished. But they didn't stop there... there were a few more gems as well. Source:  90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video - YouTube Dropping Bold Predictions   ©2008-2011 Online Video Guide   YouTube also logged a trillion hits in 2011 Source:  90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video - YouTube Dropping Bold Predictions   ©2008-2011 Online Video Guide  
  • For instance, meet  Old Spice , the men’s body wash and deodorant manufacturer. About now, everyone has likely heard of the Old Spice campaign,  The Man Your Man Can Smell Like . This one commercial, originally aimed for television, generated 5.9 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours of its launch.  It got 20 million views three days, 1.4 billion impressions over six months. The ROI? Sales increased by 107% over six months.
  • Gazeplots – are eyetracking – to see where customers look and in what order and for how long. Crazyegg is a simple clever heat mapping tool.
  • Social Media Prism
  • Roger Smith Hotel – Family run business in New York City – since 1930’s Run by the DeLima Family
  • United shares fell 10% - cost them $180m – all for the sake of a $3,500 Taylor guitar with a broken neck. 8.8 Million views on YouTube Also on bbc, wikipedia, daiy mail, the times, rolling stone magazine etc.. David Carroll of ‘Sons of Maxwell’
  • There are several key differences in these code formats. - ScanLife EZcode and Microsoft Tag are proprietary formats only decodable by their tools, - while QR and DataMatrix formats are open standard.
  • Top 14 things to know about QR Code: 1. A QR Code is a 2D Barcode QR codes are an encoded barcode image resembling a square-like maze. Unlike a 1-dimensional UPC code, a 2-dimensional barcode stores data in both directions and can be scanned vertically or horizontally to be decoded. 2. 2D Barcodes Can Store a Variety of Data A traditional 1D barcode (UPC/EAN) stores up to 30 numbers, while a 2D barcode (QR) can store up to 7,089 numbers. The additional storage capacity accommodates a variety of data beyond numbers: Text Hyperlink Telephone number (Phone call) SMS/MMS message Email (Send message) Contact entry (vCard or meCard) Calendar entry (vCalendar) Storing a hyperlink presents a myriad of possibilities beyond just loading a web page -- play a video, download a mobile app, check-in on Foursquare, update a Twitter status, "Like" a Facebook page, display map directions, and more. 3. Read/Decode a 2D Barcode by Scanning it With a Smartphone (A 2D barcode reader app is required to decode the encoded data.) 4. 2D Barcodes Can be Placed in and on Nearly Any Location Once the barcode image is created, it can be printed on nearly any surface and location -- newspapers, TV ads, billboards, temporary tattoos, product packaging, clothing labels, cake frosting, and more. This enables you to drive traffic, interaction, and conversion from  anywhere . 2D barcodes excel at bringing non-digital media to life. Note: Use caution placing barcodes online. They should always enhance the user experience. If a user could click a hyperlink, don't make them scan a code to complete the same task. Bear in mind the location must be easily scannable. Plastic frames and packaging can reflect light. Lighting can cast shadows, and hillsides and subways can kill Wi-Fi access. Consider all contextual factors that could impact the scanning experience. 5. Mobile Barcode Scanning is on the Rise 2D barcode scanning outnumbered 1D (UPC) scans in Q1 2011. -  ScanLife's Q1 2011 Trend Report Mobile barcode scanning grew 1,600 percent in the year 2010.  -  ScanLife's 2010 Trend Report (PDF) QR barcode scanning was up 1,200 percent in the second half of 2010.  -  Mobio's Naked Facts Report 22 percent of the Fortune 50 have already used mobile barcodes.  -  Burson-Marsteller Report QR codes can be used for nearly any function (logistics, advertising, customer service, etc.) for B2B and B2C across a variety of industries: Best Buy  uses QR codes on in-store price tags for quick access to online reviews. Golf Digest  uses Microsoft Tag in their magazine to accompany tips with interactive video. Real estate agents use 2D barcodes  on "for sale" signs providing prospective buyers access to virtual tours. Libraries are using QR codes  to facilitate learning via interactive scavenger hunts. 