Section 11 2


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Section 11 2

  1. 1. Chapter 11-2*
  2. 2. *Picturing 3-dimensional objects on a flatsurface you must distinguish their sides*Sides are faces.*Sides of the faces are called edges.*A point where three faces intersect is called avertex.
  3. 3. **Prisms have two bases that are polygons.*The bases are congruent and lie in parallelplanes.*The shape of the bases name the prism.
  4. 4. **Notice the three edges intersect at eachvertex.*Their measurements are the dimensions of theprism.*Length, width, and height.*One dimension is called the depth.
  5. 5. **Draw a figure to represent the lowerbase.*Draw parallel and congruent linesegments from each vertex.*Connect the vertices of the rearbase in clockwise orcounterclockwise order.