6. QR Isn't the Only Type of 2D Barcode The most popular 2D barcode formats are  QR code ,  DataMatrix ,  ScanLife EZcode , and  Microsoft Tag (Tag) . There are several key differences in these code formats. ScanLife EZcode and Microsoft Tag are proprietary formats only decodable by their tools, while QR and DataMatrix formats are open standard. (Additional format differences can be addressed in another blog post.) A  Google Trends analysis of these 2D barcodes  shows "QR code" dominates by far from a search popularity perspective. QR has become a common term used to reference a 2D barcode (2D code, mobile tag, mobile barcode, etc.) even when codes are technically a different format. Even @MicrosoftTag  uses the  # QRcode  hashtag on Twitter. 7. Tools to Generate and Read 2D Barcodes are  Free Tools are available for all major mobile phone handsets. To run a 2D barcode campaign you'll need to following: 2D barcode generator (Website service) 2D barcode reader (Mobile app) [Optional” 2D barcode management/tracking tool (Website service) Generators: Different generators have varying features. Choose a generator based on the options for: Code Format (i.e. QR, EZcode, Tag, etc.) Stored Data (i.e. hyperlink, meCard, SMS, etc.) Output (i.e. color, size, download file type, etc.)  is a comprehensive QR generator providing a variety of stored content, color, size, and output options. ScanLife's generator creates their proprietary EZcode as well as QR and DataMatrix formats. Microsoft Tag only generates Tag. Note: To generate a code on the ScanLife or Microsoft Tag sites, you'll first need to create an account. (Tag requires providing personal info like birth date, gender, etc.) Readers: Microsoft Tag  and  ScanLife EZcode  can only be decoded by their respective reader apps. Because of the open standard for QR codes, dozens of reader apps are available. (DataMatrix is usually supported on most QR readers.) Some mobile handsets come with a reader app pre-installed. The following 2D barcode reader apps work on the majority of phones/handsets. Reader AppCode FormatsDownload Link (from your mobile phone)RedLaserQR, UPC/EAN BeeTagg ReaderQR, DataMatrix, BeeTagg AT&T Code ScannerQR, DataMatrix, UPC/EAN ScanLifeEZcode, QR, DataMatrix, UPC/EAN Microsoft TagTag RedLaser and AT&T Code Scanner also have geolocation features for local price comparison shopping. 8. Management Tools are Available to Track Scanning Analytics URL-shortener and web analytics for 2D barcodes storing URL hyperlinks are a great start. For comprehensive scan tracking, you'll need to use a barcode generator tool that includes tracking analytics. (These tools are not independent.) Some management tools will merely track the number of scans while others provide detailed metrics like demographics, repeat scans, geolocation, and more. Collected analytics depends on the reader app used for scanning, so data results may vary. Management tools are relatively inexpensive and sometimes free. Paid plans typically have a free trial with fees based on the number of scans. 2D Barcode Management & Tracking Tools: Microsoft Tag  (Tag) ScanLife  (EZcode, QR, DataMatrix, UPC) Tappinn  (QR, UPC) Paperlinks  (QR) QReateBUZZ  (QR) BeQRious  (QR) SPARQCode  (QR) QReate and Track  (QR) 9. 2D Barcode Content Should Provide Special Value for the Customer It's work to scan a barcode, so users have higher expectations as to what content they will find. Reward the user with discounts, exclusive content, or useful tips relevant to the code's context. Consider scenarios that leverage smartphone features (email, SMS, phone call, video, map, apps, etc.) to save the user time. For example, including a QR code on a business card that links to a meCard would be a lot easier than the user manually entering the contact record. In contrast, a QR code that links to a website homepage adds limited value. Note: If you link to a web page, make sure that it's mobile-friendly. 10. Small or Complex QR Codes Can't be Scanned by Smartphones With Lesser Quality Cameras Complex 2D barcodes (a lot going on, not very dense) are more challenging and time consuming to scan. In the case of QR codes, more stored content forces a larger code size. In general, it's best to minimize data stored in 2D barcodes. Always use a URL-shortener to shrink hyperlinks. (Add analytics tracking parameters before shortening the link.) Warning:  Small, complex QR codes are the biggest mistake currently being made by marketers. (Microsoft Tag and EZcode formats generally don't have this issue.) Smartphone cameras with resolution less than 4-megapixels can't scan a QR code smaller than about 1"x1". Moreover, without the auto-focus (AF) camera feature, a complex QR code will have the same scanning issue, even if the code is larger. The iPhone 3GS and Blackberry are popular handset examples that lack both of these camera features. Unscannable codes kill and delay the adoption rate for 2D barcode campaigns. Tip: Always provide a back-up (i.e. hyperlink, SMS text message, etc.) option for users to retrieve info within the code. A back-up enables non-smartphone users to also participate. 11. Consumers Need Guidance to Scan 2D Barcodes The variety of code types, readers, and different terminology is confusing to consumers.  Nielsen Company estimates  that only 40 percent of U.S. mobile devices are smartphones as of Q1 2011, growing to almost 50 percent by Q3 2011. That means there are a lot of smartphone rookies that barely know how to use their phone, much less distinguish differences in mobile barcode formats and reader apps. As long as 2D barcodes are a novelty concept, always include a brief step-by-step guide with the context of your code. Logical steps: Get the reader app Scan the code with your mobile device (Action that happens upon scanning) Tip: For the reader app download, include a URL link or SMS shortcut to expedite the process. This step is imperative when using proprietary  Microsoft Tag  or  ScanLife EZcode  formats since only one reader is capable of scanning their codes. Steps two and three can be combined as a call-to-action. Example: "Scan to ____." (... watch a video, download our app, call customer support, etc.) 12. 2D Barcodes can be Customized Artistically QR codes include an Error Correction Level (ECL) that enables "damaged" codes to still be scanned. The error level tolerance (set by the code generator) can be as high as 30%. As a result, creative license can be used to  create designer QR codes  from a variety of colors or materials (i.e. jelly beans, sand castles, product packaging, etc.) as long as there is adequate contrast to read the code. When it comes to advanced QR code graphic design, it's harder than it looks. If you want to get fancy, I recommend connecting with QR art experts at  or . Microsoft Tag also allows for artistic codes. Their custom tag tool allows users to generate art from codes or even overlay codes on top of photographs. Tip: Some artistic design is fun and good to see; however, don't go overboard. As long as 2D barcodes are novelty, it's important that users easily recognize a scannable code from a distance. 13. Testing Scannability is Imperative. Before you mass print or distribute barcodes be sure to test for scannability. Testing factors: Smartphone cameras (resolution/auto-focus) Reader apps Scan context (i.e. lighting, shadows, surfaces) Scan distance Scan timing 14. Seek Expertise to Ensure Successful Campaigns To ensure campaign success, consider consulting with a mobile barcode marketing expert, especially if it's your first time running a mobile barcode campaign. Technology, trends, and tools in this arena are rapidly changing. A few hours of expert consulting can bring your team up to speed, help optimize campaigns for success, and avoid unnecessary embarrassment for poor implementation. Expertise goes beyond consultants: Talk to your web analytics guru and learn all you can about the mobile users currently accessing your website. Seek out mobile marketing industry statistics regarding popular devices and demographics to appropriately target your audience. ( Compete , ScanLife , and  eMarketer  provide regular useful reports.) Follow the  # QRcode  Twitter hashtag or subscribe to " QR Code News & Mobile Trends " ( for the latest news and case studies. Finally, download my  QR Code Best Practices Checklist & Campaign Worksheet  to help plan and manage your campaigns: Next Steps... Are you ready to jump start a QR code campaign? What questions do you have about the technology, tools or tactics? Please let me know in the comments below. I'll be sure to address the most popular topics in upcoming articles.
  • Warns you of up and coming collisions!!!!!
  • Part 1 the digital marketing revolution - 5th september 2013

    1. 1. The Digital Marketing Revolution Thursday 5th September 2013 by Stephen Whitelaw ( #WorkingDigital
    2. 2. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Some predictions for the future… • the thing about predictions...
    3. 3. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943
    4. 4. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977
    5. 5. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 "640K of memory should be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates, president founder of Microsoft Corp., 1981
    6. 6. Not an easy job !
    7. 7. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Web 1,2,3 and 4… • The Semantic Web • Google love/hate • The Splinternet (Gartner)
    8. 8. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Definitions of Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0  Web 1.0 – The static web (html files – no interaction)
    9. 9. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Definitions of Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0  Web 2.0 – Examples of Web 2.0 include web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups etc. Web 2.0 sites allow their users to interact with other users or to change website content.
    10. 10. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Definitions of Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0  Web 3.0 – The Semantic Web, making it possible for the web to “understand” and satisfy the requests of people.
    11. 11. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
    12. 12. In the last 6 months ... 600 million active users to 1.2 Billion (June 2013) (Average user has 130 friends, 50% login daily) 300 million users (1.6 billion searches per day) 50+ million users worldwide to 225 million (2 million company pages, 6M+ members in UK) Now 50 million users! 343 Million users! 14 million articles to 15 million
    13. 13. Generation X Y Z ..
    14. 14. Go Play Outside …
    15. 15. The ‘new’ generation …
    16. 16. Key venues such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn all have rather large concentrations of over 35’s.
    17. 17. Average age on social sites
    18. 18. © Stephen Whitelaw 2011 “The Web is Dead Long Live the Internet” !
    19. 19. State of the internet - Asia: 1,016,799,076 (44.8% of internet users worldwide) - Europe: 500,723,686 (22.1%) - North America: 273,067,546 (12.0%) - Latin America / Caribbean: 235,819,740 (10.4%) - Africa: 139,875,242 (6.2%) - Middle East: 77,020,995 (3.4%) - Oceania / Australia: 23,927,457 (1.1%) Internet users worldwide by regions, year-end 2011 (December 2011) –
    20. 20. E-Mail Volume of ITCS&S organization Source: >80% reduction of email >80% reduction of email
    21. 21. e-commerce Worth £121 billion in 2010, it contributes to 8.3% of the UK economy, growing at a faster rate than many other countries. (UK Office of National Statistics) China aims to have 18 trillion yuan ($2.8T USD) of e-commerce by 2015 ! The main barriers to entry are supply chain & order fulfilment.
    22. 22. shutl
    23. 23. Argos now use shutl …
    24. 24. Maplin now use shutl ..
    25. 25. Amazon Lockers
    26. 26. Amazon Collect +
    27. 27. Comet has gone 
    28. 28. Jessops – Gone on 11th Jan 2013 ..
    29. 29. Went into adminstration on 14th Jan 2013
    30. 30. Blockbuster also in administration! – Jan 16th 2013
    31. 31. 13th Feb 2013 …
    32. 32. In 2012 alone …
    33. 33. Woolies is back 
    34. 34. Store with a difference! Tesco open 5th internet ‘dark store’ (Jan 22nd 2013)
    35. 35. ‘dark store’ from above
    36. 36. The Internet of Things/Objects © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    37. 37. Yellow Pages
    38. 38. Free texting apps … • Imo • Kakao Talk • WeChat • Pinger • textPlus • WhatsApp “Cost the telecom industry $13B (£8B) in lost sms revenue in 2011”
    39. 39. Re-imagination
    40. 40. Asset-Light generation … A new asset-light generation is emerging, living from hand to cloud and back again. Welcome to the rise of the Sharing Economy
    41. 41. Desktop to Mobile © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    42. 42. Cord cutters
    43. 43. mobile is having a huge impact on our lives
    44. 44. planet wide …
    45. 45. all ages …
    46. 46. Everywhere !!!
    47. 47. I mean ‘everywhere’ … Masai chief showing off his mobile phone; 3G coverage is now great across the Rift valley
    48. 48. Mobile phone chargers in New York !
    49. 49. Mobile Devices Will Outnumber People by the End of 2013
    50. 50. Ready for Mobile? • – Analyses your website to prepare it for mobile. • – Checks to see if your website is mobile friendly.
    51. 51. Speeding up … • Average time from Search to Purchase on a desktop device ? • Average time from Search to Purchase on a mobile phone ?
    52. 52. Mobile … the last last minute !
    53. 53. Hailo
    54. 54. Hailo for cabbies …
    55. 55. Lfyt – public taxi service!
    56. 56. Mobile Payments …
    57. 57. Early mobile wallets … Quick Tap © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    58. 58. Barclays Pingit
    59. 59. Starbucks iphone cash app Launched Jan 2011 Launched Jan 2012
    60. 60. Payment on the Go … ”Smartphone credit card readers are everywhere now”
    61. 61. Payment on the Go …
    62. 62. Payment on the Go …
    63. 63. Payment on the Go …
    64. 64. Payment on the Go …
    65. 65. Payleven -
    66. 66. Paypal launch chip & pin machine … Feb 22nd 2013
    67. 67. Google Wallet …
    68. 68. Apple Passport .. with iOS6
    69. 69. Free WiFi in restaurants in KL or else !
    70. 70. Costco opens e-commerce site in Nov 2012 …
    71. 71. So many platforms, so little time Developers face a real challenge making apps for multiple platforms Windows Phone C# Android Java iOS Objective C mobile web HTML/CSS/Javascript BlackBerry OS Java, web Windows 8 C#, C++ Bada C++ webOS HTML5, C++ Boot2Gecko HTML5
    72. 72. Cross-platform mobile tools
    73. 73. © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    74. 74. AppMakr mobile.conduit Sencha Xamarin Dashcode Titanium Corona Worklight GameSalad © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    75. 75. Instagram Statistics: • Has over 100 million monthly active users • Gets 40 million photos uploaded per day • Gets 8500 likes per second • Receives over 1,000 comments per second [Bought for $1 Billion by Facebook in April 2012]
    76. 76. Benefits of using Instagram for business •Get you thousands of followers on Instagram very quickly. •Easy to become one of the most popular figures in your industry or niche. •Get you an avalanche of qualified website traffic, recognition and exposure. •Dramatically increase your product sales and profits. •Help boosts your company online profile and credibility.
    77. 77. How to add Instagram to your website …
    78. 78.
    79. 79. Path – the “Personal Network” They offer private messaging and sharing with friends and family Share amongst friends. Your family and close friends can comment, smile, laugh, gasp, frown, or love your photos, videos, locations, music, and workouts. Then you can search to rediscover these memories by people, seasons, holidays, and more.
    80. 80. Infographics wonderland !
    81. 81. Tools To Create Your Own Infographics 1 of 2 • What About Me? • Vizualise Me • Piktochart • Easel.Ly • Visual.Ly • Infogr.Am • Many Eyes
    82. 82. Tools To Create Your Own Infographics 2 of 2 • Venngage • ICharts • Dipity • StatSilk • InFoto Free • Photo Stats
    83. 83. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 User Engagement
    84. 84. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 User Engagement
    85. 85. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 User Engagement – Made Easy Improve your website sign-in experience Increase Registrations
    86. 86. Social Login
    87. 87. Feb 26th 2013 … Google launches “Google+ Sign in” …
    88. 88. Google+ Sign in
    89. 89. Google+ Sign in
    90. 90. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Reduce Cost of Participation versus Free, but not so easy This is easy
    91. 91. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Tech-Savvy Consumers • – voucher codes • – discount codes • – promotional codes • – cashback site • – cashback site • - £25m+ saved! •
    92. 92. Embrace All of Inbound Marketing Blogs + Blogging Comment Marketing News/Media/PR SEO Social Networks Word of Mouth Q+A Sites Forums Online Video Podcasting Webinars Research/White Papers Infographics Social Bookmarking INBOUND MARKETING! (AKA all the “free” traffic sources) Direct/Referring Links Type-In Traffic Email Document Sharing
    93. 93. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 EV SSL Certificate • Extended Validation SSL certificates – highest level of trust [Tells your customers the company is real and trusted]
    94. 94. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Make visitors ‘feel’ safe (Accreditation schemes for online retailers.) • • • • •
    95. 95. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 User Generated Content (UGC)
    96. 96. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 UGC Consumption in the US 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Source: eMarketer, June 2007 75M 101M
    97. 97. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Prosper
    98. 98. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Zopa
    99. 99. Weddar © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    100. 100. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Encarta no more ..
    101. 101. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Wikipedia
    102. 102. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 YouTube
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    105. 105. Airbnb © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    106. 106. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 slideshare
    107. 107. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 PatientsLikeMe
    108. 108. Don’t Date Him Girls !
    109. 109.
    110. 110.
    111. 111.
    112. 112. Trustpilot ..
    113. 113.
    114. 114. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Collaborative Innovation • ( • • • •
    115. 115. Collaborative Innovation Tools - Feedback apps. Soliciting, accepting and organizing feedback is no longer a daunting task. • • • • • • • • • • • © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    116. 116. GetSatisfaction inside Facebook © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    117. 117. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    118. 118. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Search Alerts Blog Search BookSearch Catalogs Checkout Desktop Directory Earth Finance Froogle Images Local M aps News Scholar SpecializedSearches Toolbar Video Web Search Features
    119. 119. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 • Google Chrome • Google Desktop • Google Earth • Google Pack • Picasa • Sketchup List of Google Products 1 of 8
    120. 120. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 • Google Gears • Google Buzz • Gmail • Blogger • Google News • iGoogle List of Google Products 2 of 8
    121. 121. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 • Froogle • Google Latitude • Google Skymap • Google Goggles • YouTube • Google Voice List of Google Products 3 of 8
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    124. 124. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 • Google Sites (was Jspots) • Android • Google Sidewiki • Open Social • Google Chrome OS • Google Mars / Moon List of Google Products 6 of 8
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    127. 127. Google Labs – How sad! © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    128. 128. The Resistance has begun 
    129. 129. Banning surveillance devices!
    130. 130. The competition has begun! “Baidu Eye”
    131. 131. Search Engines
    132. 132. Yandex …
    133. 133. Baidu …
    134. 134. Search Engines • Top 3 tier-1 search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo • Internationally many local/huge players exist: • China – Baidu (80% market share, & YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google !) • Russian – Yandex (60% market share) • – global list of local search engines.
    135. 135. Chinese social networks … • • • •
    136. 136. New Alternatives .. • DuckDuckgo • StartPage
    137. 137. The right information at the right time ! • Time to wake up • Traffic this morning on the way to work • Here is your Boarding Pass • Where is your meeting? • You have a date tonight • DHL have delivered to your home
    138. 138. Google Maps/Streetview • Google Maps • Homebrew Google Maps! © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    139. 139. Google Cars © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    140. 140. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic The Shallows: What the Internet by Carr “Yes, the Internet is rotting your b , on The Shallows Review of The Shallows from Financial Times Rough Type, Carr’s blog
    141. 141. Harder than ever to discover!
    142. 142. The Filter Bubble A distortion problem ….. “… people are exposed only to things they already agree with or are familiar with.”
    143. 143. Meet Daniel’s Google Search GENDER: RACE: LOCATION: Male Caucasian New York Wednesday 22 June 2011
    144. 144. Meet Scott’s Google Search GENDER: RACE: LOCATION: Male Caucasian New York Wednesday 22 June 2011
    145. 145. Scott’s Search Daniel’s Search
    146. 146. 57 signals! • Our Search History. • Our location – verfied • the browser we use. • the browsers version • The computer we use • The language we use • the time we need to type in a query • the time we spend on the search result page • the time between selecting different results for the same query • our operating system • our operating systems version • the resolution of our computer screen • average amount of search requests per day • average amount of search requests per topic (to finish search) • distribution of search services we use (web / images / videos / real time / news / mobile) • average position of search results we click on • time of the day • current date • topics of ads we click on • frequency we click advertising • topics of adsense advertising we click while surfing other websites • frequency we click on adsense advertising on other websites • frequency of searches of domains on Google • use of or google toolbar • our age • our sex • use of “i feel lucky button” • do we use the enter key or mouse to send a search request • do we use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through search results • do we use advanced search commands (how often) • do we use igoogle (which widgets / topics) • where on the screen do we click besides the search results (how often) • where do we move the mouse and mark text in the search results • amount of typos while searching • how often do we use related search queries • how often do we use autosuggestion • how often do we use spell correction • distribution of short / general queries vs. specific / long tail queries • which other google services do we use (gmail / youtube/ maps / picasa /….) • how often do we search for ourself
    147. 147. “The future of the web is about personalization.” Tapan Bhat, Yahoo VP Wednesday 22 June 2011
    148. 148. “It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them.” Eric Schmidt, Google Wednesday 22 June 2011
    149. 149. sort by: Relevant Important Uncomfortable Challenging Other Points of View
    150. 150. Adblock Plus
    151. 151. AdBlock Plus removed from Android (March 2013)
    152. 152. Why did Google remove this app?
    153. 153. The date when you will die? Would you open this envelope? And what you will die of!
    154. 154. Google Inactive Account Manager Tell Google What to do with your data when you die !
    155. 155.
    156. 156. Price Comparison sites
    157. 157. Price Comparison sites
    158. 158. Google Car Insurance !
    159. 159. Google Car insurance …
    160. 160. Google Credit Cards …
    161. 161. Google Credit Cards …
    162. 162. Google Mortgages ..
    163. 163. Goodbye Moneysupermarket …
    164. 164. Google Savings Accounts!
    165. 165. Google Savings Accounts!
    166. 166. Google Flights …
    167. 167. Google Hotels
    168. 168. Google Product Listing Ads …
    169. 169. Google Product Listing Ads … More to see/read here
    170. 170. Google X-Ray Searching … intitle:index.of + "xls" + "passwords" -htm -html -php –asp intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "beatles" -htm -html -php -asp
    171. 171.
    172. 172. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Search Engine Optimisation SEO (or cheating Google!) • Don’t do (Blackhat): Hidden content, keyword stuffing, link farming, doorway pages, IP cloacking. [Duplicate content] • Do (Whitehat/ethical) : Fresh up to date relevant content, inbound links, friendly URL’s.
    173. 173. SEO • Relevance • Authority
    174. 174. Q: How do you make face appear in Google Search Result ? A: Use “Google Authorship Markup”
    175. 175. SEO in 10 minutes from Google ! •
    176. 176. How does Google see your site?
    177. 177. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Buying Traffic – be careful! • • • •
    178. 178. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Shopping Channels
    179. 179. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    180. 180. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    181. 181. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Search Engine Optimisation SEO (or cheating Google!) Learn and keep up to date with: • • •
    182. 182. Google Disavow Links Tools …
    183. 183. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Your Advertising Budget – Attract More Customers • Google Adwords - (Adwords / Adsense) • Yahoo Advertising - • Microsoft Advertising - • facebook Ads - • Coming soon … Twitter ads - • Coming soon … Apple iAds [iphone OS 4.0 onwards] [Please remember ‘negative keywords’/’excluded words’]
    184. 184. Facebook Advertising
    185. 185. Facebook Advertising … Do A/B Multivariate testing on Ads …
    186. 186. A/B testing of Facebook Ads ..
    187. 187. How Do you do… A/B Facebook Ads testing ?
    188. 188. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Some advertising definitions • PPC – Pay Per Click • CPA – Cost Per Action/Aquisition • CTR – Click Through Rate • CPC – Cost Per Click • CPM – Cost per Thousand • eCM – effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions • CPL – Cost Per Lead • CPS – Cost Per Sale • CPI – Cost per Install
    189. 189. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Amazon Associate model
    190. 190. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 OfferVault
    191. 191. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Commission Junction
    192. 192. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    193. 193. Affiliate Window
    194. 194. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Mass Customisation "You can paint it any color, so long as it's black" • – design your own chocolate bar • – custom jewellery • – custom jerky • – bespoke ladies shoes • – create your own petfood • – custom jelly beans • – mix your own shirt • - custom gifts, posters • • – custom handbags • – build your own energy bars • – self publishing: books, cd’s, calendars, yearbooks etc. • - build your own Nike sneaker. • – create personalised greeting cards. • – personlized vidoes. • – personalized story books
    195. 195. Print me a Stradivarius! © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    196. 196. 3D Printing/Fabricators • Print?: a spare part for your car, a lampshade, or a violin! • Today: Only plastics, resins, metals • Cost: Currently same as a laser printer was in 1985. (£10,000+) • Advantage: No waste (1/10th ) used, No factories • Possibilities: Endless, even RepRap. • [] © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    197. 197. Multiphoto Polymerisation © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    198. 198. 3D Printers – print cartilage!
    199. 199. MakerBot
    200. 200. Geomagic
    201. 201. 3dsystems
    202. 202. Wounded eagle gets 3D Printed beak
    203. 203. Print your own iphone cases!
    204. 204. Guitars!
    205. 205. 3D cast for your broken arm …
    206. 206. Prosthetic devices…
    207. 207. 3D Printing Vending Machine! … The Dreambox
    208. 208. The revolution has begun …. “An 3d open source search engine”
    209. 209. Print yourself a gun and some ammo !!
    210. 210.
    211. 211. Then on May 11th 2013 …
    212. 212. The 3D Scanner
    213. 213. 4D !! Those clever scientists at MIT
    214. 214. 4D Printing!!! …
    215. 215. News Aggregation © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    216. 216. Flipboard © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    217. 217. Zite © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    218. 218. Pulse © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
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    220. 220. Livestand (by Yahoo) © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    221. 221. Wavii
    222. 222. summly
    223. 223. 2nd Screen Experiences • Disney Second Screen • MTV Watch • NBC Live • Bravo Now © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    224. 224. Disney Second Screen © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    225. 225. Great for Sport © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    226. 226. Umami © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    227. 227. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 “1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” – Forrester (April 2010)
    228. 228. YouTube Prediction (90% of all traffic will be video)
    229. 229. What is YouTube?
    230. 230. © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    231. 231. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    232. 232. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    233. 233. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    234. 234. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    235. 235. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    236. 236. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Everyone is on • 10 Downing Street • The Royal Family • The BBC • Channel 4
    237. 237. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Everyone is on • The Whitehouse • Stanford University • Mayo Clinic • British Airways
    238. 238. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    239. 239. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    240. 240. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Power of Video 1 of 2 • [NetFlix] • [noflash required] • [Look out Spotify!] • [BP we hate you] •] [Bladerunner] • [Youtube vs TV?] • [Ideas incubator] • [Lite version] • [Youtube for developers]
    241. 241. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 • • - You’re on! • ( – Chat with strangers • Make your own videos: • Power of Video 2 of 2
    242. 242. List of main video websites • • • • • • • • © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    243. 243. Google Adwords for Video …
    244. 244. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Competitor Analysis Tools • – Competitor Traffic analysis • – Detailed visitor analysis •, – Eat your competitors lunch • (websites as well as keywords) • – Computational Search Engine • - Google spreadsheet search (Gone!)
    245. 245. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Website stats and info .. • Vibrant Ads • Dynamic Logic • Revenue Science • – The Web Information People • “The Waybackmachine” Block bot using robots.txt – see below User-agent: Alexa User-agent: Disallow: /Folder/ • ( 10/10 8/10) •
    246. 246. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Understanding Users (CrazyEgg)
    247. 247. UX Testing gets serious …. Heatmaps & Gazeplots
    248. 248. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Online Social Bookmarking -AddThis
    249. 249. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Online Social Bookmarking - ShareThis
    250. 250. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Social Media
    251. 251. Social Media Risks
    252. 252. Social Media – Personal Risk © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
    253. 253. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Conversation Prism
    254. 254. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    255. 255. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    256. 256. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
    257. 257. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Who do you trust? • Only 14% of people trust advertisements • 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers Nielsen “Trust in Advertising” report – October 2007 “Why” are review so powerful? •Increase conversion rates •Brand Trust •Fresh content about you
    258. 258. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Social Media is Counter-intuitive Space defined by Media Owner Brand in control One way / Delivering a message Repeating the message Focused on the brand Entertaining Company created content Space defined by Consumer Consumer in control Two way / Being a part of a conversation Adapting the message/ beta Focused on the consumer / Adding value Influencing, involving User created content / Co-creation Communications Media Social Media
    259. 259. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Three Simple Questions • Who are your customers? • Where do they hang out online? • How can we best engage with and energise them?
    260. 260. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Social Media Examples
    261. 261. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 (Blendtec)
    262. 262. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010 Blentec YouTube Channel
    263. 263. © Stephen Whitelaw 2010
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    265. 265. Online Crowd sourced usability testing © Stephen Whitelaw 2011
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    267. 267.
    268. 268.
    269. 269.
    270. 270.
    271. 271.
    272. 272.
